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I have not commented on the devastating disaster that has completely destroyed a country that already was sitting on the precipice because I was not sure exactly what my thoughts were on the situation.  The main and foremost thought is just an utter sense of sorrow for a people, particularly the children, that find themselves struggling to survive in the aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake that has destroyed nearly every building on the island.  Hundreds of thousands are presumed dead and millions are homeless.  This is an opportunity for humanity to reveal their truly charitable sides and most people have done just that.

But there are several questions that must be answered.  The first question is what is America’s responsibility in this Haiti tragedy?  The President has promised $100 million dollars in aid with a further promise of more to come in the future.  How exactly is a nation in the middle of a horrible economy, in debt for decades to come and struggling to gain financial stability suppose to fulfill that promise?  And how can we be sure that the money is not wasted?  The government has never collected large sums of money without wasting most of it as we have seen with the Porkulus Bill, Social Security, MediCare, MediCaid, Amtrack, Omnibus Bills and etc.  A corrupt country like Haiti has never received funds that have not been used to benefit the government rather than the people.  Even many charities have proved in the past to be irresponsible like The Red Cross, a group that will never get another dime from myself.

Why is it that America is always expected to bail everyone else out and yet the world continues to hate us for the illusion that we are prosperous?  (Yes, it is an illusion when considering we are a debtor nation.)  We give millions to the United Nations.  Is this not the U.N.’s place to secure these devastated nations and provide relief?  Charities were already on the ground in Haiti and are the organizations that make the difference.  Why does the President send funds that come from taxpayers when Americans already will give until it hurts to charities for Haitian Relief?  This merely becomes a political play for the President.

Is it the responsibility of our military to be “Meals On Wheels” for these people?  I think it is charitable of our nation to lend the efforts of our military in the first couple of weeks to help keep peace and distribute aid until more infrastructure can be formed, but this Haitian scenario will play out with our troops there for months and possibly years as we again try to nation build.

What is the goal for Haiti now?  This nation has been a nation that the world has continued to prop up.  They do nothing for themselves to bring in revenue and one corrupt government after another runs the country holding the people down while it lives high on the hog.  The stark difference between the Presidential palace and the sheds that make up the housing units for most Haitians is an example of this corruption.  The absolute deviation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which share the same island, reveals the difference between an entitlement state and a more prosperous state.  Haiti has become the welfare case for every nation that cares.  Many have ridiculed China and India for their paltry donations of one million dollars each to the recovery effort, but perhaps they know better.  Well, maybe in India’s case , but China is an example of Communist callousness.

If I were President, and I obviously will never be in that position due to my political incorrectness alone, I would send a goodwill offering of $10 million dollars along with military support for one month.  I would not encourage Americans to give, but merely thank them for the generosity I already know they are demonstrating.  This asinine effort of sending former presidents Bush and Clinton out to wrangle donations is just another political play.  Let us keep politics out of this.  And the upcoming Hollywood Extravaganza will make me positively ill.  I commend Hollywood-types like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock for their million dollar donations, but do the American people really need these self-absorbed libtards begging us to send money to their charities of choice?  As I said, the Red Cross will never get another dime from me, nor will Unicef or anything connected to the United Nations.

The best thing we can do for the Haitian people is ignore Pat Robertson and his lunacy and pray for these people.  Many of them are believers and only God can really raise these people above their circumstances.  No amount of money can fix what is broken in Haiti – history has proven that for decades.


Obama “Talks Tough” To Iran

Nuclear talks with Iran went well today if you believe the President.  That would be true if a “constructive beginning” indicates success, which is the description the President expressed this afternoon.  The President announced, “Talk is no substitute for action.  Our patience is not unlimited.”  Does anyone truly believe the President?  The Iranian leadership must be laughing at this revelation.  Iran has toyed with the world for years and the response from the world has been to do nothing.  Why would Iran end their nuclear ambitions?   Obama also warned that “the United States will not continue to negotiate indefinitely and we are prepared to move toward increased pressure.”  The President seemed to be referencing sanctions, but the G20 and United Nation’s Summit from last week proved that sanctions are not going to happen, at least not the kind of sanctions that would add real pressure.

