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Message To McCain And His Campaign

Dear Senator McCain,

Where are you?  Your VP pick is being trashed by the bumbling idiots who couldn’t run a winning campaign if they had $700 million dollars and you have said nothing.  How dare you not defend the shining star of your campaign and the only reason I and most conservatives voted for you.  I had never attended a campaign rally before or donated money to a presidential candidate before.  Sarah changed that.  Get off your butt and fight…fight…

Dear McCain campaign staff,

Shut the heck up!  We are not a bunch of bumbling idiots like you are.  Just as I didn’t believe that President-elect Obama really believed that America is made up of 57 states, I don’t believe for a minute that Sarah thought Africa was a country and not a continent.  If she ever said that it would be a gaffe just like Obama’s.  I’m also wondering how you expect the public to believe that Sarah was out spending money constantly when she was constantly campaigning and couldn’t possibly have had the time and you admitted buying several sizes in each outfit to make sure they fit.  If she was buying them, SHE WOULD HAVE TRIED THEM ON!

Come out, come out wherever you are – you cowards.  We conservatives won’t let you blame this on conservativism.  That is alive and well, while becoming Democratlites is dead.  Out with the old and in with the new I say.  Never again will we let the Democrats and media choose our candidate.  Never again will we be forced to hold up and try to pull over the finish line a candidate who destroys the party.  The future of the Republican Party will be young conservative voices like Bobby Jindal and, yes, Sarah Palin.  She was the reason your campaign did as well as it did in the voting booth.  Now go away with your tails between your legs and find gainful employment at Starbucks or The Sierra Club because politics is done for you.

Obama Campaign Keeps Changing Middle-Class Definition

Many commentators and myself have been taking some heat for declaring that Obama is going to raise taxes on the middle class.  John McCain has also been going with this point as well at rallies.  There are a few reasons why I think Obama will raise middle-class taxes.  First of all, he plans to raise capital gains taxes which will hit middle-class investors.  Raising taxes on corporations will mean higher prices for the middle-class as well.  Obama has so many new spending programs that he will be forced to get more tax revenue.  And Obama’s record does not match his rhetoric.  He has never once cut taxes on anyone and actually voted to raise taxes on singles making $42,000 annually.  I don’t trust that Obama won’t let those numbers slide downward.  Oh wait a minute, he’s already doing that.

Obama has been touting for months his tax plan that will not raise taxes “one dime” on families making less than $250,000.  We’ve all heard him say it a few thousand times.  Then he slipped up in the final debate and said, “…a middle-class tax cut for people making less than $200,000…”  Well, maybe it was just a slip…or maybe not, as is demonstrated in this new campaign ad:

So Obama really did mean $200,000.  That’s a $50,000 drop already.  And I’m sure you noticed like I did that the tax cuts for 95% of Americans has changed to be within the thresholds of having a job and paying taxes now.  Guess he finally understands that his first tax plan was welfare for non-tax payers.  So we’ve seen Obama’s tax plan change remarkably in a month.  But wait, there’s more.

Now Joe Biden is out on the stomp talking the tax plan and the middle-class is now those making $150,000 or less.  He said that yesterday in an interview.  John McCain sums up the Obama tax plan this way, “Sen. Obama has made a lot of promises.  First he said people making less than $250,000 would benefit from his plan, then this weekend he announced in an ad that if you’re a family making less than $200,000 you’ll benefit – but yesterday, right here in Pennsylvania, Sen. Biden said tax relief should only go to ‘middle class people – people making under 150,000 dollars a year.’ You getting an idea of what’s on their mind?”

You’ve been warned.

The Media Has Made Journalism A Farcical Profession

Definition of farce: A ludicrous, empty show; a mockery.  That is what the media has become.  I cannot believe that any Americans give the mainstream media any credibility.  One of the first things a dictator/fascist/Big Brother government takes control over is the media because then it can control whatever the people think.  Great examples of just such a thing exist today in North Korea and China among other places.  Don’t think it can ever happen in America?  We are already witnessing this happen to our mainstream media.  Of course, it has been happening for years, but this presidential campaign has shined a light on the situation.  Just yesterday, this story came out from the AP.  The media has grabbed on to any tidbit to slur Gov. Sarah Palin (ie; Pregnant teenage daughter, Troopergate, clothing and travel expenses, etc.) and this new one has to do with the Alaskan pipeline project.  All of a sudden the media loves big oil and is angry that Sarah may have made it easier for smaller companies to compete in the bidding.  And -oh my God – the woman helping run this pipeline effort was a lobbyist for the winner.  And it may take forever to build the pipeline so Sarah shouldn’t claim it as a victory.

