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Obama, Education And Chicago Marxists

Where do the connections stop, Barack?  I’ve been wandering the blogosphere and have found some more interesting details and associations of Barack Obama.  One of the first articles I found was written back in June of this year by Daniel J. Flynn at The City Journal.  He wrote about all of Obama’s nefarious connections that are just now coming to light in some parts of the media.  Yes, this was back in June!  Incredible how this has been stuffed under the surface.  You can find the article here.

By now, most people have been inundated with Obama’s connection to Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers.  The University of Illinois at Chicago is so proud of this piece of crap that when I clicked on their College of Education link, William Ayers comes up front and center with details on his books and various awards – no, none of them was Creep of the Year.  He also was recently elected to UIC’s Faculty Senate.  Do people actually send their kids to this school?  So we have William Ayers who is a major force in the education industry particularly in regards to small schools.  He wrote a book entitled “A Simple Justice: The Challenge of Small Schools” and started a Small Schools Workshop at the University.  He did both of these with a friend named Michael Klonsky.

Who is Michael Klonsky?  Oh, just another 60s radical and a leader of the New Communist Movement.  In the 1970s, Klonsky headed the Communist Party (Marxist/Leninist) here in America and was the first westerner allowed to visit China and was given a warm welcome.  He also was a professor of education at UIC, but focuses his time heading up the Small Schools Workshop now.  He also recently wrote a book entitled, “Small Schools:  Public School Reform Meets the Ownership Society”.  A blurb on Amazon about the book states, “When education activists in New York, Chicago, and other urban school districts in the 1980s began the small-schools movement, they envisioned a new kind of public school system that was fair and equitable and that encouraged new relationships between teachers and students. When that movement for school reform ran head-on into the neo-conservative takeover of the Department of Education and its No Child Left Behind strategy for school change, a new model of federal power bent on the erosion of public space and the privatization of public schooling emerged. Michael and Susan Klonsky, educators who were among the early leaders of the small-schools movement, tell the story of how a once-promising model of creating new small and charter schools has been used by the neocons to reproduce many of the old inequities. Small Schools is the engaging story of what happens when the small-schools movement meets the Ownership Society.”

What does Ownership Society mean?  Basically it was a societal model promoted by President Bush which holds to personal responsibility, economic liberty, the owning of property, patients’ rights in health care, workers’ rights to control retirement savings and parents’ rights to have power over their children’s education.  Sounds pretty good, but obviously this Communist, Klonsky, abhores it.  Communism and freedom are like darkness and light – they cannot co-exist.

So let’s get to the nefarious underlying connections here.  Obama and Ayers both served on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  Ayers and Klonsky head up the Small Schools Workshop.  In the 1990s, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge gave 1,056,162 in grants to the Small Schools Workshop.  How convenient, eh?  Now here comes the really great part: Ayers, Klonsky and Obama all had offices on the third floor at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  A great article about this connection is here.  So these guys were around each other quite a bit in the 1990s.  Enough that Obama gave one of Ayer’s books an endorsement.  And until June of this year, Klonsky blogged on Obama’s campaign website.

So I ask, what is it with Chicago, education, Obama and Marxism?  Do the people in Chicago realize that this is what is going on in education in their city?  And once again we have another connection to a Marxist for Obama.  For a freedom loving American, he sure picks some weird friends.  I wrote about Obama’s Marxist ideas on education earlier here.