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My Predictions For The Year 2010

Last year I intermingled my irreverent and parodic based predictions with the real ones, but this year I will seperate the two.  First will be the serious predictions and then we’ll have the comic relief because we are going to need it.  Please feel free to add your own in the comments and join me on the radio if you would like to share them.  Tuesday January 5th at 6pm ET I will be discussing these on The Freedom’s Wings Show.

1.  Unemployment will see no real improvement.  Juan Williams of National Public Radio believes that unemployment will recover to 8%.  I hardly think so.  I see the unemployment rate going up once again to a peak of 10.6% and then just leveling off.  At best, the rate may drop to 10%, but that is not enough to benefit the Democrats in the 2010 election.

2.  The word for the economy of 2010 will be static.  I think the stock market will continue the up and down gyrations.  Housing will continue to remain where it was for the latter part of 2009, which will see more foreclosures and few new home buyers.  Home values I think will fall a bit as well, but nothing drastic.  There will not be a Depression.

3.  Something will change in the economy towards the end of the year and I believe that will be Ben Bernanke raising interest rates as inflation rears its head.  This will result in Stagflation because interest rates will be up and unemployment will still be high.

4.  The personal economies of the states will be the ones that will suffer.  Several states will face bankruptcy and collapse and will have to turn to the federal government for loans giving the government unprecedented control over the states and a breakdown of the 10th Amendment that so many states are re-establishing.  These states include: California, New York, Florida, Michigan, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

5.  Porkulus Bill 2 will appear sometime before summer.  This will also be sold as a recovery bill and I expect it will contain the term “jobs” somewhere in the title because the government continues to think that throwing federal money at the problem will solve it.

6.  Debt ceiling will be reached again before summer and, yet again, the Congress will vote to raise it to the level of $13 trillion.

7.  Without a doubt, everyone’s taxes will go up and Obama will explain that it is a necessity.

8.  There will be a shake up in the Obama administration at the very top – yes, that would be between VP Joe Biden and the President.  I foresee a big disagreement that finally pushes Biden over the edge and he steps down.  Michelle Obama would like to replace him, but I see Bill Richardson being chosen.

9.  In the 2010 elections, the House will lose 40 seats and the Senate will lose the supermajority and change to 51 Republicans and 40 Democrats.  Chris Dodd, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer will be out.  Republican governors will win big as well and even local elections will see an influx of third party candidates winning for state representation.

10.  ObamaCare will pass, but it will be a skeleton of itself and the public will realize it is a tax and spend bill and nothing more.  The only true reform will come in the way of digitizing records.  Otherwise, the federal abortion funding will be out, the public option will be out and the inability to repeal the bill will be out.  The unconstitutional individual mandate will remain as well as the pay off earmarks, which will have increased to get liberal Democrats in the House on board.

11. Card Check will pass with the help of increased pressure from all of the unions.  This will be the pay off to the unions for backing ObamaCare that will raise taxes on union health insurance.

12.  ClimateGate will spread as more scientists are revealed to be providing fraudulent data.  Big name universities will be named.  At this time, the mainstream media will be forced to cover the story and Crap & Tax will die in the Senate.  Global cooling continues.

13.  The big push to buy gold will suffer a scandal as counterfeit gold is discovered to have been sold to a large number of people.  The value of gold will raise steadily though as the dollar continues to tank because the Treasury will be unable to stop printing money hand over fist.

14. The Tea Party Movement will continue to gain prominence as it organizes and will generate a huge shift in politics in America.  Tax Day Tea Party 2010 will have twice the numbers across the country as last year, meaning some two million people will attend events.  Glenn Beck’s gathering in August will host 2.5 million people.

15. Kim Jong-il will die this year.

16.  Pope Benedict will suffer a major health crisis.

17.  A major earthquake will hit the west coast as the Ring of Fire’s activity picks up.  I expect to see at least one, if not two, new volcanos to become active this year as well.  The earth will be suffering birth pains.

