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Obama’s Disingenuous Bi-Partisanship

On Friday, President Obama met with members of the House GOP at their annual three-day retreat in Maryland.  He made some opening remarks and then proceeded to conduct a question and answer session.  Mainstream Media and members of the left described the President’s “performance” as a return to his former campaign self and the three Stooges at MSNBC (Rachel Madcow as Larry, Racist Chris Matthews as Curly and Keith Olberdork as Moe) aired a special, dedicated to their analysis of the President’s appearance in Maryland where they basically declared Obama the winner and described how the President mopped the floor with the GOP – even without his trusty teleprompter.

I witnessed something quite different.  The President is not moving to the center and deciding that he would like to work in a bi-partisan way.  The State of the Union Address revealed that the President plans to move forward full steam ahead.  This meeting with the GOP backs that up as well.  The President was obtuse, answering questions in long rhetorical soundbites that left most wondering what the original question had been.  The President was defensive on many issues and stuttered and stammered to get his footing.

Obama claimed that he is open to GOP ideas.  He has said the same thing all year-long, even as he completely ignored GOP suggestions and he and his administration, along with the Democrats, have claimed time and time again that the Republicans are obstructionist and the party of “no” and have no ideas to offer.  A member of the GOP should have asked the President how the GOP managed to obstruct anything when they do not have enough votes to accomplish that – the Democrats obstructed the Democrats.  Mike Pence pointed this ignoring of GOP ideas out in this exchange with the President:

REP MIKE PENCE (R-IND.): Mr. President, a point of clarification.

What’s in the “Better Solutions” book are all the legislative proposals that were offered . . .

OBAMA: Oh, I understand. I’ve actually read your bills.

PENCE: . . . throughout 2009.

OBAMA: I understand.

PENCE: And so rest assured the summary document that you received is backed up by precisely the kind of detailed legislation that Speaker Pelosi and your administration have been busy ignoring for 12 months.

OBAMA: Well, Mike, hold on, hold on a second.


No, no, no, no, no. Hold on a second guys.  You know, Mike, I’ve read your legislation. I mean, I take a look at this stuff. And the good ideas we take.

But here — here’s the thing, here’s the thing, I guess, that all of us have to be mindful of. It can’t be all-or-nothing one way or the other, all right?  There’s eloquence for you.  “No, no, no, no, hold on guys…here–here’s the thing, here’s the thing.  As I said, he stuttered and stammered his way through this thing because he knows he is wrong and lying.  Confidence does not need to be defensive.

You — you — and what I mean by that is this. If we put together a stimulus package in which a third of it are tax cuts that normally you guys would support, and support for states and the unemployed and helping people stay on COBRA that your governors certainly would support, Democrat or Republican. And then you’ve got some infrastructure, and maybe there’s some things in there that you don’t like in terms of infrastructure, or you think the bill should have been $500 billion instead of $700 billion, or there’s this provision or that provision that you don’t like. In other words, Mike and the rest of you boneheads obstructing me, even if a bill is total garbage and full of waste, one bright shining light should get you on board to vote for this stuff.  The Porkulus Bill got its nickname for a reason: it was full of pork!  And has been proven an utter failure full of fraud.

If there’s uniform opposition because the Republican caucus doesn’t get 100 percent or 80 percent of what you want, then it’s going to be hard to get a deal done. That’s because that’s not how democracy works. The President of the United States does not know that he is the head of a Representative Republic.  He thinks this is a Democracy.

Something that many analysts did not pick up in the opening statements of the President set off some Marxist/Dictator warning bells.  We already had Obama call out the Supreme Court and attempt to embarrass them at the SOTU and he informed them that he was encouraging Congress to overturn their ruling to uphold the First Amendment with legislation.  The President later informed Congress that he would be issuing an Executive Order to set up the spending committee that would take over the Congressional power of deciding where spending should be allocated and cut.  So we have President getting Congress to take SCOTUS’ power and then the President taking Congress’ power leaving one person holding the bag.  And this brings me to this statement from Friday:

I’m ready and eager to work with anyone who is willing to proceed in the spirit of goodwill. But understand, if we can’t break free from partisan gridlock, if we can’t move past the politics of no, if resistance supplants constructive debate, I still have to meet my responsibilities as president. I’ve got to act for the greater good, because that, too, is a commitment that I have made. And that, too, is what the American people sent me to Washington to do.

