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Nonsensical Foreign Policy

Foreign policy needs to incorporate common sense.  Whether it is the common sense approach of profiling, action rather than speechifying, an olive branch and arrows over an outstretched hand of platitudes and the realization that people around the world despise the United States just for existing as the last bastion of freedom on the planet.  The President would like to follow the nonsensical approach.  Iran fires missiles into space and America issues strongly worded statements.  Our foreign policy government representatives do not even have the power to rally the world around stiff sanctions.  And some people in America continue to ignore the truth.

This last statement has become very apparent to me particularly in regards to interviews that I have conducted with candidates for various offices throughout America both on the federal level and the local level.  One independant candidate felt that it was Iran’s right to pursue nuclear weapons and build missiles.  While I can agree that countries should be entitled to sovereignty in building missiles, the issue of nuclear weapons should be of concern.  Particularly when certain countries are run by dictators hell bent on destruction including their own. 

The Ron Paul foreign policy has also been strong in candidates I have interviewed.  The idea that waterboarding is torture and that it is our use of enhanced interrogation and our policy of holding enemy combatants at GITMO without trials is being used as a recruitment tool is one area I strongly disagree with Rep. Ron Paul on.  My interviewee last night held that same view.  Where is the common sense?  Not only has Islam been a violent religion dating all the way back to its inception, but in my lifetime alone I have witnessed plane highjackings, kidnappings, homicide bombers, beheadings and 9/11.  All of this before detainees at GITMO or any of our current wars in the middle east.

There is a fundamental lack of reasoning for people to continue to blame America for the fact that we are hated.  We always will be regardless of what we do.  The President can continue to bow and pander and our country can close GITMO and stop enhanced interrogations, but it will make no difference.  Iran will continue to build nuclear weapons ands call for the destruction of Israel and Muslim men and women will continue to flock to terrorist activities regardless of how America conducts its future foreign policy.  To walk forward blindly means to walk forward into our destruction.  And Freedom’s Wings will never endorse any candidate that holds to these positions.  I support Ron Paul on many issues, particularly economically, but on foreign policy I am miles apart from him and his followers and from the liberals in this country.


My Predictions For The Year 2010

Last year I intermingled my irreverent and parodic based predictions with the real ones, but this year I will seperate the two.  First will be the serious predictions and then we’ll have the comic relief because we are going to need it.  Please feel free to add your own in the comments and join me on the radio if you would like to share them.  Tuesday January 5th at 6pm ET I will be discussing these on The Freedom’s Wings Show.

1.  Unemployment will see no real improvement.  Juan Williams of National Public Radio believes that unemployment will recover to 8%.  I hardly think so.  I see the unemployment rate going up once again to a peak of 10.6% and then just leveling off.  At best, the rate may drop to 10%, but that is not enough to benefit the Democrats in the 2010 election.

2.  The word for the economy of 2010 will be static.  I think the stock market will continue the up and down gyrations.  Housing will continue to remain where it was for the latter part of 2009, which will see more foreclosures and few new home buyers.  Home values I think will fall a bit as well, but nothing drastic.  There will not be a Depression.

3.  Something will change in the economy towards the end of the year and I believe that will be Ben Bernanke raising interest rates as inflation rears its head.  This will result in Stagflation because interest rates will be up and unemployment will still be high.

4.  The personal economies of the states will be the ones that will suffer.  Several states will face bankruptcy and collapse and will have to turn to the federal government for loans giving the government unprecedented control over the states and a breakdown of the 10th Amendment that so many states are re-establishing.  These states include: California, New York, Florida, Michigan, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

5.  Porkulus Bill 2 will appear sometime before summer.  This will also be sold as a recovery bill and I expect it will contain the term “jobs” somewhere in the title because the government continues to think that throwing federal money at the problem will solve it.

6.  Debt ceiling will be reached again before summer and, yet again, the Congress will vote to raise it to the level of $13 trillion.

7.  Without a doubt, everyone’s taxes will go up and Obama will explain that it is a necessity.

8.  There will be a shake up in the Obama administration at the very top – yes, that would be between VP Joe Biden and the President.  I foresee a big disagreement that finally pushes Biden over the edge and he steps down.  Michelle Obama would like to replace him, but I see Bill Richardson being chosen.

9.  In the 2010 elections, the House will lose 40 seats and the Senate will lose the supermajority and change to 51 Republicans and 40 Democrats.  Chris Dodd, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer will be out.  Republican governors will win big as well and even local elections will see an influx of third party candidates winning for state representation.

10.  ObamaCare will pass, but it will be a skeleton of itself and the public will realize it is a tax and spend bill and nothing more.  The only true reform will come in the way of digitizing records.  Otherwise, the federal abortion funding will be out, the public option will be out and the inability to repeal the bill will be out.  The unconstitutional individual mandate will remain as well as the pay off earmarks, which will have increased to get liberal Democrats in the House on board.

11. Card Check will pass with the help of increased pressure from all of the unions.  This will be the pay off to the unions for backing ObamaCare that will raise taxes on union health insurance.

12.  ClimateGate will spread as more scientists are revealed to be providing fraudulent data.  Big name universities will be named.  At this time, the mainstream media will be forced to cover the story and Crap & Tax will die in the Senate.  Global cooling continues.

13.  The big push to buy gold will suffer a scandal as counterfeit gold is discovered to have been sold to a large number of people.  The value of gold will raise steadily though as the dollar continues to tank because the Treasury will be unable to stop printing money hand over fist.

14. The Tea Party Movement will continue to gain prominence as it organizes and will generate a huge shift in politics in America.  Tax Day Tea Party 2010 will have twice the numbers across the country as last year, meaning some two million people will attend events.  Glenn Beck’s gathering in August will host 2.5 million people.

15. Kim Jong-il will die this year.

16.  Pope Benedict will suffer a major health crisis.

17.  A major earthquake will hit the west coast as the Ring of Fire’s activity picks up.  I expect to see at least one, if not two, new volcanos to become active this year as well.  The earth will be suffering birth pains.

18. Amnesty is going to pass, but not in the form that the left would like.  I believe this bill will be bi-partisan (due to McCain and Grahamnesty) because it is watered down.  This will not be blanket citizenship and will require criminal invaders to pay fines, back taxes and register to vote.  They will not have to return to Mexico and then come back.

19.  Israel drop bombs on Iranian nuclear sites.  Iran will retaliate with missiles and do damage to Israel, but the Iranian regime will not have support from other Arab states and Russia and China will remain behind the scenes and not helpful.  I do not think World War III will erupt at this time because…

20.  The Iranian regime will fall.  The attack by Israel will embolden the revolutionaries to overthrow their regime and it will be replaced with a Democratic government.

21.  A large-scale terrorist attack will take place in America.  Several hundred people will be killed and wounded.  Barack Obama will follow this up with a strongly worded speech.

22.  Jay Leno will leave Prime Time in this utterly failed experiment.

23.  Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will remain much the same even with the surge.  Yemen and Pakistan will continue to be hit with drone bombs.

Okay, so I know that makes for a pretty bleak 2010, but keep in mind that we usually end up having several feel good stories that make big news as well but they result from unbelievable circumstances so I cannot even begin to guess what these events will be.  Now it is to the fun stuff.  These are just comical predictions.

1.  Tiger Woods makes a rebound and adds a sponsor for a change: Hooters.  He legally changes his name to better facilitate his return to prominence to Lion Gigalo – rather that should by lyin’.

2.  Balloon boy is replaced by Hamster Ball Boy as a child gets trapped in his inventor dad’s experimental new exerciser and rolls across a major American city, weaving dangerously through traffic unable to stop.

