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My Interview On Parcbench

I’m pleased to announce that I have a three part interview appearing in Parcbench.  Part One is out today with the other two to follow in the upcoming month.  Do you wonder how I could possibly be christian, conservative and…gay?  This interview will help answer your questions.  Check it out here and please leave your comments so Parcbench knows that this kind of content is interesting.

Bravo To Conservatives For Booing Ryan Sorba!

Thank you to my conservative brothers and sisters for booing this jackass from the stage.  Division will get us nowhere.  Conservatives stand for individual freedom – for everyone!

Tiger Woods’ Mistresspalooza

I usually do not discuss much on tabloid fodder here at Freedom’s Wings, but as more women pop out of the woodwork (was that a bad choice of words?) I find myself giving our society a hard look.  It comes as no surprise that a rich, world-famous and good-looking athlete has been stepping out on his wife and at a pace that would make George Clooney jealous.  What I take issue with is how our society seems to be dealing with an individual that appears to have the moral compass of pond scum.  And I do believe that Tiger Woods is pond scum.

Our society bellows against gay marriage and yet seems to take no issue with an individual that does not value marriage.  I have been faithful to my partner for over fifteen years now and that is without the benefit of a certificate or the embrace and support of society.  And yet, I have heard interview after interview of local golfers here in Florida and people around the nation asking them their opinion on Mistresspalooza (I claim creation rights to that -ha) and these men and WOMEN just shrug their shoulders and claim that it does not change their opinion of him and that it is a private matter.  I am sorry, this is not a private issue when this pond scum makes money off of endorsing products he wants me to buy and when he is world-famous and supposedly a person that kids look up to.  Not to mention that he is the reason why golf has made such a comeback.

And speaking of endorsements, Nike, Gatorade and Gillette have all come forward and stated that they are sticking by their man.  As if Tiger Woods is the victim?!  Why do contracts have moral clauses anyway?  I do not buy any of those products anyway, but I would think long and hard before I did as long as they continue to stick by their man.  This kind of behavior should be shamed to the point that Tiger Woods would have a hard time ever playing golf again because of the letter A on his back.  This man not only has no consideration for women, treating his wife this way and using mistresses like prostitutes (what would you call it if he had paid them immediately after having sex with them?) but he has no consideration for his children.  Tiger’s father seems to have been a beautiful man whom Tiger proudly shared with all of us.  His children sure are going to have a father to be proud of in the future when they learn the truth.

Unfortunately, the reaction to Tiger Woods’ infidelity reflects more on what America has become than on Woods himself.  A society that pulls prayer, nativities, the Ten Commandments and God from the center square really should not have more expected of them I suppose.  And although I do not support gay marriage, I guess I will have to continue to endure how my relationship is so sinful and dangerous to the family, while people like Tiger Woods are continued to be held up and forgiven even when they have not asked for it or done anything to deserve redemption.

Wonder how the One feels about that cover of Golf Digest he did with Tiger Woods?  That comes out this week I believe.

Obama Hoodwinks The Gay Activists

Someday, my fellow gay sisters and brothers will awaken to the fact that the Democrat Party uses them for their votes. The most recent bone thrown to the gay community was yet another hate crime law. Gay people should be sick to death of these worthless and pandering hate crime laws. If someone kills me, I really do not care why they killed me – I’m dead! Murder is a hate crime! Beating me up is a hate crime regardless of why one beats me up. These laws are a waste of time and money and give gay people nothing tangible to hold.  And they certainly do not meet the promises that Obama ladled on the gay community to bamboozle them for votes.Obama

Tonight the President is slated to address the Human Rights Campaign at a dinner gala.  Why is the Human Rights Campaign allowing Obama to address them?  They are not unaware that the Obama administration attempted to dismiss the first gay marriage filed in federal court.  And the Spokesmoron remarked that the President will refer to the hate crimes bills tonight to try to shine light on his fading gay star.  Gibbs said, “The hate crimes protections are long overdue in the president’s opinion and believes that their passage represents an important step, and looks forward to, when the legislation gets to his desk, signing it and making that the law of the land.”  Gee thanks, Mr. President.

How about you do something real, Mr. President?  How about you allow gay people to serve openly in the military?  Hundreds serve this country with honor in the shadows.  I thought you wanted to bring people out of the shadows or does that only count for criminal invaders?  Seventy percent of Americans support gay people serving their country openly.  And civil union support is ever increasing.  Even if you will not go for the whole kit-and-kaboodle with this, how about building up to it by opening up benefits for partners?

Politico reports:

Obama has also been doused with criticism by many gay activists for his slow pace on redeeming campaign promises to end a ban on gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military and pushing tough nondiscrimination policies.  Instead, Obama has taken a slow and incremental approach to the politically charged issues. He has expanded some federal benefits to same-sex partners, but not health benefits or pension guarantees. He has allowed State Department employees to include their same-sex partners in certain embassy programs already available to opposite-sex spouses.