The President just informed the nation that he is going to act for the greater good, which we know means his interpretation of good, even if he has to act without Congress.  We know that Congress will be in gridlock now with the election of Scott Brown and the GOP is aware that they cannot move forward any big government ideas without suffering the wrath of We The People.

Since the Massachusetts wake-up call, Obama’s only concession has been to issue a spending freeze in his 2011 budget.  This concession is not only temporary, but freezes spending at an exorbitant rate while not doing anything to reform entitlement programs like MediCare, MediCaid and Social Security, which are bankrupting the country.  And the next concession that the President will toss out to the little people is moving the 9/11 trials out of Manhatten.  This brings little solace to an American public outraged that non-citizens who took part in slaughtering 3,000 of our fellows were given Constitutional rights.  And the idea that this “circus” trial, that will give voice to these Jihadi terrorists to spill forth their bilge, is just going to be moved to another American city instead of back to GITMO insults our intelligence.

The President is putting on airs of being a willing participant in bi-partisanship, but the actions will prove that this is just another lie.  And so we will have to remind him again in November 2010 that We The People are the government.


A Plan For Conservatives In 2010

Divided we fall, united we stand.  That is going to be the theme for the 2010 elections.  Conservatives face a unified and strong front on the left.  After the losses we suffered in 2008, particularly the presidency, we have learned that we must move forward differently in the future and learn to use the tools that the left beat us with.  Those tools include the Internet through blogs, social networking via Facebook and Twitter and other sites; community activism and organization; and registering people to vote and ensuring they make it to the polling place.  The left used all of these tools effectively.  The good news is that conservatives have begun to master all of these weapons and we now rule Twitter and Facebook and the Tea Party Movement has demonstrated that we can protest against the best of liberal community organizing groups.

But the question remains whether conservatives can unite in the way that is required.  There is an area of contention within the conservative ranks between backing a third party or working within the Republican Party.  Although it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, based on ineptness and a lack of principles in the past, we need to work within the two party system through the Republican Party at this time and there are many reasons why.

Number one, there are many people that just vote the party line and do not pay much attention to politics and consider themselves Republicans because their spouse is a Republican or their family of origin were Republicans.  We witnessed this in NY23 with Dede Scozzafava’s name on the ballot.

Number two, we must face reality and the truth is that there is not enough time to garner the money and support needed to support a third party.

Number three, getting behind a third party means choosing a particular third party and which one would we choose?   Conservatives are a group that has people who belong to the Constitution Party, Whig Party, Libertarian Party, Conservative Party and Tea Party.  Which one do we support when all run on similar platforms?  This only serves to split our vote and as pointed out previously, we face a united foe.  Observe the left for a moment.  They fall on all different sides of various issues whether it is abortion, the War on Terrorism, Gay Marriage, fiscal responsibility, etc.  And yet they can all unite as we have observed with the healthcare insurance reform debate and subsequent bills.  This is because they are united behind the goal of power.  Ultimately, that is complete government control.  We know this to be true because we watched “principled” people receive payoffs, bribes and handouts willingly.  We have to decide to unite on Constitutional principles and forget about areas of disagreement.

Here is what we must do to begin to build the infrastructure to take back our country.  We have to put our focus completely into the primaries.  Some states in America have open primaries so it does not matter which party you are affiliated with, but the majority of states limit primary voting to people registered for a particular party.  In these states, regardless of what party you believe in with your heart and belong to, you need to register as a Republican.  You can throw your voter card out later, but we need to get constitutionally principled candidates on the final ballots.

