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Michael Steele Meets With Tea Partiers

On Tuesday, 50 Tea Partiers – I refuse to call them leaders since the movement has no leaders – met with RNC Chairman Michael Steele at the RNC headquarters.  The meeting was scheduled to last an hour, but ran for a full four hours.  I do not support this move because it appears that we are moving towards the Republicans instead of vice versa.  Why do we need a face to face with Michael Steele?  My greatest fear is that the GOP will arrogantly assume that we have nowhere else to go and will pretend to be on board with conservativism and then slap us in the face.  We must focus our energies on the primaries first and foremost.  And if we do not get quality candidates, we need to be united in supporting a third party candidate.  Otherwise, we just continue the same bullcrap that has been going on for decades.

Michael Steele released a statement after the meeting saying, “For over a year, I have made it a priority to have conversations with different grassroots activists who are concerned with the direction of our country and today’s meeting was an excellent opportunity to continue this conversation.  We share a common purpose in stopping President Obama’s agenda and standing up for principles such as smaller government, lower taxes, free enterprise, and the constitution.”  Then he added this curious thought that he looks forward to continuing to build on these meetings and work to elect people who “will fight to protect the principles which they and a majority of Americans support.”  Why didn’t Mr. Steele refer to the GOP in this comment?  Are Constitutional conservative principles held only by the Tea Party Movement and a majority of Americans?

The one issue that was not raised at this meeting that should have been brought up before anything else is when Michael Steele plans to step down.  This man has lacked leadership skills and has been completely incompetent.  The above statement just being the most recent example of that.  Attendees to the meeting were happy after the event and claimed their questions were answered and they believe they were heard.  Who cares?  They will hear us very clearly at the ballot box.  This was just a photo op for Steele and playing into their hands.


President Listens To Press, But Not The People

The press has come out in recent weeks complaining that the President has not held a press conference since July.  Obama has opted for controlled one-on-one interviews instead to keep the tough questions from being asked.  The President finally listened to the press corps (or is it corpse?) and conducted an impromptu press conference on Tuesday during the regularly scheduled White House briefing.

So the question becomes, why does the President cave to pressure from the press corps and not to pressure from the American people?  A large majority of people on both the left and right are calling for the President to scrap the House and Senate health insurance reform bills and start from scratch in a bi-partisan matter.  The President has indicated indirectly that he will not agree to a “start over”.  The GOP has agreed to attend a healthcare summit with the President.  I maintain that if the President does not start that summit by trashing both bills, the GOP must get up out of their seats and walk out and hold a press conference speaking directly to the American people about why they have abadoned the negotiations.  Otherwise, this will become a photo op for the President and a way for the Progressives to ridicule free market ideas.

One also has to question what the definition of “bi-partisan” truly is because I think it means something quite different to most of America than it does to the government.  The government tries to convince the population that getting just one member from the opposition party to agree with them makes any bill bi-partisan.  Or taking one idea from the other party and incorporating it within a bill is bi-partisan.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  We are tired of the Washington games and I would pray for snow to keep the government shut down except that apparently everyone is still getting paid because not having the government in session is costing us $100 million a day.  That seems to defy common sense, but with government one needs to suspend reality.

Obama’s Disingenuous Bi-Partisanship

On Friday, President Obama met with members of the House GOP at their annual three-day retreat in Maryland.  He made some opening remarks and then proceeded to conduct a question and answer session.  Mainstream Media and members of the left described the President’s “performance” as a return to his former campaign self and the three Stooges at MSNBC (Rachel Madcow as Larry, Racist Chris Matthews as Curly and Keith Olberdork as Moe) aired a special, dedicated to their analysis of the President’s appearance in Maryland where they basically declared Obama the winner and described how the President mopped the floor with the GOP – even without his trusty teleprompter.

I witnessed something quite different.  The President is not moving to the center and deciding that he would like to work in a bi-partisan way.  The State of the Union Address revealed that the President plans to move forward full steam ahead.  This meeting with the GOP backs that up as well.  The President was obtuse, answering questions in long rhetorical soundbites that left most wondering what the original question had been.  The President was defensive on many issues and stuttered and stammered to get his footing.

Obama claimed that he is open to GOP ideas.  He has said the same thing all year-long, even as he completely ignored GOP suggestions and he and his administration, along with the Democrats, have claimed time and time again that the Republicans are obstructionist and the party of “no” and have no ideas to offer.  A member of the GOP should have asked the President how the GOP managed to obstruct anything when they do not have enough votes to accomplish that – the Democrats obstructed the Democrats.  Mike Pence pointed this ignoring of GOP ideas out in this exchange with the President:

REP MIKE PENCE (R-IND.): Mr. President, a point of clarification.

