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McCain Talks About Palin On Meet The Press 3-29-09

I would just like to inform Senator McCain that the groundswell movement of conservatives wanting to take back the GOP and renew it to core conservative principles that made it a once great party would like for him to shut the hell up and that we could care less what he sees as the GOP’s future or who he would like to see as president.  You blew it this Fall and you blew it because you are no conservative and tried to bamboozle the Republicans into thinking you were leaning that way.  particularly with the Sarah Palin pick as running mate.  But your actions since losing the campaign both in your political moves and treatment of Palin have been eye opening.

Senator McCain appeared on “Meet the Press” with David Gregory on Sunday and he was asked a series of questions on the direction the GOP should go in the future and who he saw in leadership.  McCain said that he likes the current division in the Party and thinks it is a positive thing.  Does anyone believe that?  He does not want the conservatives getting a foothold and he knows it.  He claims that he is ready to work with the President on immigration reform and since we know they both favor amnesty, that is not a plus in my book.  Gregory played a tape of some Republican Startegist named Mike Murphy who claimed that Reagan would not win in today’s demographic.  Why, because our country has left its principles?  This man is a bonehead. 

Finally, Gregory asked McCain if he would support Sarah Palin in 2012 if she decided to run for president and he said, “I’d like to see Sarah compete…I’d have to see who the candidates are and what the situation is at the time.”  To any thinking conservative that means, “No.”  This man still thinks he got the conservative vote because of himself.  I myself tell people that I voted for Sarah Palin, not McCain.


Message To McCain And His Campaign

Dear Senator McCain,

Where are you?  Your VP pick is being trashed by the bumbling idiots who couldn’t run a winning campaign if they had $700 million dollars and you have said nothing.  How dare you not defend the shining star of your campaign and the only reason I and most conservatives voted for you.  I had never attended a campaign rally before or donated money to a presidential candidate before.  Sarah changed that.  Get off your butt and fight…fight…

Dear McCain campaign staff,

Shut the heck up!  We are not a bunch of bumbling idiots like you are.  Just as I didn’t believe that President-elect Obama really believed that America is made up of 57 states, I don’t believe for a minute that Sarah thought Africa was a country and not a continent.  If she ever said that it would be a gaffe just like Obama’s.  I’m also wondering how you expect the public to believe that Sarah was out spending money constantly when she was constantly campaigning and couldn’t possibly have had the time and you admitted buying several sizes in each outfit to make sure they fit.  If she was buying them, SHE WOULD HAVE TRIED THEM ON!

Come out, come out wherever you are – you cowards.  We conservatives won’t let you blame this on conservativism.  That is alive and well, while becoming Democratlites is dead.  Out with the old and in with the new I say.  Never again will we let the Democrats and media choose our candidate.  Never again will we be forced to hold up and try to pull over the finish line a candidate who destroys the party.  The future of the Republican Party will be young conservative voices like Bobby Jindal and, yes, Sarah Palin.  She was the reason your campaign did as well as it did in the voting booth.  Now go away with your tails between your legs and find gainful employment at Starbucks or The Sierra Club because politics is done for you.

Smirky Obama Sticks To Rhetoric While Fiery McCain Slams In Final Debate

Obama stuttered and stammered and smirked through a debate that he was clearly uncomfortable attending.  Every opening that John McCain never took advantage of in the previous debates he took tonight and Obama gave him plenty of openings.  One of Obama’s biggest gaffes tonight was this clear and desperate exaggeration, “John McCain’s political ads are 100% negative.”  Now my mother taught me to never use the terms “never” or “always” because you’ll end up sounding like an ass.  Yep, Obama sounded like an ass.  At least he’s an ass with a smirk.  So here we go…

First up was the economy, of course, which is looking worse every day despite the moronic bailout both these guys voted for.  Both kept to the usual talking points and want to make sure people stay in their homes, blah, blah, blah.  Obama brings up his tax cuts for 95% which I have time and time again repudiated as nonsense, but McCain fails to point that out.  I start thinking he is going to be weak again tonight.  But then McCain brings up the plumber that confronted Obama and the ultimate red flag gaffe comes up: Obama telling Joe the plumber he needs to “share the wealth”.  Right there is the spotlight on socialism and McCain mentions “spreading the wealth” over and over to great effect.  Repudiates that idea and suggests that Joe be allowed to spread the wealth himself instead of the government.  MAJOR SCORE!

Next they debate cutting certain programs since the economy is going downhill.  Neither answers the question right away.  Obama, in fact, talks more about spending and doesn’t mention any real cuts except subsidies for Medicare which doesn’t sound like the best cut to me seeing as how Medicare is presently bankrupt.  Obama reiterates that we must do his health plan and his college plan no matter what.  McCain finally talks about using his hatchet and then adds the scalpel too.  Spending freeze – Obama almost has a coronary.  Nancy Pelosi craps her pants.  Conservatives cheer!