The Republican National Committee and state Republican Party leadership must stay out of the process until after the primaries unless they provide equal monies to all persons running for a Republican seat.  And there are so many individuals in some races that this would be a waste of money.  Michael Steele must step down…yesterday.  We need true leadership that includes not only someone of principle and not ego, but also someone who will not make statements such as “we won’t take back the House” or “we are not ready to lead”.  Even if a leader believes this, it should never be uttered.  Could one imagine George Washington turning to his men as they crossed the Potomac and announcing, “You will suffer starvation and frostbite and many will die and we are going to get our butts kicked.  We are outnumbered and can’t possibly win.  Who wants to come?”  We need passionate leadership.

If we do not get the right candidates on the ballots with the primary system, then we must continue our unity behind a particular candidate, regardless of party affiliation.  This is where the grassroots organizations and lines of communication that we have built will come into play.  We have to be on the same page and this is very doable, as we have watched over the past few months.  Many of us never paid attention to races in other states, but now most of us know Scott Brown, Danny Tarkanian, Marco Rubio and Doug Hoffman.

We also know that the left will do whatever it takes to win and that makes for a tough adversary.  We watched intimidation at the polls in 2008; we witnessed groups like ACORN register cartoon characters, people more than once, fake names and even dead people; and we have observed fraudulent vote counts.  Democrats have conducted legislation in the dead of night and behind closed doors.  They have created an environment of opaqueness rather than transparency.

This is the proverbial David versus Goliath, with conservatives playing the role of David.  The good news is that David had something in his bag that we also have and it was not the right sized rock.  David had God on his side and so do we.  Now a bunch of Democrats just cried out that they believe in God and have Him too, but we have to face reality.  Is the current Democrat platform something that God would register to support?  Would He support abortion on demand even to the point of letting babies die outside the womb?  Would He support a free for all when it comes to marriage?  Would He back stealing money from others that work hard to give to those that will not work?  Would He support His removal from the town square?  These are all issues that the Democrats, lead by the progressives within their ranks, champion.  This was not always the case for Democrats, but there has been a change.

And so we must not lose hope because there can be no doubt that God would want America to return to the exceptionalism that He instilled in this nation from its beginnings.  We were structured as a Constitutional Republic and we need to return to that fabric that has made this nation so great.  We can only do that if we unite.  We must work together to inform and educate the public and merge our support behind the team of people we choose to represent us in Washington, D.C. in the 2010 Election.  This will give us the foundation to move forward towards the year 2012 when we can take back the White House as well and continue the hard work of dismantling the Marxist Utopian structure that has been built up around this country over the past one hundred years.  This will not be easy and it will be painful.  This is gut check time.  What are you willing to sacrifice to save this country for yourself and for future generations and on a grander scale, for the world.  America is the last bastion of freedom on Earth and a Republic if “we can keep it.”

Progressives Push Only Their Free Speech And Free Press

I always find it amazing how the Progressives, who are suppose to be moving us forward with progress I think, allow only free speech and free press if it is their free speech or opinions they agree with.  We witnessed this throughout the summer as they attacked Tea Party attendees, shut us out of townhalls and regularly attacked conservative commentators.  Obama seems to have his own version of Woodrow Wilson’s American Protective League on the Progressive side of the aisle.  The mainstream media continues to shill out progressive ideology and attacks on conservatives as they ignore leaked emails that prove global warming to be a farce and ignore the corruption inside of groups like ACORN and even the corruption within the Democrat Party.

The scandals of the century have taken place over the past year.  It has been amazing to watch them all unfold from the previously mentioned ACORN and global warming scandals to the people that are part of the Obama administration like Mao-loving Anita Dunn and Marxist Van Jones.  And which news organization has brought all of this darkness into the light?  FOX News, of course.  There has been a concerted effort to shut down FOX News and now there is a new drive to replace FOX programming.  Marxist website BuzzFlash has started this intiative to stifle free speech and free press.  Here is the pledge they are asking their moonbat followers to take:

I promise to actively work to have FOX “News” replaced with other programming whenever I see it aired. In public settings, I will seek to influence businesses to change the channel. As a BuzzFlash FOX guerilla protestor, I will do my best to decease the growing and pernicious presence in public settings of a television station that undermines American democracy and basic civility.

