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Happy Veterans Day 2009!

A filmmaker friend of mine forwarded this to me and I thought I would share.  That filmmaker is Jack Marino, director and writer of the forgottenmovie Forgotten Heroes.  Check it out here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

America’s forgotten heroes
Exclusive: Andrea Shea King remembers the brave who served in Vietnam
Posted: November 10, 2009
6:42 pm Eastern

On Jan. 10, 1970, U.S. Army Capt. Herbert C. Crosby disappeared without a trace.

“Herby” Crosby was piloting “Firebird 91,” a UH1C Iroquois Huey helicopter combat gunship in Vietnam. He was leading three Hueys returning from Tien Phuoc to the unit’s home base at Chu Lai, South Vietnam. On board were Warrant Officer George A. Howes, co-pilot; Spc. 5th Class Wayne C. Allen, crew chief; and Spc. 4th Class Francis G. Graziosi, door gunner.

The 22-year old Crosby’s tour of duty was scheduled to end a few weeks later, and the young serviceman looked forward to returning home to Donalsonville, Ga.

But on that day, Capt. Crosby and his three-man crew got lost in bad weather over Quang Nam Province. Their helicopter disappeared.

For 36 years, Crosby’s family awaited word on the fate of their son and brother. On Dec. 8, 2006, they learned the truth. Herby’s remains had been recovered, and all that was left to do was bury him with a full military funeral. The following Memorial Day, Capt. Herbert C. Crosby was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

Today, we remember Capt. Crosby and all who have served our country, defenders of our liberty and that of oppressed countries the world over.

On this Veterans Day, I watched The “Forgotten Heroes,” a film conceived in 1985 and produced by filmmaker Jack Marino, who wanted to tell the real story of those who fought in Vietnam.

“Forgotten Heroes” isn’t a documentary. Rather, it’s the story of brothers in arms who were drafted, fought, overcame incredible hardships and came home to the jeers of fellow Americans who hated this war.

As one Blue Star Mom described it, “‘Forgotten Heroes’ is the polar opposite of so many Hollywood movies of the Vietnam War. You know, the ones that show the soldiers and Marines as bloodthirsty murderers and depraved and crazed killers of women and babies.”

The “Forgotten Heroes” website explains:

In 1986 after watching the film “Platoon,” Jack Marino realized that since John Wayne’s “Green Berets,” Hollywood was increasingly reluctant to say anything positive or portray in a heroic sense anyone that fought in the Vietnam war. He felt he had to do something to counter all the negativism that seemed so pervasive within the city limits of Tinsel Town towards America’s war vets. He had been kicking around this idea of a World War II style film in a Vietnam setting for some time.
Marino explains, “I wanted to portray on film that generation who answered JFK’s call to defend freedom anywhere and anytime.”

He continues, “Every Sunday possible during my childhood, my dad and I would spend a few hours watching all the great black-and-white World War II movies together. Still, decades later, when I came home for a visit, we would fight the war together again in front of the TV. John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Van Johnson, Audie Murphy and so many more are a major part of my childhood memories.”

The Blue Star Mom adds, “My husband and I have pretty much stopped watching movies coming out of Hollywood. We’re just plain sick and tired of sitting down to let go of our daily stuff and be entertained to find we’re being lectured on the liberal’s agenda of hating America and/or our military. There are so many wonderful and inspiring stories about our military out there, just waiting to be told. But the media can’t even bring itself to report on our finest unless its report after report about torture (mostly bogus), civilian deaths (so many found to be untrue) and how ‘demoralized’ and ‘broken’ our troops are.

“So, to think Hollywood (the bastion of liberalism and ‘blame America first’) would even consider making a movie that showed the truth of all the great things and personal sacrifice our troops are willing to stand up and carry out?” she asks. “Well, I’m not holding my breath on that!”

We remember our veterans today, Nov. 11, with hearts filled with gratitude for all they’ve given to make our nation and the world a safer place. And we say a prayer for our fighting men and women and their loved ones. May God bless every one of them.

Go to the WND site:

“Dear Jack,
You have helped enhance the lives of our Nation’s military and veterans and I appreciate your efforts to honor these heroes. Your support of these selfless warriors reflects the best of the American Spirit and I am grateful for your compassionate work …”

– President George W. Bush – White House Letter dated, July 21, 2008


Can We Trust Muslims In The Military?

Yesterday’s heinous attack at Ft. Hood Texas from a Muslim soldier that left 13 people dead and another 28 wounded begs the question of whether we can truly trust Muslims serving in the military.  We obviously cannot ban them because we have Freedom of Religion in this country, but can our troops function well when they have doubts about the Muslims in their midst.  This is the second high profile case of a Muslim soldier attacking his comrades in arms.  Not all Muslims are terrorists, but every terrorist has been a Muslim and indeed Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a terrorist.  The mainstream media and his family are trying to paint him as a lonesome loner who was mistreated by fellow soldiers for his beliefs and that he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, but the truth will prove to be something quite different.

Already we are hearing reports that he praised homicide bombers at various websites and that he declared “Allah Akbar!” before he started murdering innocent people.  And how does someone who has never seen battle get Post Traumatic Stress?  And the theory that he was afraid to be deployed to Afghanistan rings hollow because he was going to be serving in the medical field and would never see the front lines.  But he definitely had qualms about fighting against fellow Muslims and he was against both the war in Iraq and the one in Afghanistan.  And his years of hearing horror stories about war from patients is no excuse either, otherwise we would have military psychologists everywhere taking up arms.

