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Nonsensical Foreign Policy

Foreign policy needs to incorporate common sense.  Whether it is the common sense approach of profiling, action rather than speechifying, an olive branch and arrows over an outstretched hand of platitudes and the realization that people around the world despise the United States just for existing as the last bastion of freedom on the planet.  The President would like to follow the nonsensical approach.  Iran fires missiles into space and America issues strongly worded statements.  Our foreign policy government representatives do not even have the power to rally the world around stiff sanctions.  And some people in America continue to ignore the truth.

This last statement has become very apparent to me particularly in regards to interviews that I have conducted with candidates for various offices throughout America both on the federal level and the local level.  One independant candidate felt that it was Iran’s right to pursue nuclear weapons and build missiles.  While I can agree that countries should be entitled to sovereignty in building missiles, the issue of nuclear weapons should be of concern.  Particularly when certain countries are run by dictators hell bent on destruction including their own. 

The Ron Paul foreign policy has also been strong in candidates I have interviewed.  The idea that waterboarding is torture and that it is our use of enhanced interrogation and our policy of holding enemy combatants at GITMO without trials is being used as a recruitment tool is one area I strongly disagree with Rep. Ron Paul on.  My interviewee last night held that same view.  Where is the common sense?  Not only has Islam been a violent religion dating all the way back to its inception, but in my lifetime alone I have witnessed plane highjackings, kidnappings, homicide bombers, beheadings and 9/11.  All of this before detainees at GITMO or any of our current wars in the middle east.

There is a fundamental lack of reasoning for people to continue to blame America for the fact that we are hated.  We always will be regardless of what we do.  The President can continue to bow and pander and our country can close GITMO and stop enhanced interrogations, but it will make no difference.  Iran will continue to build nuclear weapons ands call for the destruction of Israel and Muslim men and women will continue to flock to terrorist activities regardless of how America conducts its future foreign policy.  To walk forward blindly means to walk forward into our destruction.  And Freedom’s Wings will never endorse any candidate that holds to these positions.  I support Ron Paul on many issues, particularly economically, but on foreign policy I am miles apart from him and his followers and from the liberals in this country.

RNC Says “Yes” To Sen. Liebermann And “No” To Sen. Paul

While I think it is great that Joe Liebermann has crossed party lines to support John McCain, I was left wondering why the RNC was so quick to embrace him as a speaker and yet rejected Ron Paul.  Senator Paul was not given a speaking slot and he was not given the kind of credentials usually given to primary candidates.  I’m sure many would say that was a smart move since the Republican Party is afraid of Paul’s supporters and were not sure what kind of a ruckus they might raise.  I thought that that kind of stuff was what made these conventions exciting.  Now they are more just a “rah rah” fest for the chosen candidate.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a forum for ideas and debates about making the party better?  Instead the Republicans chose to let Liebermann speak which only served as a reminder to true conservatives the thought that McCain is not our man.  McCain has more than the ability to cross party lines, he actually acts more like a Democrat.  Liebermann reminded us of the McCain/Feingold legislation that we detest and when he mentioned “immigration reform” I laughed out loud.  More like amnesty, eh Joe?

Despite the fact the Ron Paul would have shined light on the Party’s shortcomings, he also would have pointed out the areas of agreement that we have and why he himself still runs as a Republican.  Paul pushes for privatizing social security, opposes abortion rights, wants enhanced border security and pushes for less environmental restrictions which would allow us to supply our own energy.  These are all strong issues for the Republican platform.  Ron Paul is a strong money raiser as well having raised the most money of any Republican in the last quarter of 2007.  This man also got over one million votes during the primary.  The choice of Sarah Palin for VP and then allowing Ron Paul to speak would have really shored up the base.  Instead, Ron Paul is in a different part of the city conducting his own convention.  I don’t agree with everything Paul stands for, but as a party facing a real tough opponent we need to come together not shut people out.  This was a missed opportunity.

The Revolution Continues With Revolution March

Something happened in Washington D.C. this last Saturday, July 12th, that was very significant.  Unfortunately the mainstream media didn’t seem to think so.  Have you seen anything anywhere reporting on the Revolution March?  If you have been to my blog before, you may have noticed a link in my blogroll to it.  The Revolution March was a rally to support restoration of Constitutional government as originally founded.  It was organized by Ron Paul’s supporters and thousands showed up on Saturday.  There should have been many more there, but I have a feeling gas prices effected attendance.  That is what it was for me.  I had to decide between my cousin’s wedding in August or this and I decided on the wedding.  But I was there in heart.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin who is the Constitution Party’s candidate for President introduced Ron Paul.  Before leaving the stage, he promised to do two things right off the bat if he wins the presidency: 1) Agents Campion and Ramos walk out of jail and 2) George Bush’s New World Order comes crashing down.  Then the crowd screamed “Freedom” as Paul took the stage.  It reminded me of the end of the movie Braveheart, which has always resounded to me.

Ron Paul covered most of the same material he always does, but also added in comments about the $300 billion dollar bail out of housing and the stimulus checks as things that won’t work.  As the news has already reported, most stimulus checks have been spent in the discount stores on necessities.  That doesn’t seem like much of a stimulus to me.  (And don’t get me started on Obama’s idea to send out another check.)  The key part of Paul’s speech came towards the end when he said, “The magnificent thing over the past year and a half has been the rallies, the people coming together because what I have found, and I see it all the time, is the message of liberty and the Constitution it brings us together regardless of our personal beliefs.”  That is so true. 

Now the new project for “freedom fighters” is to get supporters to Minneapolis on Sept. 2nd.  Paul doesn’t want to disrupt the Republican Convention, he just wants to be more exciting so the press will want to cover him instead.  With McCain being the competition, that shouldn’t be too hard.  McCain can put sloths to sleep.  For more information check out: