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Obama Has New Plan For ObamaCare

The President used his weekly address today to urge Republicans and Democrats to work together during the upcoming Healthcare Summit to pass ObamaCare.  Let me be clear, I continue to call this monstrosity ObamaCare because this is still ObamaCare we are talking about, not healthcare reform.  The Democrats have been unable to put together their two bills and so the President has stepped in and will present his own plan using pieces from both bills.  Is this not a complete and utter act of ignoring the American people?  We have rejected both bills.  The Republicans have rejected both bills.  The President wants to bring the Republicans inside to help develop a new plan.  And he formulates his own plan using the rejected bills?!  This is not bi-partisanship! 

The Marxist Progressive vein snaking through the government continues even as the President plays bait and switch and talks out of both sides of his mouth.  Reuters is reporting that the new agreement will be a combined budget reconciliation bill.  This means that the bill will only need 51 votes in the Senate to pass this piece of garbage.  So what is the point of a summit?  The Republicans should not attend this meeting at all.  Instead, they should schedule a press conference and present their own bills – one from the House and one from the Senate.

There is rumor that there will be items that would be attractive to Republicans in the plan, but as long as those ideas are enclosed in a bill that also contains healthcare decision boards, a public option and increased taxes, the Republicans should do nothing but burn the bill.  The Republicans would like to slowly dismantle the healthcare system we have now and rebuild it and that seems to be the best plan.  Because any overhaul the Democrats have in mind is actually an overthrow of freedom.

Democrats Make Historic Mistake In Dead Of Night

A Democratic strategist on Fox & Friends this morning blamed Republicans for the scheduled Christmas Eve vote. He felt that ReidCare could have been finished with the voting last night. Yeah, that 1am vote. Not only is ObamaCare a historic piece of legislation, it is a historic mistake and Mitch McConnell said as much in a statement he released after the vote the Senate took while America slept:

“Tonight marks the culmination of a long national debate. Passions have run high. And, that’s appropriate because the bill we are voting on tonight will impact the life of every American. It will shape the future of our country. It will determine whether our children can afford the nation they inherit.  It is one of the most consequential votes any of us will ever take. And none of us take it lightly.

“But make no mistake: if the people who wrote this bill were proud of it, they wouldn’t be forcing this vote in the dead of night

“Here are just some of the deals we’ve noticed:

“$100 million for an unnamed health care facility at an unnamed university somewhere in the United States — the bill doesn’t say where — and no one will even step forward to claim it.

“ One state out of 50 gets to expand Medicaid at no cost to itself — while taxpayers in the other 49 states pick up the tab.

“The same Senator who cut that deal secured another one that benefits a single insurance company – just one insurance company – based in his state.

“Do the supporters of this bill know all this?  Do they think it’s a fair deal for their states, for the rest of the country?

“The fact is, a year after this debate started few people could have imagined that this is how it would end — with a couple of cheap deals and a rushed vote at one o’clock in the morning.  But that’s where we are.

“And Americans are wondering tonight: How did this happen?

“So I’d like to take a moment to explain to the American people how we got here, to explain what happened — and what’s happening now.

“Everyone in this chamber agrees we need health care reform. The question is how?

“Some of us have taken the view that the American people want us to tackle the cost issue, and we’ve proposed targeted steps to do it.  Our friends on the other side have taken the opposite approach.

“And the result has been just what you’d expect.

“The final product is a mess — and so is the process that’s brought us here to vote on a bill that the American people overwhelmingly oppose.

“Any challenge of this size and scope has always been dealt with on a bipartisan basis.  The senior Senator from Maine made that point at the outset of the debate, and reminded us all how these things have been handled throughout history..

“The Social Security Act of 1935 was approved by all but six members of the Senate.  The Medicare and Medicaid Acts of 1965 were approved by all but 21.  All but eight senators voted for the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

“Americans believe that on issues of this importance, one party should never be allowed to force its will on the other half of the nation.  The proponents of this bill felt differently.

“In a departure from history, Democrat leaders put together a bill so heavy with tax hikes, Medicare cuts and government intrusion, that, in the end their biggest problem wasn’t convincing Republicans to support it, it was convincing the Democrats.

“In the end, the price of passing this bill wasn’t achieving the reforms Americans were promised.

“It was a blind call to make history, even if it was a historical mistake — which is exactly what this bill will be if it’s passed.  Because, in the end, this debate isn’t about differences between two parties, it’s about a $2.3 trillion dollar, 2,733-page health care reform bill that does not reform health care and, in fact, makes its price go up.

