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Herman Thomas “Mentors” Male Inmates

spankingToday, the trial of former Alabama Circuit Court Judge Herman Thomas begins.  This bottom-of-the-muck-barrel individual is facing 103 counts that include sodomy, kidnapping, sexual abuse and extortion.  The ex-judge stands accused of forcing male inmates to participate in oral and anal sex and paddling with Thomas promising to take time off their sentences if they cooperated.  There are fifteen victims that have come forward thus far.

The NY Daily News reports:

He was once a revered judge, an African-American Democrat repeatedly elected in an Alabama county that was predominantly white and Republican.  But then came the scandal – and Herman Thomas’ world turned upside down.

Herman Thomas maintains that he is innocent.  Is that why he retired early when the allegations started erupting?  Once again we find ajudge Democrat steeped in corruption.  Now we all need to know why this man was moved up through the Judicial system.  These allegations started to surface in 2001 and yet he was still on the bench until 2007.  Was this man moved up because of race?  Is this like Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor being moved up through the ranks finally ending up at the Supreme Court merely based on her race?  It is a fact that she had the experience for the Supreme Court position, but certainly was not qualified based on her personal opinions about a Latina judge making better judgements than a white judge and that formulating policy from the bench is appropriate.

So I wonder if Herman Thomas’ idea of “mentoring” male inmates really worked?  What was the recidivism rate of these inmates?  Did fear of another Thomas spanking keep them on the straight and narrow?