What’s in the “Better Solutions” book are all the legislative proposals that were offered . . .

OBAMA: Oh, I understand. I’ve actually read your bills.

PENCE: . . . throughout 2009.

OBAMA: I understand.

PENCE: And so rest assured the summary document that you received is backed up by precisely the kind of detailed legislation that Speaker Pelosi and your administration have been busy ignoring for 12 months.

OBAMA: Well, Mike, hold on, hold on a second.


No, no, no, no, no. Hold on a second guys.  You know, Mike, I’ve read your legislation. I mean, I take a look at this stuff. And the good ideas we take.

But here — here’s the thing, here’s the thing, I guess, that all of us have to be mindful of. It can’t be all-or-nothing one way or the other, all right?  There’s eloquence for you.  “No, no, no, no, hold on guys…here–here’s the thing, here’s the thing.  As I said, he stuttered and stammered his way through this thing because he knows he is wrong and lying.  Confidence does not need to be defensive.

You — you — and what I mean by that is this. If we put together a stimulus package in which a third of it are tax cuts that normally you guys would support, and support for states and the unemployed and helping people stay on COBRA that your governors certainly would support, Democrat or Republican. And then you’ve got some infrastructure, and maybe there’s some things in there that you don’t like in terms of infrastructure, or you think the bill should have been $500 billion instead of $700 billion, or there’s this provision or that provision that you don’t like. In other words, Mike and the rest of you boneheads obstructing me, even if a bill is total garbage and full of waste, one bright shining light should get you on board to vote for this stuff.  The Porkulus Bill got its nickname for a reason: it was full of pork!  And has been proven an utter failure full of fraud.

If there’s uniform opposition because the Republican caucus doesn’t get 100 percent or 80 percent of what you want, then it’s going to be hard to get a deal done. That’s because that’s not how democracy works. The President of the United States does not know that he is the head of a Representative Republic.  He thinks this is a Democracy.

Something that many analysts did not pick up in the opening statements of the President set off some Marxist/Dictator warning bells.  We already had Obama call out the Supreme Court and attempt to embarrass them at the SOTU and he informed them that he was encouraging Congress to overturn their ruling to uphold the First Amendment with legislation.  The President later informed Congress that he would be issuing an Executive Order to set up the spending committee that would take over the Congressional power of deciding where spending should be allocated and cut.  So we have President getting Congress to take SCOTUS’ power and then the President taking Congress’ power leaving one person holding the bag.  And this brings me to this statement from Friday:

I’m ready and eager to work with anyone who is willing to proceed in the spirit of goodwill. But understand, if we can’t break free from partisan gridlock, if we can’t move past the politics of no, if resistance supplants constructive debate, I still have to meet my responsibilities as president. I’ve got to act for the greater good, because that, too, is a commitment that I have made. And that, too, is what the American people sent me to Washington to do.

The President just informed the nation that he is going to act for the greater good, which we know means his interpretation of good, even if he has to act without Congress.  We know that Congress will be in gridlock now with the election of Scott Brown and the GOP is aware that they cannot move forward any big government ideas without suffering the wrath of We The People.

Since the Massachusetts wake-up call, Obama’s only concession has been to issue a spending freeze in his 2011 budget.  This concession is not only temporary, but freezes spending at an exorbitant rate while not doing anything to reform entitlement programs like MediCare, MediCaid and Social Security, which are bankrupting the country.  And the next concession that the President will toss out to the little people is moving the 9/11 trials out of Manhatten.  This brings little solace to an American public outraged that non-citizens who took part in slaughtering 3,000 of our fellows were given Constitutional rights.  And the idea that this “circus” trial, that will give voice to these Jihadi terrorists to spill forth their bilge, is just going to be moved to another American city instead of back to GITMO insults our intelligence.

The President is putting on airs of being a willing participant in bi-partisanship, but the actions will prove that this is just another lie.  And so we will have to remind him again in November 2010 that We The People are the government.

Florida GOP leader Jim Greer Out

The embattled head of Florida’s Republican Party, Jim Greer, has announced that he will resign in February.  The press release reads:

RPOF Communications – January 05, 2010

Tallahassee – Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer today announced that he will step down as Chairman effective February 20, 2010. Documents pertaining to Chairman Greer’s announcement are below. Additional information regarding an election for his replacement will be released when available. The RPOF Annual Meeting scheduled for this Saturday, January, 9, 2010 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando will proceed as scheduled. Information on attaining press credentials for this event will be sent in a subsequent media advisory.