Where the hell are you guys on the crap with Obama?  Corruption has become this guy’s middle name.  Whether it is his connection to ACORN and funneling them money or going back on his word to use public finance for campaigning so he can “buy” the election (I’m sick to death of the stupid ads popping up on every internet page about voting early and voting for Obama) or his connections to Marxists and terrorists or his ideas of “spreading the wealth” and then skewering the middle class Joe the Plumber who I thought he was fighting for or the lobbyists that are working for him or the corrupt CEOs from the housing fiasco working for him or the fraudulent donations his website accepts or even accepting funds from international groups like the Palestinians, the media is not covering it or glosses over it.

I fear that Barack Obama just may get this one despite all the efforts of the truth-seeking, freedom-loving people out here fighting against the coming socialist state.  Our voice just isn’t as big as the media.  The people will make their grave and then have to lie down in it.  I just don’t care to join them in the graveyard.

Barack Obama Didn’t Take The Family To See Dying Grandmother?!

Imagine my shock when I heard Michelle Obama giving a speech in place of her husband today.  I already was questioning just how sick Obama’s grandmother was when it was reported that he was waiting until last night to leave the campaign trail for a very brief visit.  I mean if the woman who raised me – who happens to be my mother – were dying I would be on the next plane home.  And my family would most certainly be joining me because I believe my mother would want to see the family one last time.  This stinks to high heaven to me.  It got me to thinking about many things surrounding Madelyn Dunham and the treatment she has received from Obama.  First of all, he threw her under the bus when the Jeremiah Wright story blew up and basically called her a “racist” and did call her a “typical white person”.  There are no current pictures of this woman anywhere with Obama.  There are no pictures of her with the family.  I would think a few would have made it to the internet or mainstream media to at least enhance Obama’s image.  What really is the nature of their relationship?

The other thing that has me doubting the genuiness of this visit is the fact that Obama is currently facing two lawsuits in regards to his birth certificate.  The most current one is heating up right now.  (Visit http://contrariancommentary.wordpress.com/ for details.)  Is Obama really in Hawai’i to try and get a more passable birth certificate since he apparently won’t release his vault certificate?  I would love to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, but I have zero trust in the man.

I do have sympathetic thoughts towards Madelyn Dunham who sacrificed everything to raise her daughter’s child even though he only mentions her in passing when it benefits his image.  He never wrote any books about her – just about a father who seems to have had no interest in his son.  She probably raised him to be anything but an angry black man and yet that is what he has become under that cool exterior.  My thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Dunham.

UPDATE:  Obama left Hawai’i last night after only spending 22 hours total there.  And that very important grandmother of his got seven of those hours.  This is who people want for president?!  Wow, what compassion!  More like milking a situation – I hear sympathy votes if she passes away before the election.  And what was he doing with the other fifteen hours?

Smirky Obama Sticks To Rhetoric While Fiery McCain Slams In Final Debate

Obama stuttered and stammered and smirked through a debate that he was clearly uncomfortable attending.  Every opening that John McCain never took advantage of in the previous debates he took tonight and Obama gave him plenty of openings.  One of Obama’s biggest gaffes tonight was this clear and desperate exaggeration, “John McCain’s political ads are 100% negative.”  Now my mother taught me to never use the terms “never” or “always” because you’ll end up sounding like an ass.  Yep, Obama sounded like an ass.  At least he’s an ass with a smirk.  So here we go…

First up was the economy, of course, which is looking worse every day despite the moronic bailout both these guys voted for.  Both kept to the usual talking points and want to make sure people stay in their homes, blah, blah, blah.  Obama brings up his tax cuts for 95% which I have time and time again repudiated as nonsense, but McCain fails to point that out.  I start thinking he is going to be weak again tonight.  But then McCain brings up the plumber that confronted Obama and the ultimate red flag gaffe comes up: Obama telling Joe the plumber he needs to “share the wealth”.  Right there is the spotlight on socialism and McCain mentions “spreading the wealth” over and over to great effect.  Repudiates that idea and suggests that Joe be allowed to spread the wealth himself instead of the government.  MAJOR SCORE!

Next they debate cutting certain programs since the economy is going downhill.  Neither answers the question right away.  Obama, in fact, talks more about spending and doesn’t mention any real cuts except subsidies for Medicare which doesn’t sound like the best cut to me seeing as how Medicare is presently bankrupt.  Obama reiterates that we must do his health plan and his college plan no matter what.  McCain finally talks about using his hatchet and then adds the scalpel too.  Spending freeze – Obama almost has a coronary.  Nancy Pelosi craps her pants.  Conservatives cheer!