18. Amnesty is going to pass, but not in the form that the left would like.  I believe this bill will be bi-partisan (due to McCain and Grahamnesty) because it is watered down.  This will not be blanket citizenship and will require criminal invaders to pay fines, back taxes and register to vote.  They will not have to return to Mexico and then come back.

19.  Israel drop bombs on Iranian nuclear sites.  Iran will retaliate with missiles and do damage to Israel, but the Iranian regime will not have support from other Arab states and Russia and China will remain behind the scenes and not helpful.  I do not think World War III will erupt at this time because…

20.  The Iranian regime will fall.  The attack by Israel will embolden the revolutionaries to overthrow their regime and it will be replaced with a Democratic government.

21.  A large-scale terrorist attack will take place in America.  Several hundred people will be killed and wounded.  Barack Obama will follow this up with a strongly worded speech.

22.  Jay Leno will leave Prime Time in this utterly failed experiment.

23.  Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will remain much the same even with the surge.  Yemen and Pakistan will continue to be hit with drone bombs.

Okay, so I know that makes for a pretty bleak 2010, but keep in mind that we usually end up having several feel good stories that make big news as well but they result from unbelievable circumstances so I cannot even begin to guess what these events will be.  Now it is to the fun stuff.  These are just comical predictions.

1.  Tiger Woods makes a rebound and adds a sponsor for a change: Hooters.  He legally changes his name to better facilitate his return to prominence to Lion Gigalo – rather that should by lyin’.

2.  Balloon boy is replaced by Hamster Ball Boy as a child gets trapped in his inventor dad’s experimental new exerciser and rolls across a major American city, weaving dangerously through traffic unable to stop.

3.  PlastiGirl’s face breaks.  The repairs leave poor PlastiGirl with a permanent “Joe Wilson said what?” look.

4.  Tom Cruise will die in a Scientology brain meld accident.  Katie Holmes cries, “Freedom!”

5.  Furlough Fridays spread across the nation as cities face cutbacks and soon branch out into Take Off Thursdays.

6.  Barack Obama bows to Castro.

7.  Mouse of Senate (Reid) loses his re-election bid and becomes horribly deformed in a mousetrap accident.

8.  Northern New York state secedes from the bottom half of New York and New York City in particular to escape the tax code.

9.  It is revealed that Rachel Madcow is really a man, but posed as a woman because she/he thought she/he could go farther in the media that way.

10.  Barack Obama receives the award for “Most Eloquent Teleprompter Reader, Biggest Equivocator Of The Year.”  Obama carries it with him everywhere he goes thinking that it is a positive development, while TOTUS goes on strike for getting no recognition.


Obama’s Racism Continues To Show

Last week, at the tail-end of his fourth primetime press conference, the President answered reporter Lynn Sweet’s question, “What does that incident say to you? And what does it say about race relations in America,” about an incident involving a black Harvard professor by admitting that he did not know details about the incident and was biased because the professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr. was a friend, but stated that Camridge, Massachusettes police had acted stupidly when they arrested Gates.  Details about the arrest reveal that Gates was acting disrespectfully and disorderly towards the police officers.  The President clearly gave a poor answer, but as always, revealed a bit more of his inner workings.

Professor Gates has been revealed as a racist himself.  Several soundbites of the man reveal him laughing about Malcolm X getting in white people’s faces and calling them devils.  This is yet another person who Obama considers to be a friend that appears to be racist.  Since the President immediatley took Gates side without even knowing the facts against white officers, I can rightly assume he has a lot of issues with white America.  He just hides it well.  But the President does not just have issues with white people.  He clearly has problems with Jews as well.  His behavior towards Israel makes it obvious as he continues to choose the terrorists that rule over the Palestinians instead of our Jewish ally in Israel.  Israel has taken notice.