It is important to note that his parents are of Palestinian descent and there is much turmoil between Israel and the Palestinians in the Middle East and we are seen as being on the side of Israel although this President is trying to change that.  Whatever reason this waste of human skin had for committing his act of cowardous, the fact is that Americans need to get serious about the Muslims in our midst (we have had several cells pop up around the country) and the military needs to get serious as well.  And possibly rethink their policy of not arming our soldiers on base.

Senate Votes For Pork Over Troops

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) said today, “In a time of war it is unconscionable for members of Congress to divert funds from vital operations to less-than-vital parochial pork projects. I regret the Senate voted today to protect their pet projects at the expense of our troops,” after the Senate rejected Coburn’s amendments that would have forced Congress to shift earmark funds back toward vital operations and maintenance for our troops rather than pork projects. The vote was 25 to 73, which rejected the restoration of $165 million earmarked within the Defense appropriations bill’s maintenance and operations accounts for congressional earmarks.

Publius writing for Big Government states:

The operations and maintenance (O&M) accounts ensure military readiness by providing much needed funds for training troops for combat and for maintaining tanks, airplanes, ships, and related equipment such as the purchase of spare parts. O&M accounts also fund a wide range of activities such as civilian personnel management and payments, transportation expenses, health care, and child care. In May 2009, the U.S. Navy ran out of O&M funding and had to reduce training hours for carrier air wings and at-sea time for some ships. The earmarks funded in the 2010 Defense appropriations bill raid these accounts that are essential to the protection of our troops and our nation’s defense to pay for $165 million or earmarks not requested by the military.

Are the American people paying attention to this?  Our President has managed to gag his commander in the Afghan War, General Stanley McChrystal, and appears to be backing away from finishing this war successfully.  He does not want to send the additional troops needed.  And now the Senate does not want to support our brave men and women in the field and help them in their success.  Our troops have been hog-tied through this war and not allowed to fight this war the way we know they can and now they will be hampered further.  I am sure this does much to build the morale of our troops.  We the People are sick to death of government waste and earmarks and now to have our military being passed over for those earmarks is infuriating!

Here is the breakdown of the Coburn amendments:

Amendment 2566 — To restore over $165 million in operations and maintenance funding to members of the Armed Forces to prepare for and conduct combat operations by prohibiting funding of earmarks from operations and maintenance accounts, defeated by a vote of 25 to 73.

Amendment 2565 — To require the National Guard and Reserve Component to submit their modernization priorities to the entire Congress, and seek input from Secretary of Defense Gates, defeated by a vote of 28 to 70.

Coburn amendments accepted:

Amendment 2563— To require all reports authorized in this bill be publicized and accessible to the public once completed.

Amendment number 2585 — To restore $100 million in operations and maintenance funding to members of the Armed Forces to prepare for and conduct combat operations by accounting for the August 2009 Congressional Budget Office economic assumptions and reducing funding for low-priority research and development earmarks.

Obama Puts Afghanistan On Back Burner

Mr. President, if you do not plan on listening to the commander you chose and do not plan on victory, then please bring our men and women home.

Obama has more important things to take care of, like socialising America, to take the time to coordinate a different plan then the one he already laid out in March for Afghanistan.  This President proved over the past week at the United Nations and G20 that he is an imbecile when it comes to foreign relations and America’s security and this move to table General McChrystal’s request for more troops leaves me wondering just exactly how much does Obama hate America?

Of course, my friends and non-friends on the left will accuse me of hyperbole, but there really is no other way to describe Obama’s feelings about America when analyzing his statements and actions from the start of his campaign all the way through to the present.  He believes the Constitution is “fundamentally flawed”, that America is to blame for much of the world’s woes and regularly apologizes for us, he continuously moves to make America less safe by doing away with serious interrogations of our enemies, placating our enemies, bowing to our enemies and trying everything possible to be liked personally by our enemies.  And now he has proven that he is not serious about winning in Afghanistan, which is the war he lead us to believe that he supports.

Bob Woodward in the Washington Post is reporting that Obama’s national security advisor, retired General Jim Jones said, “I don’t have a deadline in my mind. I think the most important thing is to do it right. But it is going to have a high priority in the administration to do this pretty relentlessly. We have a lot of other things on the table as well.”  What things?  More important than this?  The General also maintained that Obama has set no deadline for a decision despite the urgent request.  The President does realize that war waits for no one and his act of indecision emboldens the enemy, right?  The Britains are calling our President a “panty-waist” for heaven’s sake.

It is true that this war has become more complicated than Iraq and that the recent elections make for uncertainty about the leadership of Afghanistan, but I do not trust our President to make the right decisions or give this the effort it deserves.  He wants to hold several meetings over the coming months and stretch this out, which would appear to make him look like he is trying to be thoughtful, but in reality is the tactic of procrastination that he regularly uses.  We are watching it with the pullout in Iraq and with Gitmo.  He pushes the hard decisions off like a teenager pushing off their homework, hoping beyond hope that he will never have to get to the work.

My main point is this, and I felt this with the way Bush went about fighting both these wars, if you are not going to give this everything we have and let the military actually fight this thing, then bring our troops home and secure our nation heavily to keep the terrorists from getting us here at home.  Bush did not do that and I do not expect Obama to do that either.

Americans Love Their Fallen Soldiers

Watch this video!

This gives me hope that they will never take our country from us. Thanks to all our troops who have served, especially those that paid the ultimate price for our safety and freedom.