And their reason for having this kind of drive is:

Take the pledge! Stop the spread of the FOX cancer by getting it turned off in public places: such as pubs, doctor’s offices, airports and restaurants. Become an ambassador to decrease the influence of FOX’s misinformation and propaganda. This is BuzzFlash’s first advocacy project and we need a national guerilla squad of individuals who will join us in various strategies to stop the spread of FOX into public settings. In the coming months, we’ll be advising you on how to ask nicely to change the news channel, leave flyers warning people about FOX “News” damaging brain cells, and many more strategies to come, including a device that can turn TV sets off from up to 50 feet away!

Sounds like a Marxist Utopia to me.  Only let the people hear what we want them to hear.  There can be no freedom for people to make up their own minds.  There can be no fairness and balance, except if we are talking the wealthy, then we need fairness and balance with everybody bordering on poverty so they look to us for all their needs and keep us in power.  Unless you are truly a Marxist, how can you support this kind of behavior?  This is not American.  America is about liberty.  We do not shut down the Marxist.  We let them blather on like the idiots they are – mainly because they dig their own graves.  History proves that only freedom works.  Totalitarian regimes always fall.  Empires crash.  People are starved or slaughtered within Marxism.  Only freedom allows people to be prosperous.  Only freedom allows the opportunity for success.

Net Neutrality Gains Ground

The federal government does not feel it has enough control yet as it absorbs banks, businesses, healthcare and the like and so it is now going after the internet.  Conservatives like myself have been warning for months about the Fairness Doctrine, which would utterly destroy the radio talk show business.  This is basically legislation that would give the government the ability to decide who runs and owns radio stations and thus, what types of programs can be aired on radio.  Our warnings worked and the government backed away from the Fairness Doctrine, but as we all know, these policies do not go away, they just morph into something else.  Net Neutrality is one of those morphed policies.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

As phone and video services have migrated online, the FCC has struggled to stretch its authority over new technologies. The FCC’s net neutrality proposal, driven by Chairman Julius Genachowski, is the strongest move yet by the federal government to assert control over the rules of the road on the Internet.

Google and AT&T have been embroiled in a battle over the net neutrality proposal, which gained ground last week when FCC Commissioners unanimously voted to move forward net neutrality and will be manipulated in the coming weeks into a policy that will be crammed down the throats of internet users and providers.  This is a forerunner to government control of the internet.  Keep in mind that the President has already granted himself emergency control over the internet and has a Cyber Czar to police the internet.  These net neutrality rules will enforce that power.

Google supports net neutrality because it gives them farther reach.  High speed internet will have to be provided to all areas of America and internet services will be unable to block anything on the internet, specifically Google.  Google, incidentally blocks whatever it pleases or works against conservative websites like Atlas Shrugs.  Google is also in bed with GE, which puts them in bed with the Obama administration.

The Wall Street Journal also reports:

AT&T and other Internet-access providers want latitude to manage traffic on congested wireless networks and freedom to devote a chunk of their wired networks to selling more expensive services. Internet providers are worried regulators are assuming veto power over their efforts to develop new revenue streams from their Internet lines.

Google and other Internet companies fret that phone and cable companies will hobble their efforts to offer competing services online or will try charging them more for better connections to consumers.

Google wants phone and cable companies to deliver all traffic equally, so carriers can’t get in the way of it offering consumers high-definition TV shows or movies on YouTube or phone services like Google Voice.

This would all be a great idea if not for the fact that the government is getting involved.  And anyone paying attention to the FCC knows that its new head thinks Hugo Chavez is great and applauds his revolution.  The FCC also has a board where Democrats outnumber Republicans.  The Progressives are slowly powergrabbing everything they can and we need to wake up and fight it to save our freedom.

Oprah On Copenhagen

Today I happened to catch the first part of the Oprah Winfrey Show.  No, I did not choose to watch Oprah, it was on in the same room as myself.  Anyway, Oprah hosted a show on various countries and Denmark was one of those countries, specifically Copenhagen.  She must have filmed it while she was there to promote the Olympics.  She did mention that things did not go well in the case of the Olympics.  I laughed out loud.