McCain points out that Obama has never gone against his party leadership while McCain has many times.  Obama mentions groups that he has angered like the teacher’s union, but doesn’t mention anytime he went against the Democrats – because he hasn’t.  That’s what I call change!  Then they debate the tone of the campaign and there is alot of back and forth and then finally the Ayers opening comes, but McCain doesn’t take it.  I get really disappointed and then a couple minutes later McCain opens that can of whoop ass.  Obama stammers through his standard rhetoric and lies about the relationship with Ayers (I was 8, he’s a professor now, we served on a board together) and ACORN (I was just a lawyer for them once.)  McCain mentions the coming out party at Ayers house and Obama says that it is a lie basically.  Guess he wants to continue with the lie that he just happened to be invited to this party – we aren’t buying it.  Obama brings up the supporters that have yelled things at McCain/Palin rallies.  McCain defends his base and supporters while stating that the things said are wrong, but wants to make sure that all supporters are not lumped together.  Then he mentions those T-shirts Obama’s supporters have been wearing that say “Sarah Palin is a c—!”  Also mentions John Lewis claiming that McCain and Palin are segregationists and asks Obama when he will repudiate it – didn’t happen before this debate and didn’t happen tonight.  McCain also points out that Obama has spent record money on negative ads.  Obama loses on this point.  If it is truth, it isn’t smears or negative, Obama.

They talk about their running mates and free trade.  McCain takes the opening to mention that Obama won’t trade with Colombia, but will meet with Iran’s leadership.  So much for that line about not trading with countries that don’t respect human rights, Obama.  Score again for McCain!  They compare their health plans.  Obama tries to make his not sound like socialism, but we’re not stupid.  Claims that 47 million are uninsured and he will bring down costs – he has never explained in any debates how he intends to do that.  Ah, yeah Humana, you can’t charge that price for that surgery cause I, ah, said so.  Ha Ha!

Now it’s on to abortion and McCain nails Obama with the “Born Alive Act”.  Obama stammers through and mentions that there was already a law in place.  If he cared about life he would have voted for it anyway.  Why not err on the side of life?  Then they discuss education and Obama’s typical answer is throw money at it.  The government has already failed, Obama, let’s try something else.  McCain talks about choice – SCORE!  Obama speaks out against video games and tells parents to get their kids to put them down and yet, just today, I heard that Obama has placed advertisements in several of the games on the market like Madden’s new football game.  How disingenuous.  The subject of vouchers in Washington D.C. comes up and Obama lies about the superintendant’s stance and McCain has to correct him.  He also corners Obama on the fact that he doesn’t support vouchers because there are not enough and McCain asks, “So because there aren’t enough vouchers we shouldn’t have any even if they work? Got it.”

They both close in typical fashion.  Finally, a debate that wasn’t a snorefest!  And McCain did what he needed to do – win.  Barack spent most of the night smirking because he knew he was caught on many things and stammering through the same rhetoric he has offered up for months.  Nothing new here.  But we did hear some new things from McCain and he was on fire blasting through the openings that Obama kept giving him.  I found myself throughout the debate saying, “McCain should say this next” and then he would.  I especially was proud of the, “I’m not Bush.  You should have run four years ago to run against him.” 

The obvious winner: John McCain.  Watch for the biased polls to stay the same.

McCain’s And Obama’s Second Snore Fest

Hmmm…somebody wake me up.  Is it over?  Was this just a re-run?  Where is Sarah?  My God, does anybody want either one of these men running the country?  Nobody won in my book tonight.  It was more of the blame Bush first from Obama with masking his intentions of raising our taxes and no real hits from McCain.  McCain never asked about that 95% number like I suggested.  And from McCain we had more, “My friend, I cross the aisle and fight to reform.”  No real answers especially in regards to the bailout.  I partially blame the audience for this though because their questions should have been more current and forceful like my question, “How’s that bailout working for ya?”  Did you notice the stock market the past couple of days you crap sandwich eating morons?

Ugh!  I checked out what Michelle Malkin had to say and she seems to be on the same page.  Should we get the boats out now and sail to a remote island or get the guns ready?  Does anyone trust either of these yeah hoos?  They both have health care plans, but I don’t see either of them getting implemented.  The Great reformer never mentioned reforming insurance companies.  And Obama never mentioned the fines he plans to levy on companies and parents.  No fireworks except when Obama threw his tantrum about wanting to do a follow-up to a question and a comment he made about having to correct McCain’s history “as usual”.  I thought the Republicans were the attacking jerks.  No talk of those Obama associations either from McCain and of course Tom Brokaw never allowed any to be asked.  Damn that media.  It should have been a free for all.  I would have loved watching people jockey over microphones to ask questions and even heckling from the audience.  It would have been more entertaining and Obama would have been lost.