Greer has long been under fire for his mishandling of the GOP in Florida and for quickly announcing that the RPOF would be backing Gov. Charlie Crist in his race for the Senate seat.  The outcry from Floridians was deafening.  Crist’s main competitor for the Senate seat is well liked Marco Rubio and Rubio is currently outpolling Crist.  The GOP of any state has no right to come out before a primary and back any candidate.  Greer has also mismanaged party money.

There is still an issue with the RPOF, though.  Greer’s replacement is rumored to be current FL State Sen. John Thrasher.  His previous job was as the HIGHEST paid lobbyist in Florida. He cleared $2.7 million a year as a hired gun for the usual bunch of special interests that need favorable legislation. Mr. Thrasher made sure that Florida taxpayers coughed up not $1 million per mile for CSX owned tracks. Nope, Thrasher got $10 million per mile for the rail barons. That’s the highest per mile cost for similar projects. SunRail is not very popular in Florida.

The Miami Herald reported during Thrasher’s run for his current State Senate seat:

The airwaves across Jacksonville are resounding with ads, most of them for or against Thrasher. One TV ad was paid for by Conservative Citizens for Justice, whose president, Tom Edwards, is the immediate past president of the Florida Justice Association, the lobbying arm of the trial bar. The group’s ad notes that Thrasher was twice criticized — reprimanded once and fined once — by the Commission on Ethics for violating lobbying restrictions.

A second group, Stop Tax Waste Inc., is flogging Thrasher in direct-mail fliers for spending $5.8 million to remodel the House chamber when he was speaker. President T.J. Harrington said his goal is to show voters that Thrasher is not the fiscal conservative he claims to be.

And Post On Politics reported in October of 2009:

Senate President Jeff Atwater tapped former House Speaker John Thrasher, the most recent addition to the Florida Senate, to head up the Ethics and Elections Committee.

Thrasher is no stranger to ethics violations. He admitted to breaking state ethics rules twice, once when he was a House member and again after he returned to lobbying.

The first violation took place in 1993 when Thrasher appeared before the state medical board as a paid representative of the Florida Medical Association. State law bans sitting lawmakers from lobbying.

In 2001, after he left the legislature and returned to lobbying, Thrasher was hit with another ethics violation.

The Jacksonville Republican lobbied lawmakers on behalf of his client the University of Miami without waiting for the two-year waiting period to elapse before former lawmakers can legally lobby current lawmakers.

Thrasher admitted he had violated the ethics laws and was chastised for the first violation and fined $500 for the second.

If this if the Republican Party’s answer, than the recently formed Tea Party political party is beginning to look more and more appealing.  When is the GOP going to start listening to We The People?  This is not a return to conservative principles.  This is replacing one corrupt politician with another.

Republican National Organizations and Committees Are On Notice

I am sick to death of receiving these idiotic surveys in the mail that are just “cloaked” attempts to beg for money.  I do not like receiving money requests from charities in the mail either.  If I am going to give money to a group, I will do so without having to be asked.  I have received surveys from all types of GOP organizations and conservative think tanks like Heritage Foundation.  They are idiotic in my perception because they know damn well what conservative values conservatives have without needing to ask.  They know what issues I want them to focus on.  Why else have I been standing in the streets and calling on the phones?  Are none of them listening either?

I answered the first survey I received diligently.  Subsequent surveys left me feeling disillusioned and so I turned to writing my own comments all over the surveys.  These surveys are always accompanied by a letter from some Republican leader.  The most recent one I received, blew my top because it was from Newt Gingrich.  Newt Gingrich?!  He thinks and the Republican Senate Committee thinks I will send money on his account?!  I scrawled across the back that we are refounding and restoring the GOP and if they expected me to answer their survey and, more importantly, send them money, then they should not send letters from a fraud like Newt Gingrich who believes in Party before principles.

And that is what is going on with the Tea Party Movement.  I have had one of my blogs linked to by both Politico and Alan Colmes, in which I claim that our movement is grassroots and non-partisan.  They are trying to claim that we are not since we have focused on the GOP.  I do not see how we are supporting the GOP and being partisan when we are trying to take the GOP over or at least take it back.  We live in a country that supports a two-party system; unfortunately, and we are trying to work within those parameters.  But we are not above backing third party candidates either, when we have to, as the nation observed in NY23.