The President expects Iran to allow inspection of their newly declared nuclear facility in two weeks or else…Or else what we do not know, but it will be interesting to watch our President have to back up his empty rhetoric with something.  It is laughable to consider that the President expects transparency from Iran, which is something he does not allow the American people in regards to his administration and personal history from school records to associations.  Iran’s new facility is near the city of Qom and Iran maintains that it is intended to enrich uranium to produce nuclear fuel.

I think Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it best when she remarked today, “It was a productive day, but the proof of that has not yet come to fruition, so we’ll wait and continue to press our point of view and see what Iran decides to do.  I will count it as a positive sign when it moves from gestures and engagements to actions and results.”  I will believe it when I see it in regards to both Iran’s actions and the President’s reactions.

Obama Moves On To Important Work Of Olympic Bid In Copenhagen

The President has spoken once in seventy days to General McChrystal in Afghanistan.  He has placed the General’s request for more troops on the back burner.  He has more important items to deal with: like Chicago’s bid for the Olympics in 2016.  The vote takes place in Copenhagen on Friday, so the President and First Lady will be flying there Thursday night.  Is this appropriate for a sitting president?  Is this appropriate at a time when the world is in turmoil and states are reporting record job losses just last month?  Is this appropriate when considering that many in Chicago would rather not have the Olympics come their way along with the expense of hosting the Olympics?

Fox News in Chicago ran a segment voicing the opinion that the Olympics were not welcome.  The Drudge Report is reporting that, “The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast ‘would harm Chicago’s chances’ to be awarded the games.”

Obama will not only be joined by the First Lady, but also Valerie Jarrett, puppetmaster one, and Arne Duncan, the Education Czar.  Mayor Richard Daley said, “President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama symbolize the hope, opportunity and inspiration that makes Chicago great, and we are honored to have two of our city’s most accomplished residents leading our delegation in Copenhagen.  Who better to share with members of the International Olympic Committee the commitment and enthusiasm Chicago has for the Olympic and Paralympic Movement than the President and First Lady.”  GAG ME!  Hope and inspiration for a Marxist utopia I guess.

It will be interesting to see how this ends.  Will Obama’s rock star image be enough and how will these other cities feel if they are passed over because Obama heavy handed this Olympic push?

Iran Thumbs Its Nose At World – Begins War Games

The world really put Iran on notice this past week at the United Nations.  Iran is so worried about the world’s threats of sanctions and President Obama’s threats of more diplomacy that they have taken it upon themselves to begin war games the very week that they are scheduled to take part in a meeting with world leaders to discuss their nuclear program.  The Financial Times is reporting, “Iran maintained its defiance on Sunday, launching war games with short-range missile tests and warning that the uproar over its second uranium enrichment plant would undermine this week’s talks with world powers.  Official media reported that the three-day manoeuvres by the elite Revolutionary Guard would also include test-firing the longer-range Shahab 3 missile that raise concerns in the west.  Iran says the missile, which has been tested in the past, has a range of 2,000km, putting within its reach Israel and US bases in the Gulf.  The war games come at a time of rising international furore over Iran’s nuclear programme and growing suspicions about Tehran’s claims that its nuclear activities are purely peaceful.”

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said about Iran’s announcement that they would allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect their recently announced second nuclear reactor, “it is always welcome when Iran makes a decision to comply with the international rules and regulations, particularly with respect to the IAEA,” and that she hopes Iran “comes and shares with all of us what they are willing to do and give us a timetable on which they are willing to proceed”.

Oh, they are sharing their intentions alright!  Are these people blind?  I truly believe Iran has no intention of allowing its reactor to be inspected and these war games are specifically being used to show the world that Iran does not care what we think or desire.  Pres. Ineedajob said as much when he heard President Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister Brown of Britain criticize Iran for building this new reactor in violation of international law.

The most worrisome thing here is that there appears to be no good outcome.  Either the world allows Iran to become a nuclear power or they allow Israel to take care of this issue, which will launch World War III and I believe will lead us into endtimes prophesy.

