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Oh Joy, Hillary Clinton Accepts Secretary Of State Position

The record number of changes coming from the Obama Transition Team thus far give me real reason for hope…er, perhaps I shouldn’t feel so gleeful at this time seeing as how our country has become a run away train heading straight for the Marxism station.  But I do feel a little giddy.  Is it some sick satisfaction in knowing that Barack Obama’s true colors are showing?  Can the Obama disciples still be thinking, “Yes we can,” as they see the string of rethreads being positioned into place in an Obama administration?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  The Obama administration is looking rather insane at the moment.  And that sick part of me is looking forward to all the material the next four years will bring to inspire my thoughts.  And yet…beneath that false sense of giddyness is a knowing that the last few nails in America’s coffin are in place.  The programs that are coming will be hard to reverse.  Most of FDR’s crap is still around.  The Obama disciples will someday be able to say, “Yes we did,” but there will be no pride about that fact because they will realize what they have done.

The disciples should already be waking up, not just because of the choices Obama has made for his administration, but from the fact that his team is now trying to downplay all the promises Obama made during the campaign.  The team is now saying that it could take up to 5 years to get this economy back on track.  But I thought the Messiah could do anything and that everything would just get better from now on.  I mean the oceans were going to fall back and the world was going to heal.  Obama said these very things and now he wants everyone to know that he just cannot do it.  I mean this is the worst time this country has ever seen according to Obama and his team.  Really?  Well, they like to compare Obama to Lincoln and I’m pretty sure Lincoln saw this country through its worst time.  And Reagan sure had it good following on the heels of Jimmy Carter,eh?  You cannot downplay yourself, Obama.  We conservatives are going to hold your feet to the fire and point it out everytime one of your promises falls through or you do the opposite – like raising taxes.

So yeah, I’m getting out the party favors…and dressing in black.

Conflict Of Interest For Hillary As Secretary Of State

For days now political pundits and newscasts have been discussing the rumor that Barack Obama may be looking at Hillary Clinton as his pick for Secretary of State.  A rumor that most assuredly came from the Hillary Clinton camp.  There is just a slight problem with that pick the way I see it:  Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton has his fingers in the piggie banks of so many foreign countries that one has to ask themselves wouldn’t there be a conflict of interest here for Hillary?

Bill Clinton’s library has received sizable donations from Saudi Arabia to the tune of $10 million.  About 10% of the $165 million that was raised for the library came from foreign sources.  Sources that former President Clinton has been very tight lipped about.  Some of these other foreign country donors include the governments of Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and Brunei.  Each of them donated approximately $1 million.

Then there is Bill Clinton’s “Clinton Global Initiative”.  This foundation is committed to global education, energy and climate change, global health and poverty alleviation.  All participants from different countries must make a specific commitment to action.  These commitments from 2005 through to the present add up to about $30 billion.  Participation is by invitation only and is for a select group of heads of state, CEOs, philanthropists, media voices, religious leaders and academics.  The website for the Initiative states, “We encourage CGI members and interested parties to contribute to an existing commitment that seels monetary, in kind, or other resources to meet its targets.”  The fee for membership into CGI in New York is $20,000 per year and the fee for CGI Asia is $5,000 a year.

So it is not too difficult to connect the dots and see how favors are going to need to be repaid and asked for and since President Clinton is being secretive about contributions there must be something there that he really doesn’t want to have exposed.  At least now we know why the Clintons were so happy to jump on Obama’s bandwagon.  We all knew something big had been promised.

Obama Has Castrated The Clintons

Oh…my…God!  I just got done listening to President Clinton give the greatest endorsement of anyone to Barack Obama.  He couldn’t croon enough about how great Obama will be for the Nation.  The Clinton dynasty comes to a crashing halt with a whimper!  First, Hillary stops the roll call half-way through and Obama is declared the winner.  And now President Clinton has said what Hillary would not last night, “Barack Obama is ready to be President of the United States.” 