One thing I can say for certain, McCain didn’t win any points tonight.  He needed to sock it to Obama.  Passion is what will get you to the White House, not this mealy mouthed crap.  And all the things I hate about his policies he re-ran tonight just like the first debate.  Doesn’t he realize that the base runs from him when he does that?  These are not positives.  So I say that there was no winner and I wouldn’t call it a tie either because we all lose with these guys.  I’m going to go to bed now and keep murmuring to myself, “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…”

Advice For McCain Before Debate

These are things that McCain needs to pummel Barack Obama with tonight in the townhall debate:

1.  William Ayers.  This is not a distraction because if it was the New York Times wouldn’t be covering it or CNN’s Anderson Cooper on his 360 show.  The Obama campaign has lied repeatedly about this so it must be something worth hiding.  We’ve heard everything from Bill Ayers just lived in the neighborhood to Barack Obama’s kids went to school with Ayers (forget the fact that Ayers kids are in their twenties) to Barack Obama was at that party at Ayers house because he was there with the state Senator who’s seat he was vying for – not because Ayers was hosting the party specifically as a kickoff to Obama’s political career.  This is a huge weakness for Obama.

2.  Touch on his other associations like Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezco and Raila Odinga – the communist dictator in Kenya who Obama helped to get into office.  These all show a lack of judgement and also cause one to question how somebody could spend so much time with radical Marxists and not believe in that sort of thing.  Kind of like an Atheist hanging out with Christians all the time or vise versa – wouldn’t happen.

3.  How about those illegal foreign donations Barack?  He’s had to give back thousands so far to Palestinians, but there is more to come.  The Obama campaign is now under investigation to see how many of these little donations are from foreign sources and that is why they are being hidden.  McCain has been open about his donors which can be found online, but not Obama.

4.  How do you lower taxes on 95% of the population?  That is what Obama claims he will do.  Never mind that less than 75% pay taxes.  That means people not paying in will get rebates, at least that is what I would have to assume.  More free money everybody.

5.  Pound him on the economy, John!  We win with the economy.  Distance yourself from Bush as you outline your plan specifically which calls for keeping the tax cuts and cutting even more taxes.  Point out which programs you will be cutting from the budget since times are tight.  And pound on all the spending Barack has planned.  Ask him over and over how he plans to pay for it and remind him that he says, “How can we afford not to?”  What an irresponsible jackass.  Tell the public how much the deficit will go up with an Obama presidency.

6.  Socialism – use the word and tell people that this is what Obama is describing when he says “fairness” and tells people that the government can do everything for them.  Call his programs socialism.  Point out that all that volunteering he is going to have kids do to get free college is going to cost the government.  Let’s see, they work 100 hours and get $4,000 towards college.  That means the government will pay these kids $40 an hour.  That’s not volunteering and that is government spending.  You can’t fool me.

7.  And finally, continue to do what you have been doing by describing Obama as a closed book.  He’s secretive and won’t release his records.  That always means that somebody is hiding something.  And we know what he is hiding. 

Best wishes to John McCain tonight.  He will win this thing if he goes in there and fights for it.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Obama will destroy the country McCain fought for and loves and he needs to keep that in mind and get passionate about this thing.  Or maybe he could send Sarah in there with John McCain make-up on.  We know we have a fighter in her!

Obama Must Have Attended A Different Debate

I know the disciples will believe anything their messiah tells them, but really, his claim that McCain didn’t talk about the struggles of the middle class is just an outright lie.  What debate did he attend?  There Obama goes listening to his handlers again.

Here is what John McCain said last night that refutes Obama’s garbage:

“And have no doubt about the magnitude of this crisis. And we’re not talking about failure of institutions on Wall Street. We’re talking about failures on Main Street, and people who will lose their jobs, and their credits, and their homes, if we don’t fix the greatest fiscal crisis, probably in — certainly in our time, and I’ve been around a little while.”

“And Main Street is paying a penalty for the excesses and greed in Washington, D.C., and on Wall Street.”

“But I have a fundamental belief in the goodness and strength of the American worker. And the American worker is the most productive, the most innovative.”

Here is McCain’s explanation of why cutting business taxes works and improves America: “I want to cut that business tax. I want to cut it so that businesses will remain in — in the United States of America and create jobs.”

Some more on the middle class:

“So the point is, I want people to have tax cuts. I want every family to have a $5,000 refundable tax credit so they can go out and purchase their own health care. I want to double the dividend from $3,500 to $7,000 for every dependent child in America.”

“Let’s give every American a choice: two tax brackets, generous dividends, and, two — and let Americans choose whether they want the — the existing tax code or they want a new tax code.”

