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Ann Coulter At CPAC

I am a huge fan of Ann Coulter because she tells it like it is with no compromise.  She stirs up alot of controversy, but that is what gets people listening.  And despite the mainstream media and liberals attempts at steering people away from Coulter by labeling her “bad” for conservatives, she has a huge following and was warmly welcomed at CPAC.  She spoke for about fifteen minutes and here are some of the highlights from her speech, which CNN likened to a comedy routine:

Coulter went after MSNBC referring to Olbermann, Matthews and Maddow as the “alternative prom crowd.”  She also referred to the media in general as the “government guard dog” instead of the “people’s watchdog”  and called Matthews and Olbermann of MSNBC the government’s “lap dog”.  Too funny!  She also claimed that Jesus had more executive experience then Obama since he actually lead twelve people.  She also commented, “Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see Lincoln text messaging with Scarlet Johansson … and I forget, how many times did Lincoln vote present?”  and “Having pulled off their rather mediocre 53 percent to 46 percent victory, liberals can’t stop boasting about their new baby boy.”

Ann also pointed out the irony in the media based on their comparisons of President Obama to presidents Lincoln and Reagan whom liberals would detest based on their conservative values and being members of the Republican party, but use because “apparently they can’t think of a Democratic president worthy of being compared to.”

“If [Obama] thinks people wanted change in 2009, wait until 2012,” Ann said.  Amen to that!

Ann is set to debate Bill Maher on March 9th, 10th and 11th.  That should be wonderful since we know she has God on her side and Maher has…well…Playboy bunnies I guess.