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Karzai Angry Over Taliban No. 2 Arrest

This is getting ridiculous and I again call for our country to pull our men and women out of this fight unless we get serious about Afghanistan.  There are lists of appropriate terms of engagement that handcuff our troops and keep them from finishing this fight.  The Obama Administration does not recognize exactly who our enemies are either by changing the War On Terrorism to the War With Al Qaeda.  We are fighting Jihadists that represent many different groups.  One of those groups is the Taliban.

Recently, Pakistan captured the Taliban number two leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, with the help of United States Intelligence.  Instead of thanking Pakistan and the U.S., Afghan President Hamid Karzai is angry.  He had plans to hold a peace conference and Baradar was to attend.  Karzai has for months made his intentions of working with the Taliban known.  The moment I heard Karzai make such remarks, I was done with this false nation building.  Afghanistan cannot be restored to its former self with the Taliban leading, in any way.  And common sense tells us that the minute the Americans are gone, the Taliban will push Karzai out or bring him over to their side because Karzai is corrupt.

As long as the Afghan leader wants to make peace with the group responsible for harboring, training, funding and helping in ever way possible the 9/11 terrorists and the group responsible for stoning women in soccer fields and the streets, then we should have no troops aiding that country.  But that will not happen with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm of the military.  He held a phone conference with Karzai yesterday and reiterated his desire for reconciliation.  Perhaps he thought that he was discussing ObamaCare with Karzai?

It is time to stop wasting the efforts of our troops and they should not have to give their lives for this.


Nonsensical Foreign Policy

Foreign policy needs to incorporate common sense.  Whether it is the common sense approach of profiling, action rather than speechifying, an olive branch and arrows over an outstretched hand of platitudes and the realization that people around the world despise the United States just for existing as the last bastion of freedom on the planet.  The President would like to follow the nonsensical approach.  Iran fires missiles into space and America issues strongly worded statements.  Our foreign policy government representatives do not even have the power to rally the world around stiff sanctions.  And some people in America continue to ignore the truth.

This last statement has become very apparent to me particularly in regards to interviews that I have conducted with candidates for various offices throughout America both on the federal level and the local level.  One independant candidate felt that it was Iran’s right to pursue nuclear weapons and build missiles.  While I can agree that countries should be entitled to sovereignty in building missiles, the issue of nuclear weapons should be of concern.  Particularly when certain countries are run by dictators hell bent on destruction including their own. 

The Ron Paul foreign policy has also been strong in candidates I have interviewed.  The idea that waterboarding is torture and that it is our use of enhanced interrogation and our policy of holding enemy combatants at GITMO without trials is being used as a recruitment tool is one area I strongly disagree with Rep. Ron Paul on.  My interviewee last night held that same view.  Where is the common sense?  Not only has Islam been a violent religion dating all the way back to its inception, but in my lifetime alone I have witnessed plane highjackings, kidnappings, homicide bombers, beheadings and 9/11.  All of this before detainees at GITMO or any of our current wars in the middle east.

There is a fundamental lack of reasoning for people to continue to blame America for the fact that we are hated.  We always will be regardless of what we do.  The President can continue to bow and pander and our country can close GITMO and stop enhanced interrogations, but it will make no difference.  Iran will continue to build nuclear weapons ands call for the destruction of Israel and Muslim men and women will continue to flock to terrorist activities regardless of how America conducts its future foreign policy.  To walk forward blindly means to walk forward into our destruction.  And Freedom’s Wings will never endorse any candidate that holds to these positions.  I support Ron Paul on many issues, particularly economically, but on foreign policy I am miles apart from him and his followers and from the liberals in this country.

United Kingdom Goes to Severe Alert

The United Kingdom has raised their alert level to “severe”, which means a terrorist attack is highly likely.  Do they know something that we do not?  Our President has not raised our level and has not addressed this development.  Threat levels in the U.K. are decided by the Security Service (MI5) and the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC).  These organizations gather information through intelligence in the U.K. and abroad.  This tells me that they have information that a terrorist group has become very active.

U.K. Home Secretary Alan Johnson said the security level was raised to get people in Britain to be more vigilant, but that no specific threats had been received.  None of their intelligence has caused them to suspect an attack is imminent.