Over 2,000 protestors took to the streets in Israel as George Mitchell, the President’s envoy to Israel, is there making sure that no new Israel settlements are built.  People carried signs declaring, “No you can’t!”  Dani Dayan, who heads the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, which helped to organize the event said, “People tell us that it is impossible to stand up against American pressure; there is no bigger lie.”

“Obama should not be pressing Israel to compromise and freeze building in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem,” protest organizer Yaacov Steinberg told WND.

Speaking at the rally, Rabbi Eliezer Waldman called Obama a “racist” and exclaimed, “How dare he tell the Jews where they can or can’t live! The era when Jews were banned from living in different places has ended.  Obama beware. This insolence will bring about the downfall of the American leadership. Anyone who dares give an order to prevent Israeli life in Jerusalem or anywhere else in the land of Israel is destined to fall.”

“This week the American pressure reached new highs that are a shame to democratic societies,” declared Pinchas Wallerstein who is the director of the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in the West bank.

 “It’s absolutely an outrageously racist policy,” Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, told WND. “Especially in light of how Obama should be sensitive when it comes to anything that would remotely constitute discrimination of people based on ethnicity or religion.”

It appears the President is only sensitive when it comes to black people who are progressive.  Israel is a long time ally and now they are demonstrating against us.  Obama’s ideas of making nice with our enemies and alienating our friends must stop!

The President’s Pipedream Speech In Cairo

The sentiments of the President are really commendable, but his visions and beliefs about the Muslim world are truly a pipedream.  He is trying to reach out to Muslims by telling them that we share all the same values that they do and that was the core of his speech today in Cairo.  If that were true, would not all these countries be Republics?  Why are we the only Republic on the planet?  No other country shares the values and principles of America completely and Arab countries are some of the furthest from American values.  The President continued to appeal to the Muslims by reminding them of his middle name again and his upbringing in Islam as well as pointing out that Senator Keith Ellison took his oath on the “holy” Koran – an action that I remember inflamed the passions of Americans and outraged many of us. 

He also made an appeal about the world’s daughters and that they can contribute just as much as sons.  The President made appeals based on our belief that all men are created equal.  The Muslim nations of the world treat women as less than second class citizens and his words will never change that.  This is so easy to say in Cairo.  Many of the things he remarked today are easily said in Cairo, but I would love to see him give this speech in Sudan. 

The President commented that he was a Christian.  In the world of most Muslim believers, the President has committed a major offense.  He was born to a Muslim father and raised going to Muslim schools and yet he has turned his back on that and supposedly become Christian.  That is considered to be an offense punishable with death according to many Koran scholars including one of the founders of one of the four orthodox schools of law of Sunni Islam.

The President again related his dreams of a world without nuclear weapons, even as he says that it is permissible for Iran to push for nuclear energy.  The President also said that Americans do not support Israeli settlements, a sentiment many Americans do not share.  Where were the calls for the Muslim world to recognize Israel as a nation and their right to live and prosper in their land?  He did call on Hamas to do that, but all of Islam needs to be there as well.  Israel is not just under threat from Hamas.   And he contradicted reports that he wants the Palestinians to have Jerusalem by saying it should be a place for Jews, Christians and Muslims.  The President also said, “And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”  That is not his responsibility.  Our security is his responsibility.

The President referred to himself as a student of history, but his history is a bit convoluted in places and he spent part of his speech apologizing for America and the world in general for sins against the Muslim world.   Obama is well intentioned, but just does not seem to grasp the reality of the Middle East or the history.  A dream for peace throughout the world and in particular in the Middle East is a pipedream.  A lofty goal that is not worth the energy.  The President needs to come home and put his energies into America and our economy and security.

The truth is that even as the President panders to the Muslim world and calls for world wide peace, a soldier will be laid to rest here in America who died at the hands of a Muslim here in America.  That is reality.

