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Karzai Angry Over Taliban No. 2 Arrest

This is getting ridiculous and I again call for our country to pull our men and women out of this fight unless we get serious about Afghanistan.  There are lists of appropriate terms of engagement that handcuff our troops and keep them from finishing this fight.  The Obama Administration does not recognize exactly who our enemies are either by changing the War On Terrorism to the War With Al Qaeda.  We are fighting Jihadists that represent many different groups.  One of those groups is the Taliban.

Recently, Pakistan captured the Taliban number two leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, with the help of United States Intelligence.  Instead of thanking Pakistan and the U.S., Afghan President Hamid Karzai is angry.  He had plans to hold a peace conference and Baradar was to attend.  Karzai has for months made his intentions of working with the Taliban known.  The moment I heard Karzai make such remarks, I was done with this false nation building.  Afghanistan cannot be restored to its former self with the Taliban leading, in any way.  And common sense tells us that the minute the Americans are gone, the Taliban will push Karzai out or bring him over to their side because Karzai is corrupt.

As long as the Afghan leader wants to make peace with the group responsible for harboring, training, funding and helping in ever way possible the 9/11 terrorists and the group responsible for stoning women in soccer fields and the streets, then we should have no troops aiding that country.  But that will not happen with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm of the military.  He held a phone conference with Karzai yesterday and reiterated his desire for reconciliation.  Perhaps he thought that he was discussing ObamaCare with Karzai?

It is time to stop wasting the efforts of our troops and they should not have to give their lives for this.


Undie Bomber Not Interrogated By Intelligence

It would be hard for me to argue that even had the Undie Bomer been interrogated by Intelligence that it would have been “intelligent” when being conducted by the O administration.  The nation was informed on Wednesday, via Senate hearings, that the FBI conducted some criminal focused interrogations, but nothing that would have benefited this nation in the War on Terrorism.  I have a quick common sense question here.  We were informed by Obama that one reason he stopped enhanced interrogations is because the information gleaned is unreliable.  So how in the world are we expected to believe that this waste of skin who just torched himself and is in pain and probably medicated heavily gave reliable information in the brief window that the FBI had before his lawyer showed up?  Yeah, that lawyer we are paying for.

We also discovered through these hearings that the HIG (High Value Interrogation Group) that Obama planned to form and bring into the White House to conduct future interrogations after he stopped the “torturings” has not even been set up.  Are we really expected to believe that this incompetent paper tiger in the White House cares about our security and is serious about terrorism?  Yeah, he sure seems serious to me.

And rumor has it that none of the people in charge of this nations security were consulted on any decisions around the Undie Bomber and that Attorney General Eric Holder is responsible for all of these actions.  He should be fired…yesterday.

War On Terror Now An Overseas Contingency Operation

As the Obama administration continues to roll back terms like “enemy combatant” and “War on Terror” and makes decisions to close Gitmo, one has to question just how secure we really are anymore.  A memo was sent to the Pentagon from the Department of Defense ordering an end to the phrase “Global War on Terror” and requesting that the phrase “Overseas Contingency Operation” be used instead.  This ambiguous term could mean anything from food drops to playing footsie with terrorist leaders as far as I am concerned.  Does the Obama administration really believe that terrorism is not a serious danger to us anymore?  Based on all the recent moves to overturn everything President Bush had set up, the only clear answer is, “Yes”.

The Obama administration had already turned to this downplay of the “War on Terror” last month having used the “Global Contingency Operation” phrase several times. Craig W. Duehring, assistant secretary of the Air Force for manpower, also used the new phrase last week when he said,  “Key battlefield monetary incentives has allowed the Air Force to meet the demands of overseas contingency operations even as requirements continue to grow,” during  Congressional testimony.

Wake me up when the insanity stops!