The Associated Press reports:

Friday’s changes came days after Britain suspended direct flights to Yemen’s capital in response to the growing threat from Al Qaeda-affiliated militants based in that country. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said his government also was creating a new terrorist no-fly list, and targeting specific airline passengers for tougher security checks.

The measures followed a discussion between Brown and President Barack Obama on Tuesday. They match similar moves made by U.S. authorities last week to enhance security at airports and on planes, as intelligence officials warned that Al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen was continuing to plot attacks on the United States.

The stepped-up security in the U.S. included more air marshals on flights to and within the U.S. and additional screening at airports around the world.

Brown said Britain and other nations face a sharply growing threat from Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists based in Yemen and an area of north Africa that includes nations such as Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Officials and analysts say Britain’s new alert level could be related to the emergence of a steady stream of threat information since the thwarted Christmas Day attack.

Undie Bomber Not Interrogated By Intelligence

It would be hard for me to argue that even had the Undie Bomer been interrogated by Intelligence that it would have been “intelligent” when being conducted by the O administration.  The nation was informed on Wednesday, via Senate hearings, that the FBI conducted some criminal focused interrogations, but nothing that would have benefited this nation in the War on Terrorism.  I have a quick common sense question here.  We were informed by Obama that one reason he stopped enhanced interrogations is because the information gleaned is unreliable.  So how in the world are we expected to believe that this waste of skin who just torched himself and is in pain and probably medicated heavily gave reliable information in the brief window that the FBI had before his lawyer showed up?  Yeah, that lawyer we are paying for.

We also discovered through these hearings that the HIG (High Value Interrogation Group) that Obama planned to form and bring into the White House to conduct future interrogations after he stopped the “torturings” has not even been set up.  Are we really expected to believe that this incompetent paper tiger in the White House cares about our security and is serious about terrorism?  Yeah, he sure seems serious to me.

And rumor has it that none of the people in charge of this nations security were consulted on any decisions around the Undie Bomber and that Attorney General Eric Holder is responsible for all of these actions.  He should be fired…yesterday.

Erroll Southers In Line With DHS Report

Several months ago the Department of Homeland Security, under the direction of Janet Napalitano, released a report that accused tea party attendees, veterans, anti-government and anti-tax types of being dangerous right-wing extremist domestic terrorists.  Now the President has nominated a man to the top of the Transportation Security Administration that seems to agree with Napalitano and the rest of her ilk.  Erroll Southers has a past that is distasteful in which he used FBI resources illegally for personal use.  And now he has made a claim that is outrageous.

In a 2008 video interview with the Videojug.com website, Errol Southers was asked, “Which home-grown terrorist groups pose the greatest danger to the U.S.?”

Southers answered: “Most of the domestic groups that we have to pay attention to here are white supremacist groups. They’re anti-government and in most cases anti-abortion. They are usually survivalist-type in nature, identity orientated. If you recall, Buford Furrow came to Los Angeles in, I believe, it was 1999. When he went to three different Jewish institutions, museums, and then wound up shooting people at a children’s community center, then shooting a Filipino postal worker later on.  Matthew Hale, who’s the Pontifex Maximus of the World Church of the Creator out of Illinois, and Ben Smith, who went on a shooting spree in three different cities where he killed a number of African Americans and Jews and Asians that day.  Those groups are groups that claim to be extremely anti-government and Christian-identity oriented.”

So Southers is claiming that this group he described is a Christian group.  And he wanted to stress the anti-government part as well, but I am sure that it was not a swipe to members of the Tea Party Movement.  The fact is, that this group that these men belong to – World Church of the Creator – is an atheistic organization and is anti-Christian.  These claims are made on the “church’s” website.  The Anti-Defamation League describes the group as non-believers in eternal life and God.  The group changed its name to The Creativity Movement recently.

Southers also claimed that “we will never win” a war on terrorism in the permanent sense, but we can focus on trying to “contain” terrorism.  This is really the person we want in charge of our airline safety.  Southers should fit in just fine with the rest of the Obama administration that is in denial about the War on Terrorism.

Joan Rivers – A Terrorist?!

