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Diane is a Conservative Libertarian gay blogger and radio host.  She not only blogs here at her home blog “Freedom’s Wings” but also contributes to various blogs and websites around the Internet.  You can find her work at http://conservativealliance.org   http://drscoundrels.com   http://logchoice.ning.com and http://proudextremist.com.   Love of country and freedom has led her to join the patriotic resistance in America to fight against a socialistic onslaught that for decades has turned the American government away from the Founding principles and the Founding Documents of this country.  You will regularly find her at townhalls, tea parties, city council meetings and any gathering of patriots.  Her goal through both the blog and radio program “The Freedom’s Wings Show” is to bring people the information they need to take action and to further common sense in America.

She is a member of the Conservative Alliance Media Network and Logical Choice Action Group.  She serves as Florida State Chapter Leader for the Logical Choice Action Group.  She is also an active member of Resist Net, Smart Girl Politics, Tea Party Patriots, ACTIVE, Patriot’s Heart Network, Restore the Republic and American Liberty Alliance.

You can find links for Twitter and Facebook on the Home Page.  Become a fan of the Freedom’s Wings Show: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/The-Freedoms-Wings-Show/45982296519?ref=ts

60 responses to “About Me

  1. You have many interesting facts in your posts, I specially liked the one called: “Oh no, they sky is falling” You have a good point and there may be other purposes which by the state is doing such things.

  2. We need the source–when and where Michelle Obama said,
    “We’re going to have to change our conversations…traditions…history,” etc.

    Thank You

  3. Why did you put that comment here? Heard it played from actual tape of Michelle Obama on the Glenn Beck radio show on 6/19/08. I don’t have alot of time but I’ll see if I can track down a transcript somewhere. Not sure what actual date and where she said, but was at the same time as the “pride” comments.

  4. She said it on her appearance on The View.

  5. you’re a complete dipshit. then again, if you’re decent looking, let’s hook up on match.

  6. I’m a complete dipshit?! I don’t cruise around blogs insulting the blogger and then try to come on to them. As a matter of fact, I’m good looking and work hard on my body, but no man will be “matching” up with me. I’m already taken by a beautiful woman.

  7. Let’s ease back a threesome then …

  8. I let the above comment through against my better judgement to shine more light on the idiocy of the liberals.

  9. You have a very interesting site. Thanks for sharing it with us, your readers.



  10. You’re only a nut job if they’re not trying to get you. 🙂

  11. Greetings to you from one who appreciates your well thought-out commentaries. My compliments to you. I’m not one who devotes an enormous amount of time reading endless blogs and the inane comments posted on them by…well, you know who I mean. But I like yours so well that I’ve added to my list of ‘favorites’ which, by the way, is a short list which includes only two blogs now that I’ve added yours. You can be certain I’ll continue to be a frequent reader who is, for the most part, in agreement with your views and who shares your conservative values. Keep it up.

  12. You do make some interesting points regarding Governor Palin’s responses to Katie Couric. Wonder how you would have felt if you had actually watched the interview, which I didn’t either.

    Why do you lump people into the category of “liberals” and also as “conservatives”? There are many shades of gray, don’t you think?

    On abortion, I don’t like it either, and had my 6th child at age 43, but how can you agree with Palin’s theory that you do not intervene to save the life of a mother of 7 kids who will die at the birth of the 8th child?

    Also how do you sanction a mother of five, including a special needs child, running essentially for the highest office in the land (if McCain passes)?

    Really I would not call that conservative but rather expecting too much of the person. Also I believe in religion in the schools and attend church regularly, but I don’t see most of my Republican friends attending any church at all. So how are they conservative?
    And again the budget, how come so called conservatives ran us into this huge debt and fiscal crisis? My son is a lawyer on Wall Street right in the middle of this whole thing and he is conservative but voting for Obama.
    Why don’t we all work together to make things better? Thank you.