McCain points out that Obama has never gone against his party leadership while McCain has many times.  Obama mentions groups that he has angered like the teacher’s union, but doesn’t mention anytime he went against the Democrats – because he hasn’t.  That’s what I call change!  Then they debate the tone of the campaign and there is alot of back and forth and then finally the Ayers opening comes, but McCain doesn’t take it.  I get really disappointed and then a couple minutes later McCain opens that can of whoop ass.  Obama stammers through his standard rhetoric and lies about the relationship with Ayers (I was 8, he’s a professor now, we served on a board together) and ACORN (I was just a lawyer for them once.)  McCain mentions the coming out party at Ayers house and Obama says that it is a lie basically.  Guess he wants to continue with the lie that he just happened to be invited to this party – we aren’t buying it.  Obama brings up the supporters that have yelled things at McCain/Palin rallies.  McCain defends his base and supporters while stating that the things said are wrong, but wants to make sure that all supporters are not lumped together.  Then he mentions those T-shirts Obama’s supporters have been wearing that say “Sarah Palin is a c—!”  Also mentions John Lewis claiming that McCain and Palin are segregationists and asks Obama when he will repudiate it – didn’t happen before this debate and didn’t happen tonight.  McCain also points out that Obama has spent record money on negative ads.  Obama loses on this point.  If it is truth, it isn’t smears or negative, Obama.

They talk about their running mates and free trade.  McCain takes the opening to mention that Obama won’t trade with Colombia, but will meet with Iran’s leadership.  So much for that line about not trading with countries that don’t respect human rights, Obama.  Score again for McCain!  They compare their health plans.  Obama tries to make his not sound like socialism, but we’re not stupid.  Claims that 47 million are uninsured and he will bring down costs – he has never explained in any debates how he intends to do that.  Ah, yeah Humana, you can’t charge that price for that surgery cause I, ah, said so.  Ha Ha!

Now it’s on to abortion and McCain nails Obama with the “Born Alive Act”.  Obama stammers through and mentions that there was already a law in place.  If he cared about life he would have voted for it anyway.  Why not err on the side of life?  Then they discuss education and Obama’s typical answer is throw money at it.  The government has already failed, Obama, let’s try something else.  McCain talks about choice – SCORE!  Obama speaks out against video games and tells parents to get their kids to put them down and yet, just today, I heard that Obama has placed advertisements in several of the games on the market like Madden’s new football game.  How disingenuous.  The subject of vouchers in Washington D.C. comes up and Obama lies about the superintendant’s stance and McCain has to correct him.  He also corners Obama on the fact that he doesn’t support vouchers because there are not enough and McCain asks, “So because there aren’t enough vouchers we shouldn’t have any even if they work? Got it.”

They both close in typical fashion.  Finally, a debate that wasn’t a snorefest!  And McCain did what he needed to do – win.  Barack spent most of the night smirking because he knew he was caught on many things and stammering through the same rhetoric he has offered up for months.  Nothing new here.  But we did hear some new things from McCain and he was on fire blasting through the openings that Obama kept giving him.  I found myself throughout the debate saying, “McCain should say this next” and then he would.  I especially was proud of the, “I’m not Bush.  You should have run four years ago to run against him.” 

The obvious winner: John McCain.  Watch for the biased polls to stay the same.

“Troopergate” Report Leaves Me Disappointed In Gov. Palin

The Alaskan Supreme Court ruled last night that an independent legislative investigative report that documents findings in the “Troopergate” issue that has dogged Governor Sarah Palin should be released. It was a great decision because we need transparency in government. The Los Angeles Times reports, “The report found that [Monegan’s] refusal to fire the trooper was ‘likely a contributing factor’ in Monegan’s termination in July, but it also concluded that the governor’s decision was ‘a proper and lawful exercise of her constitutional and statutory authority’ to hire and fire department heads.”  The report also found that Palin had abused her power and violated ethics.  It would seem that she initially made calls to Monegan, but when he informed her that that was improper, Todd Palin and Palin’s chief of staff started making the calls.  I then believe that when the budget indictated that someone should be let go, Palin decided Monegan would be the choice since he had not fired trooper Mike Wooten.