So I guess the middle class is not a part of America or “every American family” or some of those people affected by this financial crisis.  Obama thinks the middle class is so friggin’ stupid that they have to hear “middle class” to know they are being talked about.  Again, the champion of “change” and being different uses the politics of class warfare and economic fear to draw disciples to himself.  Wake up and listen people!  You are being deceived.

Obama Comes Off As Unpresidential In First Debate

The liberals will be clamoring today that Barack Obama either won this debate or that it was a draw which is what the Obama campaign was hoping for, but it was hard to believe that this man had put aside the country in a time of crisis and worked on this debate for three days.  Either he cannot do two things at once which is what he claimed a president should be able to do or he just is not prepared to lead.  Either way, he is not good for America.  Obama appeared to be very nervous in the beginning, unwilling to talk directly to John McCain and had to be prompted by Jim Lehrer to do that during the five minute free sessions.  Rush Limbaugh calls Obama the “man child” and he certainly looked it, minus the foot stomping, everytime McCain would claim something about Obama’s views and Obama would say, “That’s not true.”  It happened repeatedly throughout the evening.

The first part of the debate was about the “rescue” plan now being debated in Congress.  Obama stuck to his party’s points of oversight, bail out homeowners, no golden parachutes to failed CEOs and the possibility that Americans will get their money back.  That last one is laughable because we all know we’ll never see any revenue from this ignorant plan especially with Obama running the country.  That money will go to his bloated government plans.  John McCain had a better position on the plan, but still not to my liking.  Unless the free market is allowed to run its course, this country will move completely to socialism.  Obama also tried to claim that he had warned two years ago that there was a problem in housing.  Umm, was that at the same time he was filling his pockets with money from those institutions he was warning us about?  Or perhaps after he had those failed CEOs helping his campaign?  When John McCain pointed out that Obama has plans for $800 billion in new spending, Obama was indignant wanting to know where the numbers came from.  Your own budget plans, idiot.  I blogged about your bloated plan months ago and actually came up with an even bigger number.  Then Obama claimed that he would hold back on some of his plans and bring them in gradually, but that some were too important and needed implementation right away.  There was also some bickering about earmarks that Obama only stopped voting for when he started running for president.  McCain has history on his side in regards to earmarks.

Obama also claimed he could pay for all his plans especially when not spending money on the Iraq War.  I get confused everytime Obama goes down this road because we all know some troops will have to stay in Iraq and then Obama has plans to really take care of Afghanistan by increasing troops there and he is also prepared to go into Pakistan.  Sounds like the defense money will just be moved to other war areas and not be available for his spending plans.  So the confusion comes when he claims that money will be available for his health care plan from war money not being used. 

In regards to that health care, Obama claimed that people will be taxed on their health care benefits under McCain since the tax credit McCain proposes would be considered income and that this would be the first time that happened.  Ha Ha!  Let me give you a little lesson for those of us down here on main street, Obama.  We already are taxed on those benefits for dependents.  I am on my partner’s health plan through Disney.  She has to pay taxes on the benefits that cover me.  I assume this happens elsewhere as well.  Get a clue you elitist, Obama.

Obviously the rest of the debate put Obama on the bad footing that most people expected.  He is not prepared to lead on a global basis.  He wants everybody to like America so we won’t have such a bad image in the world.  I could give a rip what the world thinks of us.  We bailout the world everytime there is a need and yet they hate us.  We import their products and train their people and yet they hate us.  Obama, you can’t get these countries to like us.  And Obama is still sticking to his idea of meeting with dictators without pre-conditions.  The only place I could agree with him was on his opinions over Pakistan.  We did prop up a dictator there and were not forceful enough in getting Pakistan to capture Bin Laden and other terrorists and now Pakistan is firing on our troops.  We need to reconsider the whole “Pakistan is our allie” thing.  Of course we do have that little issue of nuclear weapons which complicates things.  Precisely why we can’t let the rest of the region obtain those weapons.  With a president like Obama, we will see the world go nuclear and we will be without protection since he opposes our missile defense program.

I loved the format of this debate and hope they continue with it.  Some structure is nice, but it feels more like the debates of old where there was a good back and forth.  So McCain definately won this one as expected despite the fact that he put this country first and went to Washington to make sure that a horrible plan wasn’t pushed through without Republican voices being heard.  McCain showed that he is presidential because he can multitask and not be thrown off by a crisis.  He also didn’t need three days of coaching that still didn’t seem to help Obama.  Perhaps next time Obama could put country first and then at least he would have one positive because this past week which was hard for all of America, shined a light on the fact that the Democrats and Obama are ill-prepared to lead.  They can blame it all on the Republicans, but thinking people know the truth:  This started long ago and has continued throughout multiple administrations of both parties.  And the Democrats don’t have the guts to push a plan forward.