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Republican National Organizations and Committees Are On Notice

I am sick to death of receiving these idiotic surveys in the mail that are just “cloaked” attempts to beg for money.  I do not like receiving money requests from charities in the mail either.  If I am going to give money to a group, I will do so without having to be asked.  I have received surveys from all types of GOP organizations and conservative think tanks like Heritage Foundation.  They are idiotic in my perception because they know damn well what conservative values conservatives have without needing to ask.  They know what issues I want them to focus on.  Why else have I been standing in the streets and calling on the phones?  Are none of them listening either?

I answered the first survey I received diligently.  Subsequent surveys left me feeling disillusioned and so I turned to writing my own comments all over the surveys.  These surveys are always accompanied by a letter from some Republican leader.  The most recent one I received, blew my top because it was from Newt Gingrich.  Newt Gingrich?!  He thinks and the Republican Senate Committee thinks I will send money on his account?!  I scrawled across the back that we are refounding and restoring the GOP and if they expected me to answer their survey and, more importantly, send them money, then they should not send letters from a fraud like Newt Gingrich who believes in Party before principles.

And that is what is going on with the Tea Party Movement.  I have had one of my blogs linked to by both Politico and Alan Colmes, in which I claim that our movement is grassroots and non-partisan.  They are trying to claim that we are not since we have focused on the GOP.  I do not see how we are supporting the GOP and being partisan when we are trying to take the GOP over or at least take it back.  We live in a country that supports a two-party system; unfortunately, and we are trying to work within those parameters.  But we are not above backing third party candidates either, when we have to, as the nation observed in NY23.

The GOP and all affiliates are on notice.  You either get on board the Tea Party Train or we will leave you in our steam.

How Obama Will Convince America We Need ObamaCare

Government healthcare in America has hit a major brickwall.   That brickwall is an outraged and skeptical American public.  Millions of American citizens have gathered in cities across the United States over the past six months, increasing in numbers and frequency in August, resulting in a huge shift in popularity for the President in polls and a lockdown on any form of healthcare reform that the Democrats have introduced.  The American people will not accept a government option in any form whether it is dubbed “public”, “co-op” or “trigger”.  Nancy “PlastiGirl” Pelosi is desperate as she continues to inform the President that no reform will pass the House without a public option and centrist Democrats claim they will not pass a bill that does contain a public option.  Confusion reigns supreme in Washington as different declarations are espoused from advisors, spokespeople and leaders.  One minute we are informed that a public option is necessary and the next we are told that the public option is not necessary.  And we are told that everyone is ready to compromise even though no bi-partisan agreements have been floated publicly.

President Obama has planned his 112th (I lost count?) speech on healthcare as his third primetime address on the topic on September 9th in front of both Houses of Congress.  So what is the President going to say that will erase the confusion and convince us to follow his lead on healthcare reform?  Absolutely nothing will work because the only people who will bother to watch this drivel are the informed in America.  What the President needs is a crisis because that is what it took for President Bush to cram TARP down our throats and for Obama to cram the Porkulus Bill down our throats.  Unfortunately, neither of those immense government spending packages worked and the country is now very skeptical.  Government healthcare in other nations has proven to be disastrous and freedom-loving Americans will not allow such government intrusion in our lives.  Rahm Emanuel is promising that this speech will finish the job – that we will be convinced.  So how will the President induce a sense of crisis?

There does not seem to be enough time over the weekend to convince us that a Pandemic is upon us or develop the much needed manufactured crisis.  So the only option for Obama seems to be convincing Americans that we all need this reform and now.  Unfortunately, a CBS poll claims that less than a fifth of Americans say a health-care overhaul will help them personally.  And 31 percent think the government’s efforts will hurt while 46 percent say it will have no effect.  This appears to be a mountain that the President will not be able to climb.  So apparently, Wednesday night is going to be a waste of all of our time and will amount to a huge revenue loss for any networks ignorant enough to air the speech.

I personally will be listening to the speech so that I can give it the proper ridicule it will deserve while I create another sign for the next grassroots rally or protest.  The Progressives will not win on this one.  Even if they continue to step outside the bounds of the Constitution and pass healthcare reform using reconciliation, they will not win.  An outraged American public will not stand for that and our representatives do not want to witness what an outraged public will do – I suggest another Boston Tea Party with Representatives serving as our tea.  Hope Nancy, Harry, Barney, Schmuck and Obama know how to swim.

Special LIVE Broadcast Of Orlando Tea Party August 22nd, 2009

Floridians Unite hosted the March 21st Orlando Tea Party that I covered both here on the blog and on my radio show.  Over 6,000 patriots attended that event.  Now Floridians Unite is hosting another tea party tomorrow, Saturday August 22, 2009, at the same location on the shores of Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.  The event will run from 6pm-8pm ET.  I will be broadcasting the Freedom’s Wings show LIVE from the event at 6:30pm ET so you can enjoy it if you do not live in Florida.  If you cannot listen live, you can always listen to the show in archives on Blog Tak Radio.  If you do live in Florida, please make the effort to join us. 

The Orlando Tea Party website  has more information and reports that “this event will focus on effective actions we all can take to protect our nation from liberty despising politicians and destructive legislation such as Cap and Trade and Government controlled health care.  Strong focus will be placed on the Florida Sovereignty resolutions that have been entered into our House and Senate and we will have declarations of support to sign to help push this legislation through in 2010! A bit of history will be shared with us by a Florida Frontiersman whose passion is the Declaration of Independence!  Also you can expect a moving tribute to our veterans and troops. The one and only Lloyd Marcus will be emceeing and performing and the talented McPhersons who brought out so much emotion in us all on March 21st will do so again on August 22nd!”

To hear the LIVE broadcast:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomswings/2009/08/22/Orlando-Tea-Party-Special-LIVE-broadcast