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Sarah Palin Not As Rogue As She Claims

Sarah Palin’s biography, Going Rogue, is slated for release in November.  The book is already outselling all other books in pre-sales and breaking records.  But one has to question just how rogue Sarah Palin is with the announcement that she will appear on the Oprah Winfrey show on November 16th.  My libertarian balloon just deflated!  Going on Oprah is what all book hawkers do.  Obviously, appearing exclusively palinon Oprah means huge book sales, but Sarah obviously does not need the appearance.  The pre-sales are proof of that.  So why go into the hornets nest?  Does she want to get stung?  My God, Oprah was out on the campaign trail for Obama!

I seem to remember a time when Oprah balked at her staffs appeals to have Palin on the show during the campaign.  And then I also recall that Palin snubbed Oprah about doing an interview.  I love capitalism and think Palin should be able to make boatloads of money on her book, but is she not selling out by going on Oprah.  Some might claim that Palin is using Oprah to boost herself, but it appears more to me to be about money and publicity.

I was a huge supporter of Palin, but when she quit as Governor of Alaska I started to re-access my support of her.  This appearance on Oprah has me wondering once again.  One thing is for certain, Palin is a great money maker for the GOP and a great spokesperson for conservatives, but she will never be able to run for President.


Oprah On Copenhagen

Today I happened to catch the first part of the Oprah Winfrey Show.  No, I did not choose to watch Oprah, it was on in the same room as myself.  Anyway, Oprah hosted a show on various countries and Denmark was one of those countries, specifically Copenhagen.  She must have filmed it while she was there to promote the Olympics.  She did mention that things did not go well in the case of the Olympics.  I laughed out loud.

The main focus was that Denmark is considered by researchers to have the most happy population on earth.  The idea seems to be that the people are taken care of by the government, so they have nothing to worry about.  Oprah interviewed a woman who explained that if she loses her job, the government will help her find a new one and pay her up to four years of unemployment insurance.  University education is not only provided for free, but students are paid to attend school.  People pick their occupations based on interest rather than the amount of money they will earn because everybody earns equal pay.  Healthcare is free as well.  The woman gave a tour of her home that was cramped.  Three children share one room.  Marriage is no big deal in Denmark and so there is no pressure there.  Several Danish women told Oprah that they do not believe in any Higher Power and that most Danes have the same lack of belief.

As a freedom-loving American, i found myself wondering how anyone could be happy under a socialistic rule like this where everyone is treated as an equal even when equal effort is not given.  How can one be happy when they have no way to measure success?  How can one be happy when they are not rewarded according to effort?  The Danish women maintained that they lived under a Democracy and not socialism.  I clear example of how wonderful their free education has been.  It is not until halfway through the interview that the woman being interviewed admits that taxes are 50%.  Some free healthcare and education, eh?  This is the way all of these countries work.  They claim to get services for free even though they are paying immense taxes.  The Danish woman claimed that she did not mind the 50% in taxes.  I certainly would not be happy paying half of my hard earned money to the government.

I would be interested in knowing who exactly are the researchers that came up with the result that the Danes are the most happy.  I bet they were from Berkley or perhaps Columbia University.

Oprah’s Best Life Ever Needs Real Honesty

So I sat through this excruciating hour listening to Oprah finally get “honest” with herself and her fans.  Well, at least she said she was going to be honest, but Oprah has totally missed the true honesty that she needs and her so called friends just embrace her bullcrap.  The excuse that Oprah has been touting after revealing that she has gained 40 pounds (did she really think nobody noticed) is that she had a thyroid problem that scared her and caused her to stop working out.  That’s total bullcrap and I’ll tell you why because I happen to know a thing or two about thyroid issues from both sides of the spectrum.  About five years ago, I was diagnosed with HYPERthyroidism which means my thyroid was causing everything to race in my body.  This was obviously not Oprah’s problem because she was gaining weight instead of losing weight.  I did indeed stop working out during this time because my resting heart rate was 120 which is twice as fast as it should be.  I was afraid I would have a heart-attack.  I underwent radioactive iodine treatment (yes, I did sing “I’m radioactive” for the three days that I was) to shrink my thyroid.  Thus I ended up HYPOthyroid and have to take synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of my life.  Now this condition might have made her tired and caused her to gain weight when untreated, but it should not have scared her from working out.  She did get treated and said she is “cured”, so the weight should not be an issue right?  But there is another reason, according to Oprah, why she put on weight.

She claims that it is a love issue.  That she just doesn’t love herself enough and that all the money and fame mean nothing if “you can’t control your own being”.  Again, that whole premise is bullcrap and I know a thing or two about that as well.  I am an alcoholic who has been sober nine years now and I know that when you have an addiction, which Oprah clearly does to food, you and me needs to be taken out of the equation.  I am powerless to control myself.  I need something else to take control.  And that something else, Oprah has searched decades for and never found.  She can breathe all the blue light she wants and empower the me inside herself and she can learn “The Secret” and ask “Course in Miracles” guru Marianne Williamson, but none of those people or ideaologies can heal that emptiness inside.  No amount of therapy to overcome her abusive, incest and rape filled past can fill the void or heal the pain.  Only Jesus Christ can fill that hole and take the pain away and give Oprah the ability to truly love herself and overcome her food addiction.  But she still wants to find her own way. 