  13. Guess what Marylou, my mother-in-law, back in the 60s when abortion was not legal, was told by several doctors that she needed to abort her fourth child or she would die from a ruptured uterus. She chose to carry the child and both are still alive today. So medical abortions will always be options. As for Republicans, most have drifted from conservative values which is why I have major problems with the party. Bush helped run up the debt and he is what we call a neo-con which is not a true conservative. I wish we could all work together but liberals and conservatives are basically on two different planets. I won’t give a bit when it comes to freedom.

  14. I love your site and how you are a true American and patriot.


  15. Thank you Patriot for your service and your comment. I’ve been getting pounded lately and it was a breath of fresh air!

  16. Although I believe certain lifestyles are sinful, my hat goes off to my Christian sister who doesn’t let that define her. If you truly believe what you believe, then let the grace of God guide you… for I have sin, that I know is sin, yet I keep committing them.

  17. *chuckles*

    I see that you are getting the swing of it.

    Carry on!

  18. I think I’ll link to this blog. Conservative blogs banding together can counteract the liberal’s online offensive.


  19. Love the site and your passion!!

    • Wicked – I’m not a rider myself but I LOVE your site! You guys keep riding the good fight! You’re added to the blogroll!

  20. “As a matter of fact, I’m good looking and work hard on my body, but no man will be “matching” up with me. I’m already taken by a beautiful woman.”

    So you’re a lesbian? Conservative Republican, really? You belong to a party that really hates you. Will take your vote but oppresses you and discriminates against you. You are a believer in a God that calls you a sinner and condemns you to burn in Hell for you lay with the same sex.

    Also, you talk the Patriot agenda, so you believe that Democrats are not Patriots because we believe differently? Have you served your country? I’m a Democrat, a liberal as you like to call us, and I’m a patriot! I served my country in the United States Army and I’m a Desert Storm Veteran. Us, so called liberals, are Patriots and have fought for and died for this country. We have watched, for 8 years, the Republicans and the Bush administration, take us to an unethical war, destroyed our economy, and taken away our Civil rights in the name of terrorism. This is exactly why I, a one time Republican, slowly but surely, followed my heart and began to understand what it means to be a liberal and a Democrat. I understood the differences between the, so called and “self anointed” christian conservatives. When I see conservatives I cannot help but see a group of self-centered, sometimes racist bigots, noninclusive, discriminators of humanity. That try to force an agenda on all people because they have the belief of “you’re either with us or against us” with no middle-ground. A group, just as you, that want to force Christianity on all and our kids through teachings in our schools. I say, if you want it then send your kids to a christian school, don’t force it on all. Maybe one of these days you and the rest will see that we are all Americans and that we, even though we have different ideas. As President Obama has stated many times, we are not red states or blue states, we are the United States of America! So, for you that hope that this new administration fails, yeah you Rush Limbaugh types, I hope soon that you face the destruction of this economy. Good Luck and Good Day!

    Oh, and one last word, Sara Palin? Oh, please! This woman is a true, born and breed, idiot! Their are so many more great Conservative women in the Republican Party with much more experience and understanding of the world and our government. The GOP can do much better than that!

    • I don’t believe that God condemns me – that is the church’s interpretation. Not all Republicans condemn my either. Conservatives are opening up – you’d be surprised. And gay conservatives are a growing group. I have a small handfull on my blogroll and that doesn’t scratch the surface. I’ve never said that Democrats aren’t patriots. I look at people on an individual basis. For the most part, liberals do things that are Anti-America so I would call them Anti-American. That doesn’t make them unpatriotic. Don’t put words in my mouth. Your quote: “This woman is a true, born and breed, idiot!” Who’s the idiot? Learn how to put a sentence together. But I do thank you for your service.