The main focus was that Denmark is considered by researchers to have the most happy population on earth.  The idea seems to be that the people are taken care of by the government, so they have nothing to worry about.  Oprah interviewed a woman who explained that if she loses her job, the government will help her find a new one and pay her up to four years of unemployment insurance.  University education is not only provided for free, but students are paid to attend school.  People pick their occupations based on interest rather than the amount of money they will earn because everybody earns equal pay.  Healthcare is free as well.  The woman gave a tour of her home that was cramped.  Three children share one room.  Marriage is no big deal in Denmark and so there is no pressure there.  Several Danish women told Oprah that they do not believe in any Higher Power and that most Danes have the same lack of belief.

As a freedom-loving American, i found myself wondering how anyone could be happy under a socialistic rule like this where everyone is treated as an equal even when equal effort is not given.  How can one be happy when they have no way to measure success?  How can one be happy when they are not rewarded according to effort?  The Danish women maintained that they lived under a Democracy and not socialism.  I clear example of how wonderful their free education has been.  It is not until halfway through the interview that the woman being interviewed admits that taxes are 50%.  Some free healthcare and education, eh?  This is the way all of these countries work.  They claim to get services for free even though they are paying immense taxes.  The Danish woman claimed that she did not mind the 50% in taxes.  I certainly would not be happy paying half of my hard earned money to the government.

I would be interested in knowing who exactly are the researchers that came up with the result that the Danes are the most happy.  I bet they were from Berkley or perhaps Columbia University.

America’s Nightmare Ends Now

As a freedom-loving individual, I abhor anything that attempts to destroy that freedom or abridge that freedom in any way.  There is a Progressive movement afoot in the country that is attempting to do just that and it seems to me that the slumbering majority of Americans have awoken to a nightmare.  Many people accuse me of being racist or just plain hating the President because of my criticism of him.  People apparently cannot get beyond that point enough to realize that it is the ideology, the policies, the friendships and the lies that I am critiquing.  And this is not just about the President.  This is about a Progressive history that permeates community organizations, the court system, Congress, local government, public education, the media and Hollywood.  These groups believe that our sacred documents are fundamentally flawed and living – thus they can be changed and need to be changed.  The three branches of government are sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect it from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Unfortunately, they have become the domestic threat.

I have said that our President wants to be friends with America’s enemies, which must mean that he is the enemy.  I believe the same is true for the entire government save for a few souls who still hold to our Founding Principles.  What can we do when it seems that we are surrounded and that there is nothing we can do to change our circumstances?  A woman on Rush Limbaugh’s show today expressed this same feeling of outrage and slide into hopelessness, but then she pulled herself up and remarked that we are winning.  It does not matter that the media pays us little attention and when they do it is to poke fun.  Limbaugh let this woman speak for at least ten minutes uninterrupted and she spoke for millions of people.  The only thing she got wrong was that she insisted that we needed Rush to inspire us and give us hope and Rush was quick to point out later what was obvious about this caller.  She was the inspirer.  Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levine and the like can help keep us informed and motivated, but it is We The People who make the real difference.

We can stop the nightmare and we already are splitting the Progressive movement at the seams.  Government healthcare is going nowhere do in large part to our efforts on the ground.  The year 2010 is looking to be a year of great transition and real change for America.  ACORN is being defeated and crying like a baby as it loses funding and lashes out at those who have brought this giant down.  Obama’s czars are being brought into the light and revealed one-at-a-time for the Marxists and traitors that they are.  One has fallen and more will follow.  Community organizations of  every variety are falling under scrutiny.  Congress has been hearing from us very clearly and boldly.  We are bringing God back into the public square.  Americans are taking back their country.

The world is moving to the right and so what sense does it make for America to move to the left?  That makes about as much sense as Michael Moore calling capitalism “evil” even as he makes money off of the documentary dedicated to that ideology.  Common sense is making a comeback.  Americans will not long bear public schools that indoctrinate their children to worship a human leader.  Americans will not long bear a government that spends their children’s future.  Americans will not long bear a movement that drives to erase their children’s freedom.  If not for us, we must do this for the children.  We must educate and empower ourselves and each other.  We have been given unalienable rights from God and no one can or will take those away.

