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Offshore Drilling With EnergyFLA

Tomorrow on the radio program I will be joined by a representative from Florida Energy Associates (FEA), a group of independent American oil and gas producers, that has started and supports opening up Florida’s waters to oil and gas exploration and production.  EnergyFLA has been ramping up awareness and education efforts and have been putting together a number of action items that citizens can participate in to further the call to “Drill here, drill now.”  FEA retained Fishkind & Associates, Inc. to analyze the economic impacts of offshore drilling on the shores of Florida’s coastline.  The positives from implementing offshore drilling far outweigh any potential problems, of which there are few.

For years, the State of Florida has opposed exploration for oil and gas in Florida’s coastal waters.  Very little exploration has been done so it is hard to gauge just how much energy lies in the seabeds, but conservative estimates claim that there is over 3 billion barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida.  Two detailed government studies found that offshore exploration and production would not have significant adverse environmental impacts.  New innovations keep risks at a minimum and make offshore drilling a high-tech, low-footprint process.  Tools such as sub-sea technology, drilling barges and ships beyond the sightline of the beach, temporary offshore structures and directional drilling from inland sites are several of these new innovations.  The chance of oil leakage is less than natural seepage.

Most offshore drilling rigs are far enough from land that they are out of the sightline as well.  Based on my personal experience, cruise ships cause more of a nuisance to cluttering the horizon at the beach.  Many of these Jack-up rigs are used temporarily as well.  And more permanent rigs are known for being wonderful coral reef bases – something we need desperately in Florida.

Some more desperate needs in Florida are revenue and jobs.  Energy exploration could mean an addition $2.2 billion direct state revenue infusion and create 20,000 jobs.  Total economic activity is estimated at $4.1 billion per year.  Over 20 years, Florida could collect $31 billion in new revenues.  And with concerns over national security, how can we continue to allow Florida and the federal government to keep these coastal waters off limits?  We could be providing our own oil instead of bending over and grabbing our ankles for the Middle East and Venezuela. 

Progress Energy in Florida is also proposing a 30% increase to our energy bills currently.  This is before the dreaded Crap & Tax Bill is passed.  These new energy sources would help in fighting back this burdening “tax” on Floridians.  And keep in mind that every other country that conducts offshore drilling, already own leases to drill in these same waters.  I trust America to be safer and more environmental than these other countries.  What does China care if one of their oil spills pollutes a Florida beach?

For more information on what you can do, check out and listen to the show tomorrow night at 6pm ET


Another Block To Drilling

The government has done it once again and indeed, it is the Democrats at fault once again.  I’m sure this party claims to be for the little people.  I could have sworn that Nancy Pelosi all but promised that if the Democrats were given Congress, gas prices would go down.  And now almost two years later the Democrats have once again voted along party lines to block drilling on the outer continental shelf.  Never mind that China and Cuba are already there.  A subcommittee had a bill brought before them this last week that would have authorized drilling on the outer continental shelf and was voted down 9 to 6.  Here are those that were against and for:

AGAINST:  Norman Dicks (WA), James Moran(VA), Maurice Hinchey (NY), John Olver (MA), Alan Mollohan (WV), Tom Udall (NM), Ben Chandler (KY), Ed Pastor (AZ), and Dave Obey (WI).

FOR:  Todd Tiahrt (KS), John Peterson (PA), Jo Ann Emerson (MO), Virgil Goode, Jr. (VA), Ken Calvert (CA), and Jerry Lewis (CA).

Give those that were against a piece of your mind.  Off-shore drilling is one of the safest ways to drill and is so far out that it does not obstruct the views of people like myself whoever enjoy hanging out at the beach.  These government officials just aren’t listening even with American Solutions petition up to 650,000 signatures and Chuck Norris on board.  How much more before Americans decide to rise up and take the country back?  I’m reading a fiction book right now called The Lost Constitution and it chronicles how Rhode Island was against the Constitution and many citizens were uncomfortable with the idea of it.  Perhaps they foresaw a time when apathetic citizens would let the government grow its power and destroy the principles this country was founded on.

Have You Signed The Petition Yet?

I’ve signed the petition and sent out a message to everyone on my email list.  This is a grassroots project that will hopefully get those bumbling idiots in Washington to wake up to what We The People want.  They are to represent us, not dictate over us.  They continually try to hurt the American people and very soon the Congress will have a bigger friend in the White House.  We must fight back to save the Republic.  For now it is with petitions.  Check out American Solutions on my blogroll.