  21. YO! Freedom’s Wings, whoever you are! I hope you’re in Elkhart, IN where Huckabee is going to tape his show on Saturday. This is a PERFECT time to advertize a Tea Party IN Elkhart on April 15 with all the others. Please respond QUICK!, I’ll help!
    (JC in me)

  22. Diane –
    I heard you on Glenn Beck talking about people signing a list of grievances. Can you send it to me? I’d like to take a look. We have something similar – instead of grievances, it’s an indictment and list of demands. You can see it at http://www.wedemandfreedom.com. Email me your list to contactus@wedemandfreedom.org, when you get a chance. Thanks!

  23. How President Obama may be planning to take away our guns

    1a) President Obama, is not reversing the Patriot Act, or Homeland Security Act, etc..,

    1b) President Obama, is seeking, and getting even more powers to expand these Acts, etc..,

    1c) Obama is keeping all of the unconstitutional changes in the Defense Authorization acts,

    including the suspension of Habeas Corpus

    02) President Obama is taking away “Net Neutrality” to take over the internet

    03) President Obama is going to institute the “Civilian Defense Program”

    ****So by instituting a “Civilian Defense Force,” as “Strong As The Military,” ( in his

    plans, and his own words ) ….He is thus going to say, that they “Constitute The Well

    Regulated Militia, of Civilians, ….of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, And thus,

    create a “Media Black Out,” ….”To Disarm All Civilians,” ….Who are not part Of the

    “Obama Approved, and socialist Indoctrinated,” ….”National Civilian Defense Force,”

    When he has finally collected enough intelligence to move against everyone else, i.e., Freedom

    Loving Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.., etc.., etc..,

    ****And once he first uses His New Laws, and or methods, to be enacted to force new

    registration, and better tracking of all Gun ownership in America, as well as tracking of all New

    Ammo Sales, …After So enacted, ….Once the force has been in place long enough to gather

    intelligence as well

    ****Then He will have declared “Official Democratic Interpretations” of the Constitution, …To

    Prove the “Original Intent” and “Interpretation” of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, will

    hold only To His New-Official, ( and Usurped authority ) And Newly Approved Agenda, ….So

    that All Scholarship and public discussion, will only be allowed to say, ….That Obama’s

    indoctrinated and official civilian militia will be the only “Private Citizens,” protected under the

    2nd amendment of the Constitution to “Bear Arms,” as the only “Civilians” so defined by the


  24. I’ve enjoyed reading your viewpoints and agree with almost everything! We only disagree on homosexuality and how God views it but it isn’t up to me to judge you so this isn’t a comment to argue about that difference but rather to let you know that I find it refreshing to feel that I can disagree with you and not be bashed for it. My only exposure to the gay community is through the media and it doesn’t look very nice. I appreciate seeing a different side. Please share with us how you feel about hate crimes and forcing Pastors not to teach about their view of homosexuality from the Bible. My husband is a Pastor but he never spread hate from the pulpit regarding sin. Sin was dealt with on the cross. His desire is for people to come to know Jesus as their Savior and have a personal relationship with Him. Do you feel the government should tell churches what they can and cannot preach from the pulpit? I am very interested in what you have to say. I wish the media would show us more people like you instead of radicals that may the gay community look like hypocritical and intolerent hate mongers. You’re saved in my favorites now!! :o)

    • Mrs L – I wish the same thing. There are alot of gays out here like myself. The Gay Conservatives have started a new 527 that seperates us from even the Log Cabin Republicans (gay Republicans) because they were not conservative enough for us. As for the government in the church – no way. I am for the government getting out of most everything. It sounds like your husband is a decent man. I have no problem with pastors talking about politics either at the pulpit. They cannot force anyone to vote a certain way, so what should that matter? To me, all muuder and abuse is a result of hate and so they are all hate crimes. If I get beat up as a gay it should carry the same sentence as for a straight person – a very stiff one! Hope that answers your questions.

  25. PS. Sorry for my couple of typos in my last post! I also wanted to add that I wish the media would also quit portraying Christians as hypocrits and intolerent hate mongers too!