It is incomprehensible what we are watching happen in this country with the Democrat Party. Drunk with power, they are ramming through legislation that not only sets up the infrastructure for a socialistic utopia, but will break down America completely.  Principles are completely gone and the Constitution is in the dumpster behind the People’s House.  They beam with pride and after the slap in the face to Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve, these soulless creatures will hold a press conference telling America that they just gave us the best Christmas present.  I call it a lump of something, and it ain’t coal.

We always knew that Washington, D.C. was about sweetheart deals and special interests cooing in the ears of lawmakers, but to see it so blatantly on display is mind-numbing and nauseating.  The core reason for the actions of the Democrats is ultimately to make We The People feel powerless.  I have been tempted to feel that way and feel that all my efforts have been wasted.  But we managed to stall this legislation as much as humanely possible and it is not finished yet.  And this really will add more fuel to our fire in November 2010 and get those people still sitting on the couch off their butts and into action.  This is about the America we love and we are watching it be stripped.  We cannot abide that!

ReidCare Has Its Sixty Votes

Senator Ben Nelson has finally caved.  Was it the pressure from fellow Democrats or a sweet deal?  Time will tell.  One thing is certain, Nelson is not going the way of his constituents and neither are any of the other Democrats for the most part.  This is one of the first times in history where conservatives and leftists are both against a bill, just for very different reasons.  Who is supporting this socialistic infrastructure?  The silver lining in this situation is that this is entirely the Democrats baby.  This is their sword to fall on.  And fall they will.

A friend of mine helped pull me out of the defeatist fog that was starting to envelope me by reminding me that this will fire people up even more.  This will bring out the people that were paying attention, but doing nothing.  We see now that they have an agenda on the left that they will lay in place at the cost of even the Democrat Party.  And that is our strength as Americans.  The vast majority is together against this socialistic onslaught.  Even if we have to rebuild America completely from the ground up after it smashes itself against the Progressive rocks of government control, nannyism, political correctness and economic ruin, we will be capable of doing it.

We will not abide government control of our healthcare.  We will not let our elderly be sacrificed to rationing, cut mediCare and death panels.  CBO Director, Douglas Elmendorf, wrote on his blog that this package could reduce budget deficits by as much as $1.3 trillion, but not until after 2019 and because of lower targets for MediCare spending.  That means rationing!

ReidCare has now added a nearly 900 page amendment to the already 2,000 page original montrosity.  The amendment has taken the better part of today to read from the Senate floor.  Apparently, it is full of special deals.  Nelson got his abortion language, but he promised that would not earn his vote.  So Reid threw in favors for Nebraska and benefits for different factions of the health insurance industry.  Principles are all but dead in D.C.  I imagine most Democrats have earmarks in this bill.

Now it will be up for a vote on Christmas Eve, more than likely.  What a spit in the face of America and more importantly, God.

Obama Lays On The Pressure…And The Lies

The saying that if Obama’s lips are moving, he is lying really seems to be true.  The best evidence for this comes whenever The One is speaking about his favorite topic…wait that is himself…his second favorite topic: ObamaCare.  Today, the Senate appears closer than ever to voting for ObamaCare with the needed sixty votes.  Senator Lieberman has caved.  So Obama gathered with his minions at the Capitol to announce how close they were, which equates to nothing more than an effort to exert pressure on the few Democrats who are not in favor of this bill.  And those Democrats come from both the liberal and moderate arena.

Liberals are angry that the public option and MediCare expansion have been dropped and moderates are still unsure with federal funding for abortions still included.  none of the Democrats seem to care that ObamaCare is neither supported by the American people, nor will it help the American people.  But if one listens to Obama long enough, they might be convinced that this really is the greatest health reform package on planet earth…ever.

Same rhetoric, different day.  “They are waiting for us to act,” Obama said. “They are counting on us to show leadership … There’s too much at stake for families who can’t pay their medical bills or see a doctor when they need to, or get the treatment they need.”  This is not leadership!  And frankly, the American people are looking for representation from our lawmakers, they are not leaders.  The President also added, “We agree on reforms that will finally reduce the costs of health care. Families will save on their premiums. Businesses that will see their costs rise if we do nothing will save money now and in the future.  This plan will strengthen Medicare and extend the life of that program. And because it gets rid of the waste and inefficiencies in our health care system, this will be the largest deficit reduction plan in over a decade.  And I just want to repeat this because there’s so much misinformation about the cost issue here. You talk to every health care economist out there, and they will tell you that whatever ideas are — whatever ideas exist in terms of bending the cost curve and starting to reduce costs for families, businesses and government, those elements are in this bill.  And in terms of deficits, because we keep on hearing these ads about how this is going to add to the deficit, the CBO has said that this is a deficit reduction — not a deficit increase.”