What can you do?  If you are still on the couch, get up!  Most people are off the couch and just need to continue what they are doing.  Something as small as talking to neighbors and family, emailing your representatives, calling the White House switchboard, making a sign and attending a rally all make a difference.  The greatest difference takes place inside of you as you realize that the power of the government lies within you.  We can end America’s nightmare now before it is too late.  We will end the nightmare!

Gamaliel And Barack Obama

How many more of these videos of people and children worshipping Obama and revelations of nefarious connections between Obama and community organizing groups have to happen before Americans realize that we are in a waking nightmare with our current leadership?  Most of this information was revealed during the campaign, but no one was paying attention.  Now it is a full on fight for our country and citizen journalists, bloggers, radio show hosts, FOX News and concerned citizens are getting this information out as quickly as we can get it out.  BreitbartTV has posted a video of a gathering of a group called Gamaliel that you must see.   Deliver us Obama?!

So who exactly is this group Gamaliel and what is Obama’s connection to that group?  Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs has dug up much information on those questions.  President Obama was a former Gamaliel organizer.  He was a lawyer for ACORN.  Both these groups use the principles of Saul Alinsky, which we have watched the White House continue to use as Obama continues his campaigning for his Marxist policies.  How can a President that adopted and worked for organizations that promoted anti-American ideology possibly do anything for the benefit of America?  Does anyone still wonder why the President places America in a precarious place security-wise and apologizes for America any chance he is given the opportunity?  No wonder he wants to be liked by our enemies – he is the enemy! 

Stanley Kurtz researched Gamaliel back in November 2008 and wrote in the National Review, “The same separatist, anti-American theology of liberation that was so boldly and bitterly proclaimed by Obama’s pastor is shared, if more quietly, by Obama’s Gamaliel colleagues. The operative word here is “quietly.” Gamaliel specializes in ideological stealth, and Obama, a master student of Gamaliel strategy, shows disturbing signs of being a sub rosa radical himself. Obama’s legislative tactics, as well as his persistent professions of non-ideological pragmatism, appear to be inspired by his radical mentors’ most sophisticated tactics. Not only has Obama studied, taught, and apparently absorbed stealth techniques from radical groups like Gamaliel and ACORN, but in his position as a board member of Chicago’s supposedly nonpartisan Woods Fund, he quietly funneled money to his radical allies — at the very moment he most needed their support to boost his political career. It’s high time for these shadowy, perhaps improper, ties to receive a dose of sunlight…The Gamaliel connection appears to supply a solution to the riddle of Obama’s mysterious political persona. On one hand, he likes to highlight his days as a community organizer — a profession with proudly radical roots in the teachings of Chicago’s Saul Alinsky, author of the highly influential text Rules for Radicals. Obama even goes so far as to make the community-organizer image a metaphor for his distinctive conception of elective office. On the other hand, Obama presents himself as a post-ideological, consensus-minded politician who favors pragmatic, common-sense solutions to the issues of the day. How can Obama be radical and post-radical at the same time?”

The Gamaliel Foundation posts their mission as this, “The mission of Gamaliel Foundation is to assist local community leaders to create, maintain and expand independent, grassroots, and powerful faith-based community organizations so that ordinary people can impact the political, social, economic, and environmental decisions that affect their lives; to provide these organizations with leadership training programs, consultation, research and analysis on social justice issues;  to be a network for mutual learning environments and working coalitions.”  They claim that their vision propels us to a “more perfect union”.  The detals of this vision can be found here and include “collectively transform our society and bring about justice locally, nationally and globally.”

As an interesting side note, I looked up Gamaliel on Wikipedia and the word is the Greek form of the Hebrew word for “gift of God”.  Since this group comes from a religious foundation, I believe that is no coincidence.  And now Gamliel has given us their gift from God – Barack Obama.