  26. Honestly, I have never met a conservative, Christian, gay woman before… I thought I was the only one! I don’t usually read blogs. I just happened to stumble upon yours and found it quite intriguing. I agree with you on quite a few issues but I was confused by your seemingly judgmental attitude of individuals and people groups alike. Being on the receiving end of so many judgments for being a gay Christian has grown a great deal of sympathy and understanding in me. I thought you’d be in the same boat. If you hadn’t mentioned you were gay, I would have been scared of someone like you from the sound of your blog. I am very curious about one thing though (and I searched all around your site for the answer)… how do you rectify your gayness and Christianity? I know how I do, but I’ll bet we don’t do it the same way. I’m guessing our non-gay conservative, Christian counterparts have not a clue about this, and I think it would be great for you to expose them. Props for representing conservative gay people! It’s a shame you live in the South (at least that’s what I gathered from your site) cause I would have loved to meet up.

    • I’m assuming you are talking about my bashing of liberal moonbats? I’m sorry, but if people have no common sense, I just have to go after them. I know it may sound judgemental, but really Jesus went after people as well. I will have to write a post about the Christian and gay thing one day – it’s just that politics and particularly our move towards socialism that is on my radar right now. Thanks for your kind comments and if ever in Florida, let me know.

  27. I just stumbled across your site and have to say I greatly admire your calm forthrightness! I like your idea that any two adults should be able to commit through a civil union, and that the government should not use the word “marriage.” I think that would solve a lot of issues. You portray a self confidence that is lovely. P.S. I am a tolerant Christian. Christians always think I’m too liberal and secular people think I’m too otherworldly minded. It’s OK. I’m also a heterosexual female who does not think it’s my business to judge or bash anyone. Again, I appreciate your viewpoints and think there is much to learn through respectful dialog. It’s that “respectful” part that is so lacking everywhere.

  28. Quote: “Hope that answers your questions.”

    Yes, dsgawrsh, you did answer my questions! My heart breaks that our country is so divided right now that more talk like this can’t happen. I’m to the point that as a Christian, I’m almost afraid to voice my beliefs and opinions. I don’t mind that others disagree with me, I’m not out to shove what I believe down their throats. I just want to live the way I believe I’m supposed to and teach that way to my children without fear that someone is going to take them away or lock me up for saying the ‘wrong thing’. The Miss USA issue is just the tip of the iceberg. I fear it will get worse. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed our small exchange here and will pay attention to your future entries! God bless you!

  29. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for stopping by my page. I just loved your comment. You know what before I am labeled anything, I want to be labeled one who follows Christ. Which would mean that I am a Christian, but that term has been hi-jacked big time and really can mean alot of things. Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian is actually a Christ-centered, Bible believing, Spirit Filled, child of God. President Obama and I have two things in common, he is left handed and he is a person of color, after that, we are like the east and the west. We will never meet up, well unless of course, he becomes saved and gives his heart to the LORD. That is why it is important for us to pray for him, since he can not possibly pray for us. It broke my heart when I saw so many Christians vote for Obama. Like you, I want to see them come to repentence.

    What will they say to God about how they voted for someone who abhors everything He stands for? I don’t see many blacks jumping in the streets anymore, but at the same time, they are too stubborn to even admit they were wrong. God created me a person of color for His own purposes, and I cherish who I am, but the one thing I am before I am anything else is a follower of Christ.

  30. Greetings, ma’am ! Congrats on a most interesting blog. I’ve got one more you may wish to link to, as I am considering a run against Senator Carl Levin in 2014. I’d appreciate your thoughts and comments, and welcome others to join me – I’m gonna need all the help I can get !



  31. FreedomWorks, The Orlando Tea Party and other Florida organizers are organizing to put a stop to Obama’s Health Care Plan. As you probably know the Administration is trying to push the plan through before the August break. It is imperative that we stop this from passing. We are planning Heath Care Freedom rallies at every Senator and Congressman’s office on July 2 from 3-6 as they will be in town at that time. Our goal is to get over 100 people at every office to rally and to provide a steady stream of constituents visiting personally to voice their opposition to this plan.