3.  PlastiGirl’s face breaks.  The repairs leave poor PlastiGirl with a permanent “Joe Wilson said what?” look.

4.  Tom Cruise will die in a Scientology brain meld accident.  Katie Holmes cries, “Freedom!”

5.  Furlough Fridays spread across the nation as cities face cutbacks and soon branch out into Take Off Thursdays.

6.  Barack Obama bows to Castro.

7.  Mouse of Senate (Reid) loses his re-election bid and becomes horribly deformed in a mousetrap accident.

8.  Northern New York state secedes from the bottom half of New York and New York City in particular to escape the tax code.

9.  It is revealed that Rachel Madcow is really a man, but posed as a woman because she/he thought she/he could go farther in the media that way.

10.  Barack Obama receives the award for “Most Eloquent Teleprompter Reader, Biggest Equivocator Of The Year.”  Obama carries it with him everywhere he goes thinking that it is a positive development, while TOTUS goes on strike for getting no recognition.

Obama “Talks Tough” To Iran

Nuclear talks with Iran went well today if you believe the President.  That would be true if a “constructive beginning” indicates success, which is the description the President expressed this afternoon.  The President announced, “Talk is no substitute for action.  Our patience is not unlimited.”  Does anyone truly believe the President?  The Iranian leadership must be laughing at this revelation.  Iran has toyed with the world for years and the response from the world has been to do nothing.  Why would Iran end their nuclear ambitions?   Obama also warned that “the United States will not continue to negotiate indefinitely and we are prepared to move toward increased pressure.”  The President seemed to be referencing sanctions, but the G20 and United Nation’s Summit from last week proved that sanctions are not going to happen, at least not the kind of sanctions that would add real pressure.

The President expects Iran to allow inspection of their newly declared nuclear facility in two weeks or else…Or else what we do not know, but it will be interesting to watch our President have to back up his empty rhetoric with something.  It is laughable to consider that the President expects transparency from Iran, which is something he does not allow the American people in regards to his administration and personal history from school records to associations.  Iran’s new facility is near the city of Qom and Iran maintains that it is intended to enrich uranium to produce nuclear fuel.

I think Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it best when she remarked today, “It was a productive day, but the proof of that has not yet come to fruition, so we’ll wait and continue to press our point of view and see what Iran decides to do.  I will count it as a positive sign when it moves from gestures and engagements to actions and results.”  I will believe it when I see it in regards to both Iran’s actions and the President’s reactions.

Iran Thumbs Its Nose At World – Begins War Games

The world really put Iran on notice this past week at the United Nations.  Iran is so worried about the world’s threats of sanctions and President Obama’s threats of more diplomacy that they have taken it upon themselves to begin war games the very week that they are scheduled to take part in a meeting with world leaders to discuss their nuclear program.  The Financial Times is reporting, “Iran maintained its defiance on Sunday, launching war games with short-range missile tests and warning that the uproar over its second uranium enrichment plant would undermine this week’s talks with world powers.  Official media reported that the three-day manoeuvres by the elite Revolutionary Guard would also include test-firing the longer-range Shahab 3 missile that raise concerns in the west.  Iran says the missile, which has been tested in the past, has a range of 2,000km, putting within its reach Israel and US bases in the Gulf.  The war games come at a time of rising international furore over Iran’s nuclear programme and growing suspicions about Tehran’s claims that its nuclear activities are purely peaceful.”

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said about Iran’s announcement that they would allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect their recently announced second nuclear reactor, “it is always welcome when Iran makes a decision to comply with the international rules and regulations, particularly with respect to the IAEA,” and that she hopes Iran “comes and shares with all of us what they are willing to do and give us a timetable on which they are willing to proceed”.

Oh, they are sharing their intentions alright!  Are these people blind?  I truly believe Iran has no intention of allowing its reactor to be inspected and these war games are specifically being used to show the world that Iran does not care what we think or desire.  Pres. Ineedajob said as much when he heard President Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister Brown of Britain criticize Iran for building this new reactor in violation of international law.