The President Thinks He Will Bring Peace To The Middle East

President Barack Obama is clinging to the same goal that every other president before him up to and including Jimmy Carter has and that is bringing peace to the Middle East.  Obviously, none of these men have been avid readers of the Bible or they have chosen to dismiss centuries of history that affirm contention in that area of the world.  The battle between the Palestinians and Israel is not one over land.  It is a spiritual battle dating back to Isaac and Ishmael when God Himself declared that the Arabs and Jews would not get along.  This is why there is so much hatred between the Muslims and the Jews.  Land is offered in a mistaken attempt to bring peace and it has never worked.

And yet, the President thinks that he should back a two-state solution.  He went into meetings yesterday with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin(Bibi) Netanyahu with that being his only goal while Bibi came to the meeting with no offer of peace or a state until the Palestinians were ready to admit that Israel has a right to land in the Middle East and a right to exist; something the Palestinians have refused to admit.  Every time the Palestinians are given land and Israel pulls their people from the area, the Palestinians return to lobbing missiles into Israel.

And only a fool would believe that giving Palestinians a stronghold next to Israel would not lead to terrorists making attempts to destroy Israel and run it into the sea.  Hamas already leads Gaza.  Iran is already backing the terrorists in Gaza.

Speaking of Iran, it was another hot topic for the two leaders at their meeting.  The President wants to give Iran six more months to stop their nuclear ambitions while Bibi would like to finish off Iran’s nuclear installments for good.  And the President of Iran will most likely win his next election so the world will have to continue working with the little Dictator.  I trust Israel to take care of a situation our President is unwilling to deal with and that Iran will not be allowed to go fully nuclear.

For the most part, this meeting seems to have been a waste of time even though it stretched on far past the time allotted.  God gave Israel the land that they now live in and the Promised Land that incorporated even broader boundaries and America must not take part in the splitting of the land.  On both a political and spiritual level, we must fully support Israel.  Only 31% of Israelis believe that Obama is pro-Israel and I have to agree with them.

I Guess Britain And France Should Have Joined Boycott

What exactly were Britain and France thinking when they decided to attend the United Nation’s Racism Conference?   Did they really think Iranian President Ineedajob would be decent while giving his speech today?  Just the fact he was allowed to speak should have been reason enough for both of these countries to boycott the conference.  And when exactly is the UN going to stop letting these Dictators from around the world have a voice?  Israel is given no vote at the UN, but Hugo Chavez and Ineedajob get the podium!? 

So anyway, I guess the British delegation got all dramatic today and left during Ineedajob’s rant against Israel in which he said that Israel was a racist state and had been founded “on the pretext of Jewish suffering” during the Second World War.”  It really is somewhat hilarious to think that Ineedajob – who must idolize Hitler – doubts what Hitler did.  The Iranian President should have Hitler on a pedestal, but instead denies that Hitler ever killed millions of Jews (thousands of gays and others as well). 

Times Online is reporting, “Around 20 delegates, including envoys from the UK, France, and Finland stood up and left the room at what was considered an anti-Semitic remark by the Iranian leader, who has repeatedly called for Israel to be wiped off the map. Nine Western countries including Israel and the United States had already decided to boycott the conference entirely because its draft declaration endorsed the conclusions of an anti-racism conference in South Africa eight years ago in which Islamic nations pushed through a text equating Zionism with racism.”

I send out high praise to the clown-dressed protestors at the speech who threw tomatoes at the Iranian President.  Today Israel observes Holocaust Rememberance Day – how ironic that it falls on the same day this scoundrel was flapping his gums.   Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, put it best this morning when he told his cabinet, “in Switzerland, the guest of honour is a racist and a Holocaust-denier who doesn’t conceal his intention to wipe Israel off the face of this earth”.

And that is really all we need to know about the UN.  It is time for the US to pull out of the UN and kick that corrupt organization out of America!

