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Oh No, the Sky is Falling!

Steve Doocey from Fox’s morning show, Fox & Friends, this morning made the following comment in regards to reports that the military is going to shoot down a disabled spy satellite, “A few weeks ago this was no big deal, but now it is.  What aren’t they telling us?”  I ‘ve been wondering the same thing myself.  On January 28, 2008 Kathryn Westcott wrote for BBC News that space experts “don’t believe the rogue satellite poses much of a threat to humankind.”  And now supposedly the rocket fuel could turn into a deadly toxic gas.  So which is it?

I’m not a rocket scientist, but here is what I do know.  This spy satellite cost hundreds of millions of dollars and less than a month after launching, it no longer was communicating with its makers.  So I know it was a huge waste of money.  The government must also be worried about classified components falling into hostile hands although Marine General James E. Cartwright, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said basically sensitive stuff burns up in the atmosphere and so there would be no justification for shooting down a satellite.  So I know that must not be why they want to shoot it down.

So there is that problem of the rocket fuel.  Supposedly the fuel is frozen and so won’t burn off or blow up in the atmosphere.  And yet, if this is true, the fuel’s toxic fumes would likely only spread over an area the size of two football fields.  Does that really justify spending millions to shoot down?  So I know that must not be why they want to shoot it down.

That really leaves only one conclusion.  Despite the fact that our government harshly criticized China for shooting down an aging weather satellite, we are going to do the same thing because it is an irresistable opportunity to test our missile defense system.  Hmm…are we testing weapons in preparation for something bigger?