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ReidCare Has Its Sixty Votes

Senator Ben Nelson has finally caved.  Was it the pressure from fellow Democrats or a sweet deal?  Time will tell.  One thing is certain, Nelson is not going the way of his constituents and neither are any of the other Democrats for the most part.  This is one of the first times in history where conservatives and leftists are both against a bill, just for very different reasons.  Who is supporting this socialistic infrastructure?  The silver lining in this situation is that this is entirely the Democrats baby.  This is their sword to fall on.  And fall they will.

A friend of mine helped pull me out of the defeatist fog that was starting to envelope me by reminding me that this will fire people up even more.  This will bring out the people that were paying attention, but doing nothing.  We see now that they have an agenda on the left that they will lay in place at the cost of even the Democrat Party.  And that is our strength as Americans.  The vast majority is together against this socialistic onslaught.  Even if we have to rebuild America completely from the ground up after it smashes itself against the Progressive rocks of government control, nannyism, political correctness and economic ruin, we will be capable of doing it.

We will not abide government control of our healthcare.  We will not let our elderly be sacrificed to rationing, cut mediCare and death panels.  CBO Director, Douglas Elmendorf, wrote on his blog that this package could reduce budget deficits by as much as $1.3 trillion, but not until after 2019 and because of lower targets for MediCare spending.  That means rationing!

ReidCare has now added a nearly 900 page amendment to the already 2,000 page original montrosity.  The amendment has taken the better part of today to read from the Senate floor.  Apparently, it is full of special deals.  Nelson got his abortion language, but he promised that would not earn his vote.  So Reid threw in favors for Nebraska and benefits for different factions of the health insurance industry.  Principles are all but dead in D.C.  I imagine most Democrats have earmarks in this bill.

Now it will be up for a vote on Christmas Eve, more than likely.  What a spit in the face of America and more importantly, God.