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Wow! Thanks Government For The Extra $13 A Week!

I wonder if the extra $13 per week per paycheck that I’m told I will receive from the supposed “tax cuts” in the newest version of the European Socialist, Generational Theft, Pork Engourged Non-Stimulus Bill will offset the incredible deficit that the government has just laid on me.  Does anyone truly believe that our taxes are not going to be raised in the very near future?  We have TARP1 that has already cost us $350 billion with the other $350 billion ready to go and experts telling us (since Tim Geithner will not) that TARP2 is coming and will probably take another $2 trillion.  This new crap bill will amount to something over $1 trillion with the interest we will have to pay.  The President and Treasury Secretary have vaguely referred to some new plan for housing which I expect to be another bailout.  Bloomberg.com, as I reported earlier, expects us to be on the hook for $9.7 trillion above and beyond the current $10 trillion plus national deficit.  So the possibility of increased taxes for everyone is a foregone conclusion.

David Espo of the AP is reporting that this new bill “also includes help for victims of the recession in the form of expanded unemployment benefits, food stamps, health coverage and more, as well as billions for states that face the prospect of making deep cuts in school aid and other programs. (Read: Welfare)  Another provision will mean a one-time payment of $250 for millions of beneficiaries who receive Social Security, Supplemental Security Income and veterans pensions and disability, according to officials. They added that the measure will include $46 billion for transportation projects such as highway, bridge and mass transit construction.  The president also won money for two other administration priorities – information technology in health care, and “green jobs” to make buildings more energy-efficient and reduce the nation’s reliance on foreign oil.” 

I thought one of the keys in this bill for new jobs was all this infrastructure work and yet only $46 billion is going to road projects?!  Take note, most of these created jobs are governmental – don’t believe the lie of 90% are private sector – and being created for the sole purpose of building the skeleton for the coming totalitarian regime.  If you don’t think that is coming, you haven’t read this bill.  Rep. John Boehner said, “It appears that Democrats have made a bad bill worse by reducing the tax relief for working families in order to pay for more wasteful government spending.”

This bill still needs final approval so we still need to contact those representatives especially Snowe, Collins and Specter.  I’m thinking we should send them copies of the Constitution so they know what it is they have sworn to protect.  Specter seems to think that his promises to looney lefties means more.  I personally plan to donate to the campaigns of any Republicans running against any of these three in the next election and I’m from Florida.  They won’t listen to our voices, but they will have to listen to our money and votes.  They’ve betrayed us, but most importantly they’ve betrayed the generations from the past who fought so hard for the liberty of this country and they’ve betrayed the future from whom they have taken liberty.  As for the Democrats, I’ve learned to expect this behavior.  I hope the 11 that voted the right way before in the house do so again.