What CBO report is the President reading.  When an honest and full assessment is performed on this bill, meaning nothing has been pulled out for later insertion like doctor pay from MediCare, the bill is not deficit neutral.  And the reason why they are able to twist it to appear to be is because it is front loaded.  We pay on this for three to four years before it starts.  I do not hear the President telling people about that.

The CBO has also reported that any of the bills that have been presented do not cover millions of people, but that did not stop the Liar In Chief from saying, “Finally, we agree on reforms that will make coverage affordable for 30 million Americans who don’t have it. Every day that goes by, another 14,000 Americans lose their health care coverage.”

The awful truth behind ObamaCare will be exactly what they have told us it will be, just not forthrightly.  It will be a bill, any bill.  Is this what Washington has come to, just pass any old bill as long as we can claim we did something.  So far the Obama administration appears to only care that they did something because it is better than doing nothing.  In the case of our healthcare, it would be better if they did nothing.

My Thoughts On The Passing Of Kennedy: The Lyin’ Of The Senate

ABC News reports:  “Sen. Ted Kennedy died shortly before midnight Tuesday at his home in Hyannis Port, Mass., at age 77.  The man known as the ‘liberal lion of the Senate’ had fought a more than year-long battle with brain cancer, and according to his son had lived longer with the disease than his doctors expected him to..A hardworking, well-liked politician who became the standard-bearer of his brothers’ liberal causes, his career was clouded by allegations of personal immorality and accusations that his family’s clout helped him avoid the consequences of an accident that left a young woman dead.”

It is only eight o’clock in the morning and the wall to wall coverage is already making me sick.  Now we will have to endure the excruciating pain of a week of Teddy Kennedy on the pedestal.  We will hear all about his wonderful accomplishments in the Senate.  We will hear nothing of the truth, which is that Teddy Kennedy was nothing more than another elitist progressive politician who clung to the legacies of his two dead brothers, John and Bobby, for legitimacy.  He rallied behind government intrusion in our lives and embraced socialism.  He clamored about climate change, even as his family would not allow a wind farm to block their view.  He spoke with moral authority even as he lived like a drunkard, embarrassing himself in public and in the Senate chamber.  He was a cheater.  And despite the efforts by the media to bury one awful truth in Teddy’s past, everyone has heard of Chappaquiddick.

Time Magazine reportedin 1970, “Later in the inquest, Kennedy tried to explain one of the most incomprehensible aspects of the Kopechne case —why he failed to summon help immediately after he, his cousin Joseph Gargan and friend Paul Markham had failed to rescue Mary Jo. Said the Senator: ‘I was completely convinced . . . that no further help and assistance would do Mary Jo any more good. I realized that she must be drowned and still in the car at this time, and it appeared the question in my mind was what should be done about the accident.'”  Questions abound about the case.  Was Kennedy drunk when he drove off the bridge?  Did he intentionally let Mary Jo Kopechne die or did he kill her?  He spent a considerable amount of time mulling over how he would report the incident to police rather than alerting them immediately – something I would assume anyone would do after a terrible accident.  So let’s not forget Mary Jo as we eulogize Kennedy.

Pundits on both sides of the aisle are calling on everyone to put ideology aside for now as we remember Kennedy.  Well, other conservatives can take that route, but I’m not one to glorify someone in death who does not deserve it.  Michael Jackson was a child molestor, Marilyn Monroe was a drug addict and Teddy Kennedy did more damage to this nation than good.  Legislation he pushed through helped to set-up broken programs we cannot shake like “No Child Left Behind”.   President Barack Obama called Kennedy the greatest Senator of our time, but nothing could be further from the truth.