    As you probably know, Obama has kicked off his campaign for his health care plan at http://www.barackobama.com and is trying to organize grassroots community gatherings to push for support. If we are going to defeat this plan, we need to work harder and stronger.

    This is a great opportunity for Florida to and provide a model to the rest of the country for how the grassroots CAN make a difference. There are 62 offices in Florida that need to be covered and we need leaders who are willing to help us make this happen. I hope we have some of those leaders here on Smart Girls.

    Leaders will be provided with everything you need including literature, talking points, flyers, etc. You would just need to recruit citizens to participate by passing out flyers, email blasts, local conservative radio, etc. and communicate with other leaders via email and conference call. If you would like additional information you can visit our web site at http://www.orlandoteaparty.com or email us at floridiansunite@gmail.com

  32. Hey girl, love the site and was reading a few of the above comments. Where are they getting that you are gay? I mean, whatever but nevertheless, I don’t see that in your about statement. I guess I’m being a bit ignorant here. (Is that the Communication Co you founded) is it a gay one? Take care.

  33. Thank you warrantonegirl. I am gay indeed, but not something I advertise so that people do not feel that I am cramming something down their throats. I mention it in posts occassionally to show people that all gay people are not libtards praying for utopia. The Conservative Alliance is not gay, but is a diverse group of conservative voices via radio, video and the written word. Thanks for the compliments on the site! You can see my official website here: http://www.onfreedomswings.com

  34. Great blog! Great work you’re doing here.

    I’ve enjoyed my browsing here so much I’m going to add you to my blogroll. I’ll be a regular reader now.

    Thanks for all you do for our country. I think there are more “regular” people involved right now with trying to stay informed and speaking out, and it’s great. Blogging started out as a catharsis for me, and now is such a great way to learn and keep involved.

    Again, great job!

  35. Hey Freedom! Love the video and you r information. I hope and pray that your message is getting through. I thought I had you on my blogroll but I’m going to make sure I do. Glad I came back by. I heard you mention The Patriotic Resistance! go girl, also have you been watching Raging Elephants? You will be pleased on their message as well. Take care.

    • Thank you very much – the left is crying in their Cheerios about the true diversity of conservatives! I’m following them on Twitter now!

  36. hey, got the pic off your other site of the usurper, narcissist. LOVE IT! I couldn’t find a place for comments so I’m putting them here.

  37. woah woah woah wait a sec u r gay?

  38. That’s right. Hard to believe that a gay person could have enough common sense and love of country to buck the libtard way of thinking, eh?

  39. Hello
    I am from Canada.
    I really hope that you take what I have to say seriously.
    Your screams and wails and cries against the devil “socialism” is laughed at, and not only laughed at but a genuine sad feeling comes over people when you wail against universal healthcare and universal education, childcare etc. We feel for your children.
    Americans healthcare system is the most morally unethical way possible, they deny a large majority of their citizens care.
    Where’s the money going to come from? You scream. You will have to pay for it one way or another. Option 1. You get sick and pay large amounts out of your pocket and also pay the insurance company large amounts and large admin fees.
    Option 2. You pay an amount through your taxes and everyone receives care.
    Is option 2 not the ethical choice. Stop being crazy, this is not going to bankrupt you, it’s actually going to COST YOU LESS because with the insurance companies America pays 25% in Admisistration costs. We in Canada pay a heck of a lot less on administration costs.
    2. Your hospitals COMPETE with each other. i.e. they don’t share information about helping patients because they want you to come to THEIR hospital. Citizens should not be the victims . I don’t know why you are so gullable, but insurance companies LOVE people like you. They Love people who believe their fear-mongering. You know why they are so scared. They’re worried about all the profits their going to loose off of sick people, if univeral healthcare is implemented. Really people, WAKE UP! Why don’t you step out of your country for two seconds and see that there is a better way, look to Europe even, and realize that people pity you. They really pity you, because you don’t even realize you’r e fighting against something that would be great for every American.

