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Taxpayers Fund Lavish State Dinner For Leftists

Despite the fact that America is crawling out of the worst recession ever according to our President, he still managed to pull off a lavish state dinner on our dime.  A typical state dinner hosts 150 guests, but not a state dinner hosted by the Obamas.  Oh no, not our American royalty.  They hosted 320 guests and had to set up a tent outside of the White House to hold everyone.  And the guest list was enough to make this conservative reach for her duct tape.  Can we say, “Pay off?”

There was PlastiGirl with hubby in tow (does he really kiss that face?), Steven Spielberg, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Deepak Chopra, Gen. Colin Powell (who votes based on race), Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and of course, India’s prime minister, Manmohan Singh who was the guest of honor.  Rahm Emanuel was also there and he brought his brother Ari, famous for wanting to set up death panels to rid  us of the handicapped and dementia stricken elderly (a group to which my grandmother belongs).  Chicago’s Breaking News Center claimed that the first lady was “the picture of elegance.”  Hmmm…the tape I watched of her and Obama entering the event made me think they had just had a fight (neither smiled) and she in particular appeared to have just eaten a lemon.  Oh wait, that is the expression typically on her face all the time.

The most interesting detail of the evening to me was that Oprah’s wife, Gayle King, showed up for the event, but there was no Oprah.  Was Oprah not invited?!  Her interview with Sarah Palin did not have anything to do with that, did it?  After all, Oprah did not excoriate Palin as the Obamas would have wished.

Arugula was on the menu.  This was an elitist crowd after all.  I watched a state senator who was of Indian descent on Fox & Friends this morning regaling the evening and all I could think was, oh yeah we have the Indian leader here, better invite all the Indian people in America who hold office or happen to be famous.  After all, a state senator was invited to this party?!  And he was not from Chicago.  Many rich Chicagoans were invited as well.  That is where Obama cut his Thugocracy teeth after all.

Prime Minister Singh toasted Obama and declared that his visit to the White House had captured the imaginations of millions of Indians and claimed that Obama was an inspiration because of his value of democracy, diversity and equal opportunity.  Here…you can borrow my duct tape.