Keep Watching GE And CEO Jeff Immelt

Everytime I hear this man speak, my spidey senses tingle.  He is not what he seems.  President Obama announced that he had formed an Economic Recovery Group and that GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt is one of the members.  Why am I not surprised?  Especially since I believe that Mr. Immelt is a socialist in disguise who hopes to partner with the government to his companies gain, especially in the area of energy.  Why would I claim such a thing?  One just needs to listen to the man’s words.

I already reported on my blog that the day before the Inauguration, Jeff Immelt appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and declared that “Capitalism is the old playbook.”  Now he has added to that sentiment with comments and answers he gave on Thursday at an Economic Forum hosted by the Wall Street Journal.  After talking about the fact that the world’s governments are firing as many bullets at this economic crisis as possible he said, “Governments are all in.  And in my view, government always wins.”  Pretty stunning!  When a person asked him if he thought the world was blaming America for this mess he said that America had given the world the ability to stand up and tell America, “I told you so” in regards to the idea that Capitalism and free markets do not work.  A man from JP Morgan asked how Mr. Immelt felt about the government getting involved with business and how GE was dealing with that and very hesitantly Mr Immelt informed him that a year ago GE had formed a program called “Government as Partner”.

Mr. Immelt talks out of both sides of his mouth just like his fearless leader President Obama.  He’ll say all of the above and then in the next breathe claim that he does not want the government in charge of GE.  He’ll talk a good talk about America and accept a position on the president’s team and yet have his eyes solidly on the world where GE already does 55% of its business and claim that that is where GE’s future is and expects there to be huge growth for GE there.  He said that China and taught them alot about working with the government.  I just bet they did.


5 responses to “Keep Watching GE And CEO Jeff Immelt

  1. GE is deeply involved in promoting global warming legislation, for they stand to make a bundle if any global warming legislation is passed. They are members of the Climate Action Partnership, along with Duke Power, Alcoa, Du Pont Caterpllar, Pacific Gas and Electric, the Pew Center on Global Climate Change and the World Resources Institute, Natural Resources Defense Council, Pepsi, Shell, Xerox and many others.

    GE has the biggest lobbying budget of any American Corporation, and intends to influence policy. A carbon cap-and -trade policy would enrich them hugely. All those companies behind green issues makes you understand where the Democrats are coming from.

    The Capital Research Center ( is an invaluable resource, which I just learned about in the last year or so. See:

  2. Not to mention that G.E. is doing business with nations / people that are sworn to harm the United States.

    No wonder that he is a star player on the Obama team.

  3. Socialists, Nazis, Communists, and Fascists are variations of the same theme. If you expect to participate in government controlled activities for a profit, then you qualify as a Fascist. GE is simply the largest of several entities that fit that definition. I’m not the first to notice similarities between Barack and Il Duce.

  4. You lost me at a socialist in disguise. Like everyone involved they are all economic terrorists with several trillion to gain at the expense of 99.999% of Americans. This started before Bush. It had nothing to do with socialism. Individuals… Some were CEOS, some worked for the government, some over seas and I bet some did not speak English. But the actions were hardly those of a socialist or a socialist government. We know who was involved, how it happened and why. But, both parties….. More presidents paved the way for this to happen.

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