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Rush Limbaugh Wants Stimulus Bill To Fail – I Agree!

Today, Rush Limbaugh on his nationwide radio program declared that he had hope too – hope that the stimulus bill will fail and I have to agree with him.  It isn’t mean-spirited, it is a foregone conclusion.  History (and my budget for that matter) proves that wasteful spending does not lead to prosperity.  And if this bill succeeds, we will be a socialist state.  Our health records will be a matter of public record.  Our health decisions will be made for us.  A Smart Grid will be able to one day control the energy use in our homes.  Illegal immigrants will be given more of the jobs that Americans so desperately need.  If this bill succeeds it will mean that people will embrace socialistic ways even more.  This bill will leave us so burdened with debt we will be paying for it for generations.  This bill will be monetized causing inflation.  And finally, every bit of logic and economic history would have to be thrown out because it will have been wrong.  The President might be projected as a messiah, but even he can’t bend natural law and logic.

I sent an email out to all my friends and family containing the following wording:

If you’re not outraged right now, you either don’t care or are not paying attention – exactly where the government would like all of us to be.  Now before you roll your eyes and delete this as some conservative diatribe, take a moment to see what I have to say.  Every American who is against socialism and for the Constitution should agree with me.  The following information should enrage you because the government is taking advantage of a situation that both parties have gotten us into.

The Recovery and Re-Investment Package has already passed the House in its final form and is currently being debated by the Senate,  Did you know the following facts:

1.  This final form of the bill was made available to our representatives at 11pm last night.  They have been given less than 24 hours to read a bill that is over 1,000 pages long.  As of 2pm the House had already voted.  The Senate is suppose to vote before 9pm.  How did any of our representatives even read this bill they voted for?  The bill was made available in PDF format meaning no keyword searchs could be run on it which means there is no transparency.

2.  This bill is the biggest spending bill in the history of America.

3.  This bill was pushed forward quickly today because Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has to catch a plane for an 8 day trip to Europe tonight.  Why should her work for the American people matter when she is getting an award in Italy?

4.  This bill will not fix anything in regards to the banks or housing.

5.  The House Republicans were not allowed to be a part of anything with this bill other than voting.

6.  This bill contains $200 billion for voter-fraud indicted community organizing group ACORN.

7.  This bill contains $600 billion to set up the infrastructure for universal healthcare.  Also hidden in the bill is a Medical Treatment Board that will decide which kinds of medical treatments will be available and who can receive them.

8.  All of your private medical records will be a part of public records once the electronic medical information system is up and running. 

9.  This bill sets up the components for a Smart Grid which can one day be used to allow the government to control your home’s energy use.

10.  An E-Verification Amendment that became part of the bill would require that all people obtaining jobs via this bill not be illegal immigrants.  That has been removed.  It is estimated that 300,000 illegals will be working these “American” jobs.

11.  Those tax cuts they have been promising you are an illusion.  You will not be receiving any checks.  Instead you will have a rebate that amounts to an extra $13 a week.  That is until January when the amount drops to $8.  Don’t spend it all in one place especially since the Bush tax cuts will be rolled back and inflation will have to go up because…

12….This bill is going to have to be monetized.  That means no countries will buy our debt anymore or treasury bills.  We have to buy our own debt, so we will print the money to cover the outrageous costs of this bill.  This has always ended up in inflation and even hyper-inflation meaning you can expect to pay twice as much for your bread by next year.

13.  President Obama always says this bill contains no earmarks.  That is right because none of the special projects have been attached to any specific representative.  But this bill is full of pork which is wasteful spending. 

14.  The Republicans demanded that the American people be given 48 hours to review the bill and we were denied that right.  President Obama promised to give us five days to look over bills before he would sign them.  That means he better not sign this before Thursday.  I hear they would like to have the ceremony long before that. 

This is just the beginning of the outrage.  The worst part is that your children and grandchildren will be paying for this.  I hope it was worth it – although history (and even my own budget) proves that this kind of spending never works.  You will see the stock market continue to slip.  Business will continue to close and jobs will continue to be lost.  President Obama uses the phrase “create or save” when talking about jobs because he has no idea what this bill will do and because you cannot gauge “saving”.  Mark my words, next year at this time the Americans will be cursing the government that did this.  And you probably don’t know this but secession movements have been underway throughout this country and there is rumor of another Civil War.  This is a serious matter.

I pray that liberty wins out and not enslavement under Marxism.