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Serena Williams Brings Shame To Tennis

All I can say is, “What was she thinking?”  Yesterday, Serena Williams was playing against Kim Clijsters in the semifinals at the US Open.  On match point, a line judge made a horrible call and gave Williams a foot fault penalty.  Williams foot was not over the line.  I can understand the frustration and I imagine she was angry with herself as well since she was not playing as well as her opponent, but what happened after the erroneous call and led to a point penalty that gave the winning point to Clijsters even shocked John McEnroe.  After the foot fault, Williams berated the line judge and hurled some insults.  Then she returned to the line to finish her serve and again turned back towards the judge and laid into her some more with expletives and even telling her, “I’m going to shove this ball down your f**king throat!”  Rumor has it that she also threatened the life of the judge.  When the chair umpire called the judge over to see what was said, he gave Williams a point penalty.  So she lost without swinging her racket.

I like the Williams sisters.  They have done great things for getting people back to the sport of tennis and have been an inspiration for young girls, particularly those of color.  What happened yesterday though makes me wonder what goes on in the mind of young phenoms.  Tiger Woods recently lost it during a match and threw a club and has yelled at observers too many times to count.  As if a person of his caliber cannot focus amid distractions.  Players rountinely lose their cool in tennis and have “words” with the chair umpire, but this was beyond the pale.  It brings disgrace to a sport that is known for its decorum.  It brings disgrace to a sport I love.  I grow weary of all these sport figures who are rewarded far more than they should be when they have their temper tantrums, commit criminal acts, sleep around and just become morally repugnate people.  Kids are watching.  Unfortunatley in our society, movie stars and sports figures are the ones kids want to be like. 

Serena, we all know it was a bad call.  Channel that frustration into aceing the next serve, not lowering yourself to the level of a street thug.

What Is With This Swine Flu?

Occassionally, I do find myself reaching for my tinfoil hat and today is one of those days.  I featured the news today on my Freedom’s Wings Radio Show that some kind of new influenza dubbed the “swine flu” had broken out.  As I read the news story and said the words, “This virus is a mix of human, pig and bird strains…” I found myself wondering how in the world that was possible and commented to that effect.  Really…how do human, pig and bird flus combine genetically in a natural setting?  My common sense brain tells me that type of scenario is just not possible.  This has to be some kind of man-made virus.  A caller to my show shared the same belief and I am seeing similar beliefs popping up around the internet.

The other item that makes this outbreak strange is the fact that America has outbreaks in four different states currently: Texas, California, Kansas and New York.  The swine flu appears to have originated in Mexico so border states seem like likely places for the flu to cross over, but New York and Kansas?  So far 68 people have died, but no one in America as of yet.  There have been 11 cases here thus far.

World Health Organization director-general, Margaret Chan, said the outbreak in Mexico and the United States constituted a “public health emergency of international concern.”  This declaration stops short of declaring that borders be closed and does not call the virus a “pandemic”, but the WHO did say that it has that potential.

So my questions are who made this stuff, was this some kind of laboratory experiment and who released it or how was it released?  Could this be some kind of bioweapon?  My tinfoil hat is buzzing.  I guess we will have to stay tuned for details, but I am watching this thing like a hawk while I also keep my attention on what the media is not reporting.  Usually when big stories like this are released and one hand is talking all about that here, the other hand is doing something over there that we are not suppose to be watching.  Call me a conspiracy nut job, but something is not adding up here.

Keith Olbermann Tops In Influence?!

Television Week came out with their rankings of the 10 Most Powerful People in TV News.  The top four slots went to the presidents of the major news outlets, of course.  Most surprising was the ranking of Keith Olbermann who was number 6.  Olbermann, who is undoubtedly one of the least influential people when it comes to any news including sports, is ranked number 6?!  Right behind a stalwart like Tim Russert and ahead of number 7, Bill O’Reilly, who has twice the viewership, his own radio program and several best selling books. 

When it came to ranking American TV and Cable Journalists according to honesty, integrity and professionalism, Keith Olbermann was last on the list at number 50.  If that doesn’t show the liberal bias of media, I don’t know what does.  A man who is hardly even rankable in the top qualities of journalism is considered tops in influence.  What a joke!  Today’s worst person (particularly in news) is Keith Olbermann.  There, now he got a dose of his own medicine. 

Trans Texas Corridor

ttc_mexicomap500.gifThere was a townhall meeting in Texas on January 22, 2008 to discuss this little project in Texas.  Most of the country is completely unaware that this new highway being built in Texas is just the start of a superhighway that will run north to south and east to west from Canada to Mexico.  But the citizens of Texas know all about it and have been fighting against it at the grassroots level.  Eight hundred people showed up for this townhall meeting, with hundreds more left outside because they wouldn’t fit.  Commissioner Ted Houghton of El Paso was grilled by the attendees.  Houghton made the outrageous claim that the Trans Texas Corridor, TTC-69, has nothing to do with the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA.  One citizen stood up and asked Houghton, “Why is it not part of NAFTA?”  The Commissioner’s answer was, “It doesn’t connect to Mexico.”  The room erupted with laughter. 

As one can see from the map posted here, the highway most certainly does connect with Texas.  The written plan for the Corridor also outlines the trafficing of goods into and out of Mexico.  David Stall of Corridor Watch called the exchange between the Commissioner and the citizen “a classic example of how the Commission and TxDOT are intentionally distorting information to mislead the public and THEIR elected officials”.  Thank God for groups such as Corridor Watch who are keeping their eyes on this little project which will one day in the future be the thoroughfare for the North American Union.  Visit them at Corridorwatch.org.

Oh No, the Sky is Falling!

Steve Doocey from Fox’s morning show, Fox & Friends, this morning made the following comment in regards to reports that the military is going to shoot down a disabled spy satellite, “A few weeks ago this was no big deal, but now it is.  What aren’t they telling us?”  I ‘ve been wondering the same thing myself.  On January 28, 2008 Kathryn Westcott wrote for BBC News that space experts “don’t believe the rogue satellite poses much of a threat to humankind.”  And now supposedly the rocket fuel could turn into a deadly toxic gas.  So which is it?

I’m not a rocket scientist, but here is what I do know.  This spy satellite cost hundreds of millions of dollars and less than a month after launching, it no longer was communicating with its makers.  So I know it was a huge waste of money.  The government must also be worried about classified components falling into hostile hands although Marine General James E. Cartwright, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said basically sensitive stuff burns up in the atmosphere and so there would be no justification for shooting down a satellite.  So I know that must not be why they want to shoot it down.

So there is that problem of the rocket fuel.  Supposedly the fuel is frozen and so won’t burn off or blow up in the atmosphere.  And yet, if this is true, the fuel’s toxic fumes would likely only spread over an area the size of two football fields.  Does that really justify spending millions to shoot down?  So I know that must not be why they want to shoot it down.

That really leaves only one conclusion.  Despite the fact that our government harshly criticized China for shooting down an aging weather satellite, we are going to do the same thing because it is an irresistable opportunity to test our missile defense system.  Hmm…are we testing weapons in preparation for something bigger?