The GOP and all affiliates are on notice.  You either get on board the Tea Party Train or we will leave you in our steam.

Newt Gingrich Helping With Another “Contract With America”

Upon hearing that Newt Gingrich is advising on another “contract with America”, I find myself screaming “NO!”  Gingrich helped pen the first Contract With America, which was highly successful and appeared to get the Republican Party back on track.  Now the GOP has backslidden once again – how many times do we have to put up with this – and Gingrich wants to help with a new contract.  The reason why I have no desire for Gingrich to do this work is that he is not a loyal conservative.  He has been proven to be a man who does what is politically expedient to his purposes and for the Republican Party.  Even if that means backing an ACORN endorsed lefty claiming to be Republican like Dede Scozzafavva who ran in the NY23 race.

And with Michael Steele, Chairman of the RNC, leading the way on this new contract I find myself doubting that this will make the change in the GOP that conservatives are demanding.  I do not trust empty words on paper anymore.  I observe the deeds of a group and judge them by those actions and the GOP has yet to prove that they are interested in going back to their conservative principles.  They have made the first step by claiming that they will stay out of races until after primaries have been finished.  We’ll see if that proves to be the truth.

Gingrich had the following to say this weekend at C-SPAN’s Cable Center Class about this new endeavor, “I’ve been talking with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.  He is developing a first principles model that I think is a very exciting , positive step in the right direction.  By September , it might be very, very good for the Republicans in the House and Senate to have a common ground on which to campaign, whether they call it a Contract for America or some other device.  Having a positive set of things that say, ‘if you elect us, these are the positive steps we will take that may well be the key building block to really become the alternative party, not the opposition party.  If the Democrats stay stuck over on a very left-wing program and if they continue to have a job-killing record in Congress, I think by September and October you could suddenly have a very exciting election.”

Gingrich is ready to go forward with four principles, which are as follows: “The No. 1 issue is jobs… The No. 2 issue is energy… The No. 3 challenge… replace the big government monstrosity that they passed on Saturday ( a reference to the Democratic-led House healthcare bill. “The No. 4 challenge is education.”

National security seems like it should be on this list before education and even healthcare reform, which has to pass anyway.  And does anyone believe that Gingrich plans to deal with the criminal invaders in this country?  They are connected to jobs, national security, healthcare and education.  They are detrimental to each.  Gingrich, go back to your American Solutions (which I no longer link to) and stay out of this conservative battle.  We can handle the Democrats just fine, we do not need either you or Steele.

RINOs, RINOs Everywhere!

My. my, my how the RINOs are erupting all over Washington DC and beyond.  First, we have the bafoons in New York choosing Dede Schozzafava as the Republican candidate.  Then Newt Gingrich endorses that move and defends his decision by claiming he had to for the good of the Party.  I have since removed the link to American Solutions from all of my websites and have no use for Gingrich who appears to be a RINO.

Lindsey Grahamnesty two weeks ago wrote an Op-Ed with John Kerry in support of Crap & Tax and claimed that he was not a part of the angry white guy group, referring to the conservatives within the GOP.  Grahamnesty and John McCain have been big proponents of Amnesty and supported TARP.  And now…Eric Cantor has entered the fray of RINOs.  These people do realize we are taking names?

Cantor is calling for the GOP to be more inclusive.  I really have no idea what he is talking about because his comments appear to be pushing conservatives out of the GOP.  He took issue with Rush Limbaugh referencing Hitler when discussing actions of the Obama administration and said, “Do I condone the mention of Hitler in any discussion about politics?  No, I don’t, because obviously that is something that conjures up images that frankly are not, I think, very helpful.”  He went on to take issue with other harsh rhetoric coming from fellow House Republicans and claimed that the recent elections proved that we must stay unified.  Somehow I do not think he means including conservatives and following our lead.  As long as they stay out of touch with us, the GOP will remain split and they will continue to lose races.  And we will keep this up as long as it takes for us to get back a Party that values the Constitution and conservative values.

Bloomberg reports:

Cantor was critical of Republicans such as Representative Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, who called the Democratic health-care plan a greater threat to America than terrorists, and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who took fellow Republican Olympia Snowe to task for voting with Democrats. Pawlenty later said the Maine senator is “absolutely welcome” in the party.

Cantor defended Snowe, saying she “is talking to Democrats the way she does a lot, the way we all do.”

The House and Senate, Cantor said, are “plagued by a political mandate” from Democrats. “The only time that you would have a chance to get an insertion in the bill is to talk to a Democrat.”

Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good-bye Cantor…