The most worrisome thing here is that there appears to be no good outcome.  Either the world allows Iran to become a nuclear power or they allow Israel to take care of this issue, which will launch World War III and I believe will lead us into endtimes prophesy.

Obama’s Russian/G8 Trip A Big Zero

The President experienced a very poor reception in Russia from both the leadership and the people of Russia. His speech at a Russian University received a tepid response. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin managed Obama as the foreign policy novice that he is and agreed to none of the provisions that Obama hoped to get agreement on, save for allowing some military and supplies to pass through Russia to Afghanistan. The missile defense shield is still an issue that Russia will not allow and, in fact, has threatened Poland and the United States with retaliation if we proceed with construction. This is enemy talk, not the speech of an alli. Russia still maintains their position on Georgia and would like to take back that “territory” and not allow it to stand as its own country. The President responded by not visiting Georgia on this trip.  An obvious act of subservience to Putin.

Then it was off to the G8 Summit which revealed our President to be even more inept than we already knew him to be and proved to be a complete waste of time for the world and our country.  How much money did this waste?  There was no agreement on climate change which was the President’s main objective.  He proceeded this trip by cramming down the throats of the American people the Crap and Tax Bill, which passed the House before he left for Russia.  He must know this will hurt America if he has any sense at all and the fact that he is forcing us to agree to these limits while the rest of the world resists is illustrative of exactly what this bill will do to an economy.  Emerging and developing economies like India, New Zealand and even China, want nothing to do with this global warming legislation or agreements.  None of our allies supported Obama in his climate change efforts.  This means that even if this global warming crap was real and not a farce, no matter what America does, there will be no change in greenhouse gases.

So there was no reset of the relationship with Russia as President Medvedev ended the G8 threatening us and acting just as authoritarian.  There was no agreement on Iran that would have any substantive effect.  No agreement on climate change except a 2050 plan.  So despite the fact that our President would like to meddle around the world, oh wait, he does not want to meddle, the world will not let him.  He is proving to be an impotent leader and an international joke.  The adulation is fading throughout the world.  And polls are indicating that his approval in America is dwindling fast.  And this trip equaled out to a big zero!

President Obama Press Conference June 23rd, 2009

The President opened up his daytime solo press conference today with a brief statement covering Iran, a clean energy economy and healthcare.  The President’s comments on Iran were finally condemning of the government’s violence against the protestors.  I predicted on Saturday that he would come out yesterday more firmly as he caved to pressure, so I guess I was off by a day.  The President still does not understand freedom and his statements still came across as lukewarm at best.  He made sure to emphasize that America is not meddling despite the fact that Iran already has blamed us for the protests.

Obama actually said that “the Iranian people are trying to have a debate about their future.”  Funny, I could have sworn that these were protests on the street, not debates.  The term “debate” comes off as silly and incongruent from a man who claims to be a community organizer, so he would be a specialist in protesting.  Then the President patted himself on the back as he brought up his speech in Cairo again – are we ever going to get past hearing about how great a job he did there?  Most common sense people saw the Cairo speech for what it was:  empty words from an empty man who gets more out of saying resplendent prose, than following through with deeds that would make a difference.  The hollowness of the Cairo speech has been evidenced by the President’s inability over the past week to strongly condemn the Iranian leadership, bear witness to the obvious voting fraud that took place and to uphold the Iranian youth who were obviously begging the outside world to hear them through their signs written in English.  Obama obviously did not mean a word of his speech about American ideals and values that are shared by other countries in the world.

The President warned us that the carbon tax is coming our way this week as well as he brought up his farcicle clean energy economy again which will only devastate our economy.  The President said incentives would be offered that “could create millions of new jobs in America.”  Excuse me – could?!  I guess he is not making big promises anymore since his track record has been to break nearly every promise he has made.  And there is no proof that the nation that leads in clean energy will lead the 21st century’s global economy.