Obama Humiliates America With Pandering, Narcisstic, Apologist Speech at U.N.

Just when we thought that the President could not become any more self-absorbed and pandering, we find he can after his address to the United Nations today.  This literally could go down as the weakest address ever given by an American president at this forum.  I stopped counting the “I”s, “me”s and “my”s after the first fifteen minutes.  He went on and on pointing out to his new friends that he is doing everything they want without asking them for anything in return, ranging from closing Gitmo, stopping torture, ending the war in Iraq and destroying our nuclear arsenal.  The President obviously was attempting to buy goodwill among the members, including the dictators.  He is so very naive.  These people will annihilate us the first chance they get.  Obviously,  based on the recent terror plot arrests, this country is still a target even under the leadership of Obama.

Obama continued to embellish the global warming lie blaming America for much of the trouble we are having with that.  Bolivia’s president pointed the finger squarely at America as well as he blamed capitalism for the world’s woes and coming imminent destruction.  Obama said, “More and more nations with nuclear weapons.  Melting ice caps and ravaged populations. Persistent poverty and pandemic disease. I say this not to sow fear, but to state a fact: the magnitude of our challenges has yet to be met by the measure of our action.”  Where is this happening?  For the true items, they are occurring in countries lorded over by despots.  And we cannot change them.  Then the President quoted Roosevelt – his socialist hero.

The President went on to describe his idea for a new global order held up by four pillars: disarmament, promotion of peace and security, the preservation of the planet and a global economy that benefits everyone (read: socialism).  The President obviously thinks that apologizing for America will get the world to follow our lead in these areas.  He is so naive.  Russia is ramping up their nuclear stockpile.  Iran is starting to build a nuclear stockpile.  North Korea has been test firing their nuclear arsenal.  China is building their military.  Our enemies are ramping up their efforts and he appears to be clueless to those facts.  He also promised to reach some kind of Middle East peace agreement even as he proclaimed that America does not recognize the legitimacy of Israeli settlements.

The most asinine part of the speech addressed climate change.  Even as scientists have debunked the myths surrounding global warming and world temperatures reveal that the planet is cooling, the President claimed, “The danger posed by climate change cannot be denied, and our responsibility to meet it must not be deferred. If we continue down our current course, every member of this Assembly will see irreversible changes within their borders. Our efforts to end conflicts will be eclipsed by wars over refugees and resources. Development will be devastated by drought and famine. Land that human beings have lived on for millennia will disappear. Future generations will look back and wonder why we refused to act – why we failed to pass on intact the environment that was our inheritance.  That is why the days when America dragged its feet on this issue are over. We will move forward with investments to transform our energy economy, while providing incentives to make clean energy the profitable kind of energy. We will press ahead with deep cuts in emissions to reach the goals that we set for 2020, and eventually 2050. We will continue to promote renewable energy and efficiency – and share new technologies – with countries around the world. And we will seize every opportunity for progress to address this threat in a cooperative effort with the whole world.”  No, Mr. President, future generations will look back and wonder what was so worth our giving up America’s freedom.

Here’s what I would say if I was president:  “Screw you all!  America is autonomous and we will not bear any nation that attacks us.  We will share alliances with any country that agrees to be in alliance with us and proves that by helping us fight terrorism and despots around the world.  We no longer will be a member of the United Nations and you will need to find a new place to meet because our free market will be using this building for business from now on.  You will receive no more money from us, but we will continue to be charitable to the underpriviledged by supplying food and medical supplies ourselves via various charities in America.  Hugo, Ineedajob, Kadaffy, and the rest of you dictators, kiss my a$$!”

But we are talking about a man raised by Marxists, taught by Marxists, befriended by Marxists, mentored by Marxists and married to a Marxist, so he actually envies the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez.  And as long as we live under a leader like that, America will be in very real danger.