After much fanfare and a shout out to his wife, Clinton spoke so highly of Obama I could hardly believe it.  He said, “Everything I learned in my eight years as president, and in the work I have done since in America and across the globe has convinced me that Barack Obama is the man for the job.”  Really?!  What has he promised you, Bill?  A cush Ambassadorship with hot, young interns around?  As if that was not unbelievable enough, Clinton continued with, “He has shown a clear grasp of foreign policy and national security challenges and a firm commitment to rebuild our badly strained military.”  What?!  When?  Obama has no grasp of foreign policy other than drinking tea with dictators.  And it is really funny to hear a Clinton talk about the badly strained military.  Were those the same guys who couldn’t wear their uniforms in the White House?  And those national security challenges you were speaking about, Bill, weren’t you the guy who let Bin Laden go and weren’t you the real man responsible for allowing 9/11 to happen on your watch?  Sure you were out of office, but when did those terrorists come, when did they train and when did you ever retaliate when they poked us so they would know not to punch us?

“The long, hard primary tested and strengthened him. And in his first presidential decision, the selection of a running mate, he hit it out of the park,” Clinton continued.  Joe Biden is a hit out of the park?  The fence must only be 100 yards away then.  Come on, this was your chance Bill to give a dig that Hillary isn’t on the ticket.

And this line actually caused me to taste bile in the back of my throat, “Barack Obama is ready to honor the oath, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  I think the President forgot that he meant to say “The Communist Manifesto” not the Constitution.  Obamites can continue to drink the Kool-Aid, but one day they will no longer be able to ignore Obama’s Marxist leanings. 

President Clinton continued, “As president, he will work for an America with more partners and fewer adversaries. He will rebuild our frayed alliances and revitalize the international institutions which helped to share the cost of the world’s problems and to leverage the power of our influence.  He will put us back in the forefront of the world’s fight against global warming and the fight to reduce nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.”  Why not throw in that the oceans will rise once more and the earth will heal under his hands?  The speech continued on with more of the same.

So I find myself really believing in some shadow government.  President Clinton had said earlier today that the Obama people had told him what he was going to say tonight.  They took away his freedom of speech in other words.  They took him in a back room and gave him an ultimatum.  Only, I don’t believe that either Clinton is a lap dog.  Bill is a loose cannon who usually doesn’t think before speaking.  Why so different tonight?  Why did they give up without a fight?  Do they really believe Barack will lose and all this fanfare they caused will bode well for another run in four years?  Is their mounting debt that extreme?  The Clintons are the most calculating couple out there.  Everybody expected something different.  What do they know that we don’t?  Is there an October surprise coming that they know about?  I know some people will claim that they are getting all the attention right now which is what they want, but the Clintons have always worked for more than attention. 

I just really can’t believe that this upstart with no power or experience has brought the Clintons to this – castration.

Hillary Clinton Does Her Duty

I was hoping for some grand scheme that had gone on behind the scenes where Hillary comes out on the stage and says she is still in this thing and everybody has a chance to get rid of their “buyer’s remorse” and switch back to her with no hard feelings.  Last night Hillary showed why she should be the Democrats choice for at least vice president.  So I ask myself, “What is in it for her to back Obama?”  Is it a future promise to pay off her debt which Obama hasn’t done yet?  Is it a cabinet position?  Is it trying to look like the good gal so that she can run again in four years when Obama loses?  I can’t put my finger on it.

The real question that mattered last night though is in doing her duty, did Hillary convince her supporters?  The jury is still out (especially when hearing the standing ovation that erupted for her and lasted several minutes) but listening to one of her top fundraisers last night on Fox News with Greta Van Sustren leads me to believe they are unconvinced.  This woman claims to still be undecided.  I have a feeling that is how many of them feel based on the demonstrations going on outside the Pepsi Center.  And I am unconvinced that Hillary meant what she said about Obama last night.  Terry McCauliffe, her campaign head, told Greta that the ads McCain is running with Hillary saying that McCain has experience while Obama has a speech are unimportant because those comments took place during the primaries.  He said Hillary thinks any Democrat is better than McCain.  So I guess we should believe she lied?  Well, I don’t think Hillary was lying, she was stating a clear fact.  And deep down I know she must want McCain to win so she can run in four years rather than eight.

Hillary did make sure to hold to the party’s platform of a move to Socialism and sob story after sob story trying to convince us all how horrible this country is and how they are going to fix it – although the proof they offer of that is getting nothing done and horrible approval ratings even though they run the Congress. 

Thus a lackluster DNC Convention continues, But good ole Billy is speaking tonight so things could get interesting.  I hope so because it’s hard to stay awake through this stuff here on the east coast.