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Grassroots/Tea Party Movement Wins In NY23

Upon reading the heading of this blog, most people would be scratching their heads wondering what I was referring to since Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman lost the race in NY23 in the special election for a House seat.  It is disappointing to not have garnered a win with obtaining the seat, but we did win in a major way.  Conservatives let the GOP know in no uncertain terms that they need us if they want to win.  They can no longer ignore us and choose whoever they assume will win.  Conservatives no longer vote the party line for Republicans.  We will not vote for the lesser of two evils any longer.

Doug Hoffman was beat by Democrat Bill Owens, but he trounced Dede Scozzafavva and ran her out of the race before voting even had begun.  Hoffman was able to shine a light on the frauds within our movement as well.  Newt Gingrich has proven to be the biggest fraud of them all.  he has attended and spoken at tea parties.  He started American Solutions to formulate solutions with every day people to the country’s problems.  I became suspicious of Gingrich when he made that “green” ad with Plastigirl Pelosi.  His endorsement of Dede Scozzafavva proved my suspicions to be right.

The Republican Party has no option but to rebuild with conservatives at the helm.  We will now be choosing our candidates.  The primaries in 2010 will prove that out.  Michael Steele needs to sit back and start taking notes.  Erick Erickson of Red State made some great points along these lines as well:

Secondly, and just as importantly, there has all of a sudden been a huge movement among some activists to go the third party route. We see in NY-23 that this is not possible as third parties are not viable.

Third parties lack funding and ability for a host of reasons. Conservatives are going to have to work from within the GOP. The GOP had better pay attention.

For all intents and purposes, NY-23 is a trial run for Florida. And in Florida, the conservative candidate is operating inside the GOP. If John Cornyn and the NRSC do not want to see Florida go the way of NY-23, they better stand down.

This is indeed a news flash for Charlie Crist who better be very worried.  And the GOP better stand down from full on support of Charlie Crist.  The people on the ground in Florida want Marco Rubio and if they turn against him it will be Charlie Crist’s loss they will be setting up.

The Tactics Of The Left At Townhalls

I just received an email from an insider on the left in regards to a townhall that is going to be conducted by a Republican here in Brevard County in Florida.  Rep. Bill Posey will be hosting an informative townhall with presentations from a man who worked as a Director for MediCaid and healthcare professionals with a question and answer session to follow.  The left has decided to attend the meeting as well and have sent out directives for their followers who attend their Public Option Rally.  They referred to the conservatives that will be attending as the “absurd Brevard Tea Party”.  Here are their plans:

1. Dress up as elderly people with alkers and canes looking for the “Death Panel”.

2. Grim Reapers with “Insurance CEO” or “Big Pharm CEO” placards.  (I could have sworn Big Pharm was in bed with Obama on ObamaCare.)

3. Clowns with tinfoil hats carrying poster board sized Kenyan Birth Certificates.

4.  People carrying giant pill bottles cut out from poster board with RX on them and a $300 price tag.

5. People carrying cardboard big screen TVs and tire rims because Rep. Posey claimed people where spending money on those things rather than healthcare.

6. If you have an inflatable alligator poll float, please bring it. – Not sure what this is for.  Are they going to attack us with them?

7. Dress as a billionaire because this is wealth care instead of healthcare.

8. Drummers needed!

The email continues by stating that “we are the ones we have been waiting for.  We’ve seen the hope, now lets show some audacity!” 

Someone needs to tell the left that this kind of behavior is not audacious, it is ridiculous and half-baked.  Do they honestly believe that making fun of conservatives will get Americans to support their socialistic desires?   Do we actually expect any better from the left?  The left embraces people like the blogger from Huffington Post who claimed that Mary Jo Kopechne would believe what she went through was worth it because we were all graced with Teddy Kennedy.  The left buses in ACORN and the unions to townhalls and pretends to be grassroots and then accuses us of being Nazis and astroturf.  These tactics will lead to failure, so let us hope they keep using them.