If You Don’t Think There Is A Financial Conspiracy, You’re Not Paying Attention

Before you think I’ve jumped off the deep end and that I am going to start rambling about the Illuminati and Bilderbergs, realize that the word “conspiracy” can be used in many ways.  A conspiracy mainly is an agreement by any number of people or groups to do something illegal or wrongful or commit some kind of subversive act.  Most informed Americans now know that the Federal Reserve controls the banking industry and our currency and they know that it is a privately owned entity that really does not have to do anything that the government tells it to do.

I was reading Bloomberg.com today because their story is top news on The Drudge Report and reading the title, “US Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion On Bailouts As Senate Votes” shocked me and then I find in the article that the FED, the FDIC and the Treasury have pledged to provide $5.7 trillion if needed in this economic crisis after already spending and lending  $3 trillion.  This is not the conspiracy part and I actually had written a few months ago that the deficit was predicted to rise an additional $7.2 trillion over what it currently was at the time due to the TARP bailout and future promises and commitments.  The conspiracy comes in when learning that the remaining $8 trillion in these commitments in lending problems are exclusively under the authority of the FED and FDIC and they will not disclose the recipients’ names. 

This news follows revelations that the government paid $78 billion too much for bad debts and no one knows where that money went and we also know that no one knows what the banks did with the initial $350 billion in TARP funds they were given.  Democrat Senator Byron Dorgan from North Dakota said on February 3rd, “We’ve seen money go out the back door of this government unlike any time in the history of our country.  Nobody knows what went out of the Federal Reserve Board, to whom and for what purpose. How much from the FDIC? How much from TARP? When? Why?”   I have the same questions. 

On top of that, Bloomberg reports, “Commitments may expand again soon. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner postponed an announcement scheduled for today that was to focus on new guarantees for illiquid assets to insure against losses without taking them off banks’ balance sheets. The Treasury said it would delay the announcement until after the Senate votes on the stimulus package.”  Why is the government waiting to tell the American people what they plan to do with banks until after a vote on the porkulus bill?  The bank problem should be taken care of before anything else is done.  The Congress cannot pat itself on the back over rebates for buying cars and houses if the banks will not lend.  I heard this morning that every 13 seconds a house goes into foreclosure.  This TARP was meant to help fix that.

So is this incompetence or on purpose, as my use of the word conspiracy would indicate?  I KNOW the government is full of nincompoops, but they are not this incompetent.  Especially when you realize that the FED is not part of the  government.  What is going on here?  I truly believe there are people who want this country to become Marxist and the idiots are just following along.  Even Newsweek’s cover this week declares, “We Are All Socialists Now.”  Khruschev said socialism would come to us slowly.  The Fabian Society uses a turtle as their mascot because they believe in moving socialism slowly.  And possibly another conspiracy here:  I tried to post the link to The Fabian Society which was at fabian.org.uk and none of the URLs for this site can be found.  I tried both Google and Yahoo.  This page contains information, but even the link they give is “broken”.  Why are they hiding?

My point in all this is that we have indeed slipped into socialism.  Woodrow Wilson started the ball rolling by introducing Marxism and socialistic ideals into the government.  Franklin Roosevelt gave us The New Deal which introduced socialistic programs that drag our economy down to this day: welfare, social security, medicare. etc.  We had the socialistic Community Reinvestment Act introduced in 1977 with Jimmy Carter.  The Savings and Loan debacle started the idea that the government could bailout banks in the 80s.  And now we are here.  Both parties to blame.  I can only assume that this is on purpose.

Let me compare it to this analogy to make my opinion more clear.  I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God.  So I believe that God wrote the Bible through man.  That is the reason why the themes in the Bible run together and it is one cohesive piece.  The Bible never contradicts itself.  That is because there is one Author behind the Bible.  Now compare this to our slide into socialism.  It has happened over decades with most government entities participating.  Ronald Reagan would be the one exception.  So there must be some kind of conspiracy making sure this “theme” runs throughout our history.

This is a conspiracy to move us into socialism via the economy.  We must fight it whatever it may be.


One response to “If You Don’t Think There Is A Financial Conspiracy, You’re Not Paying Attention

  1. Ugh. Is there hope for capitalism? People need to start paying more attention and put a stop to this before it’s too late.

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