ObamaCare Bills Just Powergrabs

Investor’s Business Daily has already uncovered a hidden power grab in the House’s version of ObamaCare.  On page 16 of the bill is a provision that will make it virtually impossible for individuals to keep their private health insurance.  It states, “”Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day” of the year the legislation becomes law.  This means you cannot change your coverage ever if you want to keep your private insurance and if you decide to work for yourself, you will not be able to buy private health insurance.  This monstrosity weighs in at 1,018 pages, making it longer than the Bible and far more complicated.  If this is on page 16, what is on page 100 and then 250 and so on?

ObamaCare already threatens private insurance companies by getting into the game of insurance.  Common sense tells anyone that a subsidized program will out compete any private program.  And where did Obama get the idea that there was not competition in the the health insurance industry already?  There is no need for government to get in the game to offer competition.  All ObamaCare will do is whither the health insurance industry to the point that it dies and a public option is the only option.  The public option already promises to be 30% to 40% cheaper which will entice businesses to drop coverage for their employees as well.

ObamaCare is really just a power grab.  If the government decides who gets treatment and what kinds of treatment can be received, then it is akin to God deciding who will die and who will live.  It is a hidden facist tactic of eugenics and population control.  For decades, progressives have wanted to wipe human beings from the Earth.  At least, human beings that do not think like they do. 

The Senate has already delivered their own version of ObamaCare as well, although it is only about 600 pages.  The Senate bill requires businesses with 25 employees or more to offer health insurance or pay $750 a year per full-time worker to the government as a fee.  All Americans would be required to buy health insurance with their bill as well.  An exchange like the one Obama has decribed previously will be implemented where small businesses and individuals could compare different plans and purchase the one that suits them.  The exchange would include the soon-to-be-only-option, the public option.

The President and the Congress have claimed that these plans will bring down costs, but the Congressional Budget Office, which is impartial, disagrees.  Testimony Thursday by Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf revealed that both bills would increase government spending (thus the deficit) and would not reign in healthcare costs, nor bring down premiums for individuals with private insurance.  “The creation of a new subsidy for health insurance … would by itself raise federal spending on health care. … [T]o offset that there have to be substantial reductions (on the tax or spending sides of the ledger],” Elmendorf told the Senate Budget Committee. “The changes we’ve looked at so far don’t represent the fundamental change on the order of magnitude that would be necessary.”

We must stop these bills for the sake of our country!

Sotomayor Hearings An Exercise In Futility

Our government must be joking!  Surely this is not how we conduct hearings for a Judicial nominee to the highest Court in the land.  Judge Sonia Sotomayor not only has been audaciously praised by Democrats to the point of nausea, but she apparently was given the questions that Democrats would be asking her.  That is the only conclusion that I can come to as I watch Sotomayor stumble, hestitate and carefully word her responses to Republican questions and then quickly and thoroughly answer Democratic questions with case law and well thoughtout responses.  It is obvious for anyone with common sense.

These hearings really are an exercise in futility.  Judge Sotomayor is giving the types of responses one would expect from a nominee to the Supreme Court.  These answers heavily contradict several of her rulings and almost every speech she has ever given.  She has gone from being the angry racist, identity politics nominee to the sweet and charming believer in fidelity to the law and the Constitution.  So which is it, Sotomayor?  I always look to what people do rather than what they say because talk is cheap.  Especially when that talk cheapens the confirmation process, but that is not surprising when considering Al Frankenstein is on the panel questioning Sotomayor.  Their banter delved into the deep judicial recesses of Perry Mason – yes, that Perry Mason – the lawyer on TV.

Senator Jeff Sessions said, “”It’s muddled, confusing, backtracking on issue after issues.  I frankly am a bit disappointed in the lack of clarity and consistency in her answers.”  Not only has Sotomayor been inconsistent, she has not bothered to answer the big questions on gun rights and abortion.  She determinedly sidestepped volleys of Republican questions on those issues today and kept her notorious bad temper under wraps as well as her opinions during the day long questioning.   Sotomayor used legal doctrine and carefully worded deflections to ward off tough questions and most Republicans did not push the issues.  Lindsey Graham even told her that he might vote for her before he hammered her with tough questions.  The public needs to know where this woman stands on these issues and our representatives on both sides need to get those answers.  My God, she will be making these decision on the Court!

The fact that she is guaranteed confirmation also makes this futile, but there is a bit of light at the end of the proverbial confirmation tunnel.  Future generations will look back and see that there was an effort made to stop the confirmation.  It is the same for us who are fighting this facist movement sweeping our country.  We may fail, but future generations will laud us for our fight and know that we did not “go gentle into that good night.”