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Trans Texas Corridor

ttc_mexicomap500.gifThere was a townhall meeting in Texas on January 22, 2008 to discuss this little project in Texas.  Most of the country is completely unaware that this new highway being built in Texas is just the start of a superhighway that will run north to south and east to west from Canada to Mexico.  But the citizens of Texas know all about it and have been fighting against it at the grassroots level.  Eight hundred people showed up for this townhall meeting, with hundreds more left outside because they wouldn’t fit.  Commissioner Ted Houghton of El Paso was grilled by the attendees.  Houghton made the outrageous claim that the Trans Texas Corridor, TTC-69, has nothing to do with the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA.  One citizen stood up and asked Houghton, “Why is it not part of NAFTA?”  The Commissioner’s answer was, “It doesn’t connect to Mexico.”  The room erupted with laughter. 

As one can see from the map posted here, the highway most certainly does connect with Texas.  The written plan for the Corridor also outlines the trafficing of goods into and out of Mexico.  David Stall of Corridor Watch called the exchange between the Commissioner and the citizen “a classic example of how the Commission and TxDOT are intentionally distorting information to mislead the public and THEIR elected officials”.  Thank God for groups such as Corridor Watch who are keeping their eyes on this little project which will one day in the future be the thoroughfare for the North American Union.  Visit them at Corridorwatch.org.