    My condolesences.

  40. Also- You are in a party that hates you and works against you. While you may have friends that tell you they support you and that make you feel better- look at your parties objectives they discriminate against you.

    You are in denial girl.

    • What party? I’m a conservative libertarian. I know you are referring to the GOP, which I regularly criticize here, but the truth is that the GOP doesn’t hate gay people and has done just as much for gay people as the Dems which is relatively nothing. I actually have this thing called common sense and have come to my conclusions on my own. Unfortunately, most gay people do not use theirs, but they are coming around. Check out my blogroll for more gay conservatives.

  41. And Canadian, the only one in denial is you. You have lived under socialism so you do not know what freedom truly feels like and so do not miss it. I on the other hand would die for it. Our public school system sucks while private schools flourish proving government cannot educate. And yes, all the dying people in our streets can be a nuisance as they are denied healthcare. NO ONE IS DENIED HEALTHCARE IN AMERICA! I know because I had no insurance for years and got received full care for a health problem from one of the state’s top specialists who actually worked our payments with me. Shocking I know.

    All I know is people run to America and want to live here whether that is legally or illegally. Canadians run to America for healthcare. I don’t see people running there for care. The actress Natasha Richardson would have lives if her ski accident had happened here – enough said.

  42. I thought the very same thing myself about Ms. Richardson. She would have been transferred much sooner, and would have received the necessary diagnostic efforts much sooner, had she been in the USA.

    Also, to the Canadian, no one can tell me that the GOP “hates and works against gays.” There is a major disagreement about marriage, but most conservatives who also happen to be members of the GOP, are in support of civil unions. I would say that all of us either are, or love someone who is, gay. The difference in the GOP stand on gays and the Democratic stand is that the GOP isn’t using gay people to get votes. The Democratic party and, more importantly, the Left that has taken it over, do not truly support gay people; they merely give lip service to them to insure their votes.

    I see that, as do many many other conservatives. (who also happen to be a member of the Republican party) Conservatives aren’t necessarily Republican, and Republicans certainly aren’t necessarily conservatives. True conservatives want “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all Americans.

  43. Was the Fort Hood shooting perpetrated by radical Muslim Jihadist an orchestrated distraction? Was the shooting timed to prevent coverage of the Nov 5th D.C. Health Care Rally at the Capital Building? Was there a direct connection between Hasan and Obama? Did Rahm or Axelrod or someone else in the Administration who knew Hasan was a “loose canon” give Hasan his “marching orders?”

    Shouldn’t these be the questions the media is asking? Why is the media silent on this connection?

    Homeland Security Policy Institute
    April 2008-January 2009

    Check out page 29 of the PDF which lists Hasan’s name. Download it to your hard-drive before the internet czar makes it disappear.

    Hat tip to Debbie’s Blog for posting this revealing information.



  44. Hey Diane,

    I heard a buzz about a Patrick Henry Caucus and your name came up on google. I am currently running for Fl State Representative for House District 117. I am a small business owner and a 12 yr military veteran who is also a 10th Amendment and Oath Keeper signer. Check my issues out and if you’re interested in touching base, give me a shout. Marcus

  45. Let me say that I am blown away by your blog – not only great commentary on health care, the border, and other topics, but a picture of Trinity bringing the heat. Bravo. I offer this healthcare video for your amusement:

    With best wishes, Harvey

  46. Diane, I’m waiting to hear from you…today is a new day. I know that your fingers will be fast and furiously at work. Our time has come…

  47. Good! I’m glad to hear it! I’ve been missing you. You can count on me as a continued reader and supporter. I love April Fool’s Day!

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