President Stronger On Honduras Than Iran

Despite blood running in the streets of Iran for over two weeks now, our President has been very weak and tardy on condemnation of the leadership in the country of Iran where young people have been protesting in the streets about voting fraud and their desire for freedom.  The President waited six days before he said anything more than that he was “deeply troubled” about the events in Iran.  The military coup in Honduras received immediate attention from the President as he joined with his Marxist buddies in condemning the military for ousting Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

This was the first military coup in Central America in decades and was triggered by Zelaya’s desire to overturn the constitutional law in Honduras allowing a president to serve for only one term.  Mr. Zelaya was voted in as president in 2006 and would have his term end in 2010.  The military made a pre-dawn raid on the President’s residence and sent Zelaya to Costa Rica.  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez put his own troops on notice to help his buddy Zelaya in any way that he could.  My bet is that Zelaya got the idea to push for more terms than allowed by the actions of Chavez in Venezuela who a few months ago bucked the system and put to a vote the ability for him to run again for a third term.  Venezuela law only allows for two terms.  Chavez was successful in a heated decision.

Despite the fact that Honduras has known relative calm from an earlier era of dictatorships, Zelaya has moved the country far to the left.  President Obama was quick to join the EU in condemning the coup and said, “Any existing tensions and disputes must be resolved peacefully through dialogue free from any outside interference.”  And yet Obama pledged the U.S. to “stand on the side of democracy” and to work with other nations to resolve this matter peacefully.  The President also declared that the coup was “not legal”.

Congressional President Roberto Micheletti was sworn in as the new President and has said if Zelaya returns to Honduras, he will be arrested.  Whether the ousting of Zelaya is right or wrong, the reaction of our President to the coup have been very enlightening.

Neda – The New Cry For Freedom

An Iranian young person’s idea of freedom and my own ideas about freedom are more than likely not the same thing in every minute detail, but our ideas about freedom do share the common thread that we will not be governed without a voice by a facist military complex directed by an obtuse theocracy.  The protestors in Iran have switched from their original cries of voter fraud and support for opposition leader Mousavi, to a broader demonstration against the Iranian leadership.  This weekend, the murder of a woman named “Neda” (a Farsi term that means the voice or the call) brought about a clear vision for the protestors and a new cry in their march for freedom.

A video has been making the rounds on cable news, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube of this young woman who had apparently been shot while protesting by either a police officer, pro-government militant or some kind of accidental shooting, but regardless of where the shot came from, the video is a stark reminder of the risks involved in speaking out in a country where there is not the freedom of speech we enjoy in America.  There has been no freedom of the press either which has left most news agencies scrambling for footage they can get from any source since they are not on the ground.  We are also reminded what happens in a country that is unarmed against the government.   Neda has become the symbol for the protestors in a crisis that continues to escalate, even as our President gives tepid responses about being  “deeply troubled”.  Any strong response from him now would be too little, too late.  The man has revealed his soul to us once again as he was confronted with this crisis.  The call of freedom means nothing to this man.  He would rather have peace at all costs and bow before the feet of our enemies if that is what it takes to leave a legacy of peace in his personal history.  He obviously does not understand that peace will never come to the Middle East and that it would serve America and the world better if he joined the world in condemning the acts of the Iranian leadership.  Stand up for freedom, Mr. President! 

The AP is reporting about the traditions of the Muslim faith that are going to play a key role in these protests, “For the cycles of mourning in Shiite Islam actually provide a schedule for political combat – a way to generate or revive momentum. Shiite Muslims mourn their dead on the third, seventh and 40th days after a death, and these commemorations are a pivotal part of Iran’s rich history. During the revolution, the pattern of confrontations between the shah’s security forces and the revolutionaries often played out in 40-day cycles.”  This same occurence took place during 1978 and 1979 when several clashes lead to the Shah of Iran being overthrown.  Could we witness the same type of overthrow of the Iranian leadership now?  

Neda has also been referred to as a martyr which is important in tradition as well.  There is a belief among the Shiites that martyrdom is central to modern politics as well as Shiite tradition.  They have used their observances of martyrs to carry them through the 1979 revolution and the war with Iraq.  The protests have crossed an important milestone and I pray that they continue because the overthrow of the current government could be a very good thing for the world as long as the youth of Iran choose their new leadership wisely.  A leadership that believes in embracing the outside world and cooperation with that world.

Neda, Neda, Neda – the cry for freedom!