But that remains far short of his campaign rhetoric.

“At its core, this issue is about who we are as Americans,” Obama said a 2007 statement on gay issues. “It’s about whether this nation is going to live up to its founding promise of equality by treating all its citizens with dignity and respect.”  And even before Obama took office, he disappointed gay and lesbian activists who objected to the invitation to evangelist Rev. Rick Warren’s participation in the inauguration despite Warren’s support for repealing gay marriage in California.  Since taking office, Obama has publicly has committed himself to repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that allows gays and lesbians to serve in the military as long as they don’t disclose their sexual orientation or act on it. On Jan. 9, Gibbs answered “yes” when asked whether the administration would end a policy that has seen the dismissal of more than 12,000 troops after their sexual orientation was revealed.  But as president, Obama hasn’t taken any concrete steps urging Congress to rescind the Clinton-era policy that some former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have acknowledged is flawed.  Yet the office of the current chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen, signed off on a journal article that called for lifting the ban, arguing that the military is forcing thousands of military members to live dishonest lives.

And gay activists still are waiting on DOMA to be repealed, which was signed into law by Democrat President Clinton.  I personally do not care if people define marriage as between one man and one woman.  I just do not think it is any of the government’s business.  So Obama will give his big pandering empty speech and the Human Rights Campaign will applaud and we will continue down this same road we have followed for years.  Some day the gay people will wake up.

UPDATE:  The speech was as empty as expected.  Even libs in Seattle are turning!  Check this out:

Gay Marriage

Last night I heard a fellow conservative joke on his radio program that lesbians did have a right to marry: they could marry a man.  Same goes for gay men – they have a right to marry women.  This started a debate in my mind about the tactics of both those on the left and right and how conservatives must not allow themselves to follow the path of the moonbats.  The left wants to add “rights” to the Constitution and when a conservative banters that gays have the right to marry people of the opposite gender it would seem they are suggesting that marriage is a right.  After much thought, I put my opinion down on paper as an exclusive at the Conservative Alliance Media Network website.  You can find the article here and I encourage you to register and leave your comments about the post in the forum – I would love to hear them.

Democrats Want To Protect Pedophiles Now

The Democrats just threw gay people under the proverbial bus again.  Gay people are continuously fighting this idea that we are pedophiles because many times this crime is committed as man on boy.  Some people do not define pedophilia as its own orientation – a very sick orientation and one that I believe should be punished with life in prison because they cannot be rehabilitated.  When the Democrats would not allow an amendment to be included on to hate crimes legislation that would exclude pedophiles from that protection, it was like the Democrats were saying that gay people are pedophiles.  Otherwise, what is the issue with adding the amendment?

The bill is called “The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act”.  This bill puts 547 different forms of sexual deviancies on the same level as race, religion, ethnicity, gender, orientation and disability.  Alcee Hastings, a Democrat from Florida ( much to my chagrin), read off a partial list of these “isms” and “philias”.  Republican Louie Gohmert from Texas decided that the bill needed an amendment to make sure that pedophilia would not be protected under this new bill.  The amendment was handily defeated by the Democrats.  Thus, the Democrats have equated homosexuality and pedophilia.  And this piece of crap bill also equates homosexuality with necrophilia and other deviant behavior.

Now I understand that there are those on the far religious right that think homosexuality is deviant anyway and so you could care less what I believe.  I do not support hat crimes legislation.  I believe any abuse or murder is a hate crime.  There does not need to be special protection for this.  All crimes of this nature should have the same punishment – very harsh sentences.  So I believe S909 should be derailed, period.  But especially because of the reasons cited above.  And I would just personally like to thank the Democrats for once again blind siding the gay people who follow along behind you blindly and lumping us all in with very sick and twisted individuals.

Gay people – WAKE UP!!!

Gay Conservativism On The Freedom’s Wings Show Tonight

Tonight I will be joined by a special guest on my radio show: Jimmy LaSalvia who is Executive Director of GOProud which you can find at  GOProud advocates for federal public policy initiatives consistent with its mission which is representing gay conservatives and their supporters in Washington D.C.  They support policies that promote the power of individuals, limit government’s reach, enable economic growth through free market principles, and strengthen America’s position in the world, all core conservative values.  They also support candidates for federal office who share GOProud’s priorities.

Jimmy is a longtime Republican activist who has held volunteer and professional staff positions in Republican campaigns and party organizations in South Dakota and Kentucky, including serving on the campaign staff of former South Dakota Governor Walter D. Miller. He has also previously worked as a development officer for Kentucky Opera and as a real estate broker in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2006 he joined the national staff of Log Cabin Republicans, first as Grassroots Outreach Director then as Director of Programs and Policy. He helped to build the organization across the country and lobbied to pass pro-gay legislation in state capitols and in Washington.

We’ll discuss Jimmy’s political career, his personal experiences, GOProud and gay conservativism in general.  I’ll also be taking callers.  Join us tonight at 6pm ET for a great discussion!