What can I say here?  I’m so disappointed!  No wonder she was not cooperating with the investigation.  I can understand why Sarah wanted this trooper fired and his history does call into question how he can still be on the job, but you don’t abuse power like this.  If she’ll do it here, where else will she do it?  And then to go to such lengths to cover it up.  While this does not compare to any of the marks I have against Obama it does give me pause.  This is not a moment of glory for the liberals or the Obama camp, this is a moment of profound sadness for all of America.  The reason I feel that way is because WHO THE HELL CAN WE TRUST?  We’ve got McCain voting for earmarks even though his campaign has run on his being a reformer and maverick who does not vote for earmarks.  Now Sarah who claimed to be different and to be a reformer proves to be just another politician when given power.  Barack Obama is a Marxist in disguise and Biden is just a liberal idiot.  These are our choices for leadership at a time when this country needs a true leader.  And all we have is a void.  This next four years is going to be a very painful time no matter where your politics fall.  Our economy is broken and the government is ruining it further.  Socialism is on the march.

Yesterday I received my absentee ballot in the mail.  There’s alot of names on the Florida ballot.  Both Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin made the cut.  Now I have a very difficult decision to make as does every other American.  If I vote for either of them it takes a vote from McCain giving Obama an advantage.  Despite what McCain told a crowd yesterday, “I have to tell you, Senator Obama is a decent person and a person you don’t have to be scared of as president of the United States,” I do fear an Obama presidency because I know it will rip away my freedom and the Constitution and usher in Marxism.  But how can I vote for McCain who I believe is also willing to embrace pieces of socialism and Palin who has lost a chunk of my trust?  Part of me also thinks it would be better to let Obama get saddled with all the crap coming down the pipe and look to 2012 with hope of a better choice.  Do others find themselves in this kind of struggle as well?  Will we still be America in 2012?  This G7 meeting this weekend has me upended as well.  Are we moving towards that One World Government?

I think what this is is a time of prayer.  We better all get on our knees because we need some help desperately!

I Thought Barack Obama Was Going To Be Different

As this campaign grinds down to its final days, Barack Obama continues to lose footing in the polls and has had to resort to the old way of running a campaign.  He continuously accuses McCain of Republican attack tactics and yet he is doing the same from his side.  Such political ads as wondering why McCain can’t remember how many houses he has and accusing him of being out of touch because he can’t work a computer and needs help to send emails (couldn’t be those old war injuries or anything?) just make us all weary of the game.  And they serve as reminders that the only thing Obama plans to change is our way of life as Americans, not Washington.  Now Obama has devolved all the way to continuously accusing McCain and Palin of being liars.  Pretty harsh word and one that you better be able to back up.  His camp released this yesterday:

“Since naming Gov. Palin as their vice presidential nominee, the McCain campaign has distorted, distracted and outright lied to the American people about her record in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that a McCain/Palin administration would be nothing more than a continuation of the failed Bush policies of the last eight years.”

First of all, we have to believe that George Bush has been a complete failure.  He has screwed up and at times left me, as a conservative, cold, but we have not been attacked again and that has taken some doing.  Without security in this nation issues like education and the economy mean nothing.  Without freedom, I’d rather die and George Bush has maintained that fairly well.  I disdain the Patriot Act, but keep in mind the Democrats have been for it too.  Obama’s change for this country means a march towards Marxism.  As a matter of fact, what scares me most about Obama is that some of his ideas don’t just mirror Marxism, they almost create a new dynamic.  A new kind of Marxism.  A new kind of Facism.  A kind of government that a new generation can readily embrace because they don’t have the bad track record to look back on.  His new way could lead to that great white hope.  For those of us who know better, we realize what that “new” way will lead to and it is destruction.

For me, this campaign has really lead me to search to my core values.  I was so torn because McCain has pissed me off alot in the past.  But our country has boxed itself in with a two party system.  I had decided to vote independent because I wanted to vote for something instead of against.  As this campaign rolled on long enough to reveal the true nature of Obama, I found myself really considering McCain again because I know Obama is not just a mistake for America, but a destroyer of America.  I really truly fear an Obama presidency.  Not in the snarky Hollywood way (like Matt Damon with his comments about Gov. Palin) but because of the ideas he puts forward and the possibility of those ideas going forward unchecked.  You see, we have a Congress that is on his side and may grow so Democratic that Republicans couldn’t even philibuster.  And there will probably be a need for two more Supreme Court justices.  Under this Congress and Obama we would see all three branches of government lean left.  And left is death for America.  The Constitution would be even more forgotten and we would become something else. Thankfully, McCain picked Gov. Palin because it has made my decision easier.  I have hope again.  That is something Obama has promised, but will never deliver.