And so Oprah will diet down again and within a few years she’ll be back in this same place again.  It really is sad to see someone who appears to have so much really be so unhappy and empty.  Her trainer Bob Greene said that Oprah never learned to be happy.  Unfortunately, we do not “learn” to be happy.  Happiness comes from an inner joy that only comes through faith in the one true and eternal God.  Oprah says she is putting herself back at the top of her priority list – she does not realize that is where she has been for decades: it’s all me, me ,me…She should try putting God there for a change.

So Oprah, this is from someone who was a huge fan of yours until about 15 years ago when you started pushing your bullcrap fake religion on the masses, love Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and turn it over to Him and you will know peace and control and happiness.  And that will be no matter what the scale says your weight is.

Oprah Winfrey Alienates Her Audience – Females

Umm, Oprah…who do you think watches your show?  Admittedly, I haven’t watched your show in years because I got tired of being fed new age religion and humanism.  But you are a powerful and important woman in our society.  I am sure that is why you backed Barack Obama even appearing on the campaign trail with him to the detriment of your ratings.  Now I know the two times that Barack has appeared on your show were before he threw his hat officially into this thing, but give me break.  It was certainly no surprise.  Now we have the first female vice presidential candidate on a Republican ticket.  Not many people know her and I know there are many out their clamoring for an interview.  I would think you would jump on this, but alas your judgement stinks.  Today you released this statement:

“The item in today’s Drudge Report is categorically untrue. There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of this Presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over.”

After the campaign she’ll be a little busy, Oprah – helping run the country.  Guess I’ll continue to ignore your show.  I hope all those bitter, small town Midwestern ladies join me.  You don’t speak for any of us.

Oh My Dear Oprah

I’m one of those people who can start researching one thing on the web and then I end up somewhere completely different and wonder how I got there.  I found this video at You Tube.  I don’t usually get into the religious stuff as much, but Oprah’s endorsement of Obama and recent ties with The Secret garbage and Eckhart Tolle have grabbed my attention.  I watched Oprah years ago, when her shows were more inane and served as a good back drop for getting my homework done.  But she just gets more dangerous as she gets more power.  This video reveals just a sliver of all the crap that Oprah is trying to feed the women of this country.  Quotes such as, “God isn’t something to believe, God IS” and “God is a feeling experience, not a believing experience” reveal how far she has fallen from her Baptist upbringing.  Now I agree that we are not to be broken up into all these denominations and their various rituals.  But unlike Oprah who walked away from God because of her disagreements, I walked away from my denomination and realized that the Church is not a building and that Christians are not always a great visual of who God is and that liturgies and confessions are not true expressions of faith.  And if God is a “feeling experience” we are in trouble because there are so many times that I don’t “feel” God.  Jesus himself said in John to the disciple known as Doubting Thomas, “Because you have seen me you believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  Message to Oprah, that’s faith my dear, not a feeling.  Oprah should be losing ratings, but not because she endorses Obama.  These heretical, anti-christ teachings coming from her “church” should be turning multitudes away.  Unfortunately, the American Christian church is going the way of the Republic – down the drain.

UPDATE:  I decided to look more into this Eckhart Tolle guy and found an interview with him at with their Unity Village.  I managed to suffer through 15 minutes and finally had to shut it down because the guy was putting me to sleep which is not conducive to understanding the gobblygook he is shilling out.  He sounds like every other New Ager teacher out there using flowery, empty language – reminds me of Obama.  Eckhart said that Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven doesn’t come with signs to be perceived.  Oh really?  Don’t suppose he has a reference for that.  You see, he didn’t give one and that is because he made it up.  Jesus continuously taught throughout the New Testament to watch for the signs of the end times, so that we would be prepared when the Kingdom of Heaven along with His return would be coming. 

I decided to skip to a question and answer time after the interview where Tolle was no longer present, but instead there was a panel of three Unity pastors.  Reverend Robert Brumet was answering a question about how Tolle’s teachings relate to Unity teachings and he said, “I think the biggest relationship is that they come from the same source that the Unity teachings do.”  Hmm..could it be Satan?  (Imagine Dana Carvey’s Church Lady persona.)

I lifted this from Eckhart Tolle’s website where he answers questions to reveal what he thinks about the Bible:


I have been wanting to ask you this for months- What are your thoughts on the New Testament? It appears that you believe certain parts were add-ons, or apart from the essence of the teaching. Are there any parts in particular? And why?


The New Testament contains deep spiritual truth as well as distortions.  Those distortions are of two kinds.  Some are due to a misunderstanding of Jesus’ teaching, others arose because people had an agenda (wanting to fit Jesus into their preconceived notions, wanting to make converts etc.).  At some point, if there is another book, I may write about this in more detail.  But you can find all this out for yourself.  When you are present, you access your inner knowing and you will sense what is true and what was added on or distorted.

I think that’s all that needs to be said on that.