Senate Reaches Compromise To Sell Out America’s Future

This is another pile of bullcrap.  The Gang of Four as I will call them – Susan Collins, Arlen Specter, Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman – have crafted a “compromised” bill that they claim they can get 60 votes on.  Who are they fooling?  This is the same crap they tried to feed us before.  They thought they could balloon it to almost one trillion and then cut it back and have Americans support them.  I’ve been listening to the outrageous statements from the Gang of Four and here are some excerpts:

Ben Nelson was up first and he claimed that they have “saved the American people $110 billion dollars”.  Can you believe that?!  Saved us money!?  Well, thanks so much you blowhard!  He pointed out that the bill is now at $780 billion.  I feel so much better.  He also pointed out that there are $300 million in tax cuts.  What, I should be happy?  $300 million out of $780 billion?!  Can you tell I’m losing it here?

Next up is Susan Collins, a RINO.  She claims they are going to help hard working Americans after throwing out the 600,000 lost jobs number which all four speakers use.  My comment is if these are hard working Americans they don’t want the governments help.  Collins outlines some of the spending as $6 billion for special education and $14 billion in Pell Grants.  How do those stimulate the economy?

Arlen Specter gets up and claims there are parts of the compromise that still give him “heartburn”.  He says that there are items that really should be part of regular appropriations.  Then why support this pork-engourged non-stimulus bill?  He claims they are in there because the committee had seen fit to include them.  He claims that over-used lie that this gives tax cuts to 95% of Americans.  He also points out some spending like $1.4 billion for childcare, $1 billion for Head Start  and he said $13 billion for special education.  How does this stimulate?

Then Joe Lieberman got up and as he spoke I reached for the duct tape to hold my head together.  He called this process “unifying”.  He said that help won’t come from the private sector  and so the only place this help can come from “is the federal government”.  He said that tonight they were going to show the American people that “the US government passes the test”.  He went on to say that soon they would take on healthcare reform and climate change.  I think he must be trying to redeem his bad name with the Democrats.  What would his friend John McCain say?

Actually, I was very proud when Senator McCain got up to speak and reminded everyone that this is not really bi-partisan.  Only two Republicans have crossed over – I’m not sure where Olympia Snowe is in this thing, I thought she supported it.  He also took the veil off this bullcrap that the Gang of Four had placed there and reminded everyone that there are amendments that the Senate had already agreed to and when they are added to this compromise, the price tag is now $827 billion which if $7 billion over the bill the House passed on to them.  Sentor McCain said that if this passes it will be a “very bad day for America”.

Senator John Thune revealed that many of the targeted amendments that the Republicans put forward were defeated.  He reminded the Senate that they will be handing this debt to their children and grandchildren.

Senator Tom Coburn told those struggling out there that once they get a job they are on the hook for $12,000 and for those currently working they are already on the hook for $12,000.  “Federal workers don’t create wealth,” Coburn said.  He called it a “generational theft bill” and reminded everyone that they haven’t even fixed the housing problem.

Senator Linsey Graham pointed out that the Democrats lost 11 people in the House and more importantly, as the American people found out more about the bill, they lost the people’s support as well.

Continue to call the Senators over the weekend and tell them we still do not want their bullcrap.


3 responses to “Senate Reaches Compromise To Sell Out America’s Future

  1. Hey Diane, I left you a message on BTR as well. I say it’s time to go RINO hunting. There will be much to discuss here!

    Great blog! – Kevin

  2. Shame on the Republicans for going along with this.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. RNC should send these three packing to the other side of the isle THE SOCIALIST SIDE

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