Israeli Tennis Player Denied Visa By UAE

Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer was denied a visa from the United Arab Emirates so that she could play in the Dubai Tennis Championships.  The decision dealt a blow to Dubai’s image of openness in both business and sports.  World Tennis Association chief executive Larry Scott said the tour was “deeply disappointed” by the decision and that “Ms. Peer has earned the right to play in the tournament and it’s regrettable that the UAE is denying her this right.  Ms. Peer and her family are obviously extremely upset and disappointed by the decision of the UAE and its impact on her personally and professionally.”  Mr. Scott also said in reference to the World Tennis Association that it “believes strongly and has a clear rule and policy that no host country should deny a player the right to compete in a tournament for which she has qualified by ranking.”

The WTA needs to tell Dubai that they will no longer be hosting any international tennis events that the ATP would sanction.  They should not be able to carry on with this one except that it would be unfair to the other players.  Once again we see Israel, or more specifically an Israeli citizen, being discriminated against on an international stage.  But why should we be surprised when even the United Nations does not give Israel a vote in any matter.  And I’m certainly not surprised that the UAE, a Muslim dominated country, would make such a move.  And we’re suppose to believe that Islam is a religion of peace.

President Obama Panders To Our Enemies

The hits just keeping rolling on for President Obama.  This is most certainly not the same man that ran during the campaign for president.  His middle of the road ways are long gone.  And beyond even my comprehension – and really nothing Obama does surprises me anymore – he gave his first interview as president to an Arabic satellite TV network.  What?!  Yeah, he’s trying to convince our enemies who declared us to be their enemies without us doing anything, that America is not their enemy.  This guy is not only naive, he is downright dangerous.  If you are not prepared for another attack soon, you better get that way.

The interview was also President Obama’s attempt to repair relations with Muslims which was one of his commitments during the campaign.  Something I came out strongly against.  The president said he intends to engage the Middle East immediately and his new envoy to the region, former Sen. George J. Mitchell, is headed to Egypt on Tuesday for a visit.  He also intends to visit Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  Did anybody happen to hear that a Palestinian roadside bomb killed an Israeli soldier who was patrolling the gaza border today and that Israel responded with an airstrike that wounded a Hamas militant?  So much for that truce.  I guess this visit will be timely. Israel sent tanks and bulldozers across the border into Gaza for a short time after its soldier was killed and three others were wounded in the bombing.

Back to Obama and this unbelievable comment on th Al-Arabiya news channel’s interview, “My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy.”  His job to the Muslim world?!  He works for freakin’ US!!!  This guy has pissed me off more in the last week than George Bush did in four years.  Is he out of his mind?  We are so screwed!  Then this twit (sorry he has lost my respect because he is destroying us and opening us wide for the takedown) apologized for America and said we had made mistakes and destroyed our relationship with the Muslim world but “that the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago, there’s no reason why we can’t restore that.”  Hmm…when exactly did we have hostages over there…

To be fair, President Bush and Secretary of State Rice both gave interviews to Al-Arabiya, but never with the intention of making us look bad.  They generally were reaching out to Iranians to tell them we supported them in fighting against their government.

Obama talked about how he had grown up in Indonesia and that he had Muslim relatives.  I just bet they stop burning his image in effigy now.  Obama also called for a new partnership with the Muslim world “based on mutual respect and mutual interest” and said that he felt it was important to “get engaged right away” in the Middle East.  He also talked about his directions to Mitchell and that he wants to talk to “all the major parties involved” and that he wants Mitchell to “start by listening, because all too often the United States starts by dictating.”

The president also talked briefly about Israel and the Palestinians and the hard choices they need to make.  They’re really not hard in my opinion.  Israel takes back Gaza and the Palestinians who can play nice get to stay.  He said, “I do believe that the moment is ripe for both sides to realize that the path that they are on is one that is not going to result in prosperity and security for their people,” and he went on to support the creation of a Palestinian state.

President Obama also referenced al-Qaida and said he thought they did not know how to react to him and that “they seem nervous” and “what that tells me is that their ideas are bankrupt.”  They don’t need too many other ideas since we are letting down our defenses again.