Then the President promised that the healthcare bill that Congress and he put together must be paid for without adding to the deficit.  A statistical impossibility unless, of course, you tax the people – all the people.  The middle class can be expected to be hit hardest especially since healthcare benefits for those making $100,000 and over will be taxed.  I expect that margin to drop to $50,000 by the time the bill is passed.

Questions were heavily slanted towards the Iranian crisis.  Major Garrett of FOX News pressed the President on whether Iranian diplomats were still invited to U.S. embassies for the 4th of July and the President indicated that the invitations still stand.  When another reporter asked if the offer to negotiate with Iranian leadership still stood, the President answered that they are waiting to see how things play out first with the protests.  I guess dead peaceful protestors is not a strong enough indication to our illustrious leader that negotiations with this regime are neither likely, nor desirable.  The mealy mouthed positions of our pantywaist leader are truly terrifying in the dangerous world in which we live.  A reporter from Huffington Post asked a question from an Iranian about under what conditions would Obama accept the election of Ineedajob?  The President could not even say that he believed there was fraud involved despite the fact that the Guardian group there that was recounting votes admitted that the numbers reveal that there had to have been fraud involved.

Do the Kool-Aid drinkers see yet the errors of their ways when they voted for this peaceful community organizer?  He is trying to community organize the world.  It does not work!

Neda – The New Cry For Freedom

An Iranian young person’s idea of freedom and my own ideas about freedom are more than likely not the same thing in every minute detail, but our ideas about freedom do share the common thread that we will not be governed without a voice by a facist military complex directed by an obtuse theocracy.  The protestors in Iran have switched from their original cries of voter fraud and support for opposition leader Mousavi, to a broader demonstration against the Iranian leadership.  This weekend, the murder of a woman named “Neda” (a Farsi term that means the voice or the call) brought about a clear vision for the protestors and a new cry in their march for freedom.

A video has been making the rounds on cable news, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube of this young woman who had apparently been shot while protesting by either a police officer, pro-government militant or some kind of accidental shooting, but regardless of where the shot came from, the video is a stark reminder of the risks involved in speaking out in a country where there is not the freedom of speech we enjoy in America.  There has been no freedom of the press either which has left most news agencies scrambling for footage they can get from any source since they are not on the ground.  We are also reminded what happens in a country that is unarmed against the government.   Neda has become the symbol for the protestors in a crisis that continues to escalate, even as our President gives tepid responses about being  “deeply troubled”.  Any strong response from him now would be too little, too late.  The man has revealed his soul to us once again as he was confronted with this crisis.  The call of freedom means nothing to this man.  He would rather have peace at all costs and bow before the feet of our enemies if that is what it takes to leave a legacy of peace in his personal history.  He obviously does not understand that peace will never come to the Middle East and that it would serve America and the world better if he joined the world in condemning the acts of the Iranian leadership.  Stand up for freedom, Mr. President! 

The AP is reporting about the traditions of the Muslim faith that are going to play a key role in these protests, “For the cycles of mourning in Shiite Islam actually provide a schedule for political combat – a way to generate or revive momentum. Shiite Muslims mourn their dead on the third, seventh and 40th days after a death, and these commemorations are a pivotal part of Iran’s rich history. During the revolution, the pattern of confrontations between the shah’s security forces and the revolutionaries often played out in 40-day cycles.”  This same occurence took place during 1978 and 1979 when several clashes lead to the Shah of Iran being overthrown.  Could we witness the same type of overthrow of the Iranian leadership now?  

Neda has also been referred to as a martyr which is important in tradition as well.  There is a belief among the Shiites that martyrdom is central to modern politics as well as Shiite tradition.  They have used their observances of martyrs to carry them through the 1979 revolution and the war with Iraq.  The protests have crossed an important milestone and I pray that they continue because the overthrow of the current government could be a very good thing for the world as long as the youth of Iran choose their new leadership wisely.  A leadership that believes in embracing the outside world and cooperation with that world.

Neda, Neda, Neda – the cry for freedom!