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What Is With This Swine Flu?

Occassionally, I do find myself reaching for my tinfoil hat and today is one of those days.  I featured the news today on my Freedom’s Wings Radio Show that some kind of new influenza dubbed the “swine flu” had broken out.  As I read the news story and said the words, “This virus is a mix of human, pig and bird strains…” I found myself wondering how in the world that was possible and commented to that effect.  Really…how do human, pig and bird flus combine genetically in a natural setting?  My common sense brain tells me that type of scenario is just not possible.  This has to be some kind of man-made virus.  A caller to my show shared the same belief and I am seeing similar beliefs popping up around the internet.

The other item that makes this outbreak strange is the fact that America has outbreaks in four different states currently: Texas, California, Kansas and New York.  The swine flu appears to have originated in Mexico so border states seem like likely places for the flu to cross over, but New York and Kansas?  So far 68 people have died, but no one in America as of yet.  There have been 11 cases here thus far.

World Health Organization director-general, Margaret Chan, said the outbreak in Mexico and the United States constituted a “public health emergency of international concern.”  This declaration stops short of declaring that borders be closed and does not call the virus a “pandemic”, but the WHO did say that it has that potential.

So my questions are who made this stuff, was this some kind of laboratory experiment and who released it or how was it released?  Could this be some kind of bioweapon?  My tinfoil hat is buzzing.  I guess we will have to stay tuned for details, but I am watching this thing like a hawk while I also keep my attention on what the media is not reporting.  Usually when big stories like this are released and one hand is talking all about that here, the other hand is doing something over there that we are not suppose to be watching.  Call me a conspiracy nut job, but something is not adding up here.