Homeland Security Secretary Nappy and her ilk in charge of our security really are a joke when funny lady Joan Rivers can be kept off a plane.  Where is the common sense?  I mean Joan Rivers may look funny, but should not instill feelings that give you a “funny” feeling about her.  A problem arose when Rivers was preparing to board a plane in Costa Rica that was bound for Newark and presented her passport with two different names: Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers.  The gate agent was troubled by this?

Can we talk?

Joan Rivers is famous – did this person really not know who she is?

Rosenberg is a Jewish name – how many Jewish Jihadist terrorists have attempted to blow up planes lately?

And as Joan put it, “If I were going to make up an alias, I wouldn’t pick Rosenberg. I’d pick Jolie or Pitt.  Do terrorists wear Manolo Blahniks? I can tell you Donna Karan does not make anything that hides a bomb.”

Look for a new line on QVC and HSN of Joan Rivers Overnight Kits for long airport stays for innocent Americans who are detained by gate agents with no sense of humor – or make that no common sense.

Cheney Versus Obama On National Security

I am no shill for former Vice President Dick Cheney, but I would much rather have him in charge of national security than the disingenuous individual now living in the White House.  Both Dick Cheney and President Obama gave seperate and very different speeches today on national security.  Dick Cheney reminded the country that there is no middle ground and with the capture today of some terrorists in New York who were going to engage in an Overseas Contingency Operation – yeah I know, how can it be overseas?  I guess DHS better re-think their terminology – he is proved right.  All the diplomacy in the world is getting Obama nowhere and even now Iran is test firing rockets that can reach Israel. 

President Obama claimed that our security is the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up.  And yet we no longer can use harsh interrogation techniques.  Obama also claimed that “we’re investing in the 21st century military and intelligence capabilities”, but how exactly are we going to pay for that since defense spending has been slashed?  Obama also plans to dismantle our plans for a missile defense shield.  The President had the audacity to say, “The documents that we hold in this very hall – the Declaration of independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights – these are not simply words written into aging parchment.  They are the foundation of liberty and justice in this country, and a light that shines for all who seek freedom, fairness, equality and dignity around the world.”  Those of us who do uphold the Founding Documents see through the President’s bullcrap.  Everything he has pushed forward so far and his other plans that he is laying the groundwork for are all anti-Constitution and our rights are under assault nearly daily.

Dick Cheney on the other hand pointed out that those who consider waterboarding torture engage in “contrived indignation and phony moralizing on the interrogation methods applied to a few captured terrorists.”  He criticized the Obama administration for releasing the interrogation memos which was “flatly contrary to the national security interest of the United States.”  Cheney finished his speech saying, “You can look at the facts and conclude the comprehensive strategy has worked, and therefore needs to be continued as vigilantly as ever.  Or you can look at the same set of facts and conclude that 9/11 was a one-off event – coordinated, devastating, but also unique and not sufficient to justlfy a sustained wartime effort.”

Unfortunately, our current leader appears to be a man holding to the latter conclusions.  He referred to the decisions made after 9/11 as “hasty” and based in “fear rather than foresight”.  The Bush administration must have had good foresight because we have not had another terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11.  Obama’s statements are shown to be disingenuous by the fact that no attack has occurred.  The President claimed that we must fight this war with the rule of law and due process.  Excuse me?  Terrorists do not live under our Constitution.  Yet again, this statement reveals a lack of understanding when it comes to the Founding Documents.  The President held to his promise to close Gitmo as well even though support from his own party is lacking and neither the House nor the Senate have agreed to fund the closing of the camp.  And what does this mean, “Now let me blunt.  There are no neat or easy answers here.  I wish there were.  But I can tell you that the wrong answer is to pretend like this problem will go away if we maintain an unsustainable status quo.”  What is that?  We have not been maintaining a status quo and the President’s inactions and hidden actions (the media chooses not to inform the public that this President has been dropping bombs on Pakistan for weeks) have not been making the world any more secure.

Iran is firing off rockets and making nuclear weapons, North Korea is testing long-range missiles, Russia and Venezuela have war gamed with their navies, the Taliban is on the march for nuclear weapons in Pakistan, violence is up in Iraq, Mexican drug cartels are still streaming across the border bringing their violence and terrorists are still plotting attacks on American soil.  Let me be clear, Mr. President, I do not feel more secure with you at the helm.