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Freedom’s Wings 2009 Year In Review

First black president inaugurated.  Remember these empty words from the speech: “On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.”  He promised to “begin again the work of remaking America.”  My how he has begun that by remaking us into his community organized Marxist utopia.  And the lies continued with, “And those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account – to spend wisely, reform bad habits and do our business in the light of day – because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.”

The President goes on to spend more in his first year than all other presidents combined.

Auto bailouts.  General Motors (GM) becomes Government Motors as the government becomes the majority shareholder.  President Obama, in an unprecedented move, fires the CEO of GM.

Insurance giant AIG almost goes under, but the government comes to the rescue again and provides a large bailout.  AIG subsequently passes out large bonuses to executives and parties big time on our dime.  “Outraged citizens” are bused around by ACORN to the different executives homes in staged demonstrations.

Obama spent the year circling the globe, apologizing for America everywhere he went.  Who can forget the Cairo Speech, UN speech, bows to Saudi King, Japanese Emperor and Chinese Premier and handshake with Hugo Chavez?

The President moves the Census from the Department of Commerce to the White House and attempts to have ACORN run it.

Obama does away with enhanced interrogation techniques and orders that only the Army Field Manual will be employed leading to…

No more “War on Terror”.  It is now dubbed the Overseas Contingency Operation and terrorists become enemy combatants and then just criminals.  Terrorists acts become “man-made disasters .”  In that vein, the decision is made by Attorney General Holder to try the 9/11 terrorists in New York City.  Obama begins to realize his dream of closing GITMO by releasing Jihadists to Bermuda and having the government buy a prison in Illinois where the detainees will be moved.

Attorney General Eric Holder also drops charges on Black Panthers who intimidated people at polling places and in a speech refers to America as a “nation of cowards.”

Maoists and Marxists are revealed to be rampant in the Obama administration.  Green Jobs Czar Van Jones steps down as well as Anita Dunn who declared Mao to be one of her heroes along with Mother Theresa.

Obama declares that he has saved the economy from the brink and the recession is over.  Economy has slight bump up, but stock market continues to yo-yo and financial bubbles loom in the future along with the collapse of the dollar.  Several countries suggest unhinging from dollar and seeking a new global currency.

The Porkulus Bill (Stimulus recovery) is passed and Obama promises to save or create 4, no wait 3.5, um make that 3 million jobs.  It has been an utter failure with rampant fraud and the few jobs created costing somewhere in the area of $200,000 each.  Record unemployment has reached levels as much as 10.2% federally with most states suffering much worse numbers.

Air Force One flying over New York City and the Statue of Liberty for a photo op, sending New Yorkers running for their lives thinking 9/11 is happening again.

Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor as the first Hispanic to the Supreme Court.  A woman whom has made blatant racist comments and believes that policy is created from the bench.

The Beer Summit!  Who can forget the President jumping to conclusions and declaring that the Cambridge Police Force acted stupidly when arresting a friend of his, Professor Gates.  The President promptly invited his friend and Sgt. James Crowley for a photo op teachable moment at the White House and the three men drank beer around a table while accomplishing nothing.

Two omnibus spending bills full of pork and earmarks passed by Congress and signed by the President.  One has 9,00- earmarks and the other contains 5,000.  A separate Defense Bill contains several billion more in earmarks.  What happened to no earmarks?

Approval ratings for the President go into freefall.  An upper seventy percentage rating upon Inauguration eventually deflated to a 46% approval rating.

This year’s budget deficit: $1.6 trillion

Concerned citizens dubbed “right wing extremists” in a DHS Report entitled, “Right Wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence In Radicalization and Recruitment.”

Obama drops plans for a missile defense shield in Poland.

The Obama family brings home their family dog, Bo.  An expensive, hard to find breed and not a shelter dog.

Obama announced plans for Afghanistan surge of troops.  He chooses to send 30,000 although General McChrystal requested much more and soldiers I have talked to suggest at lease 100,000 are needed and probably more.

Obama meets the Queen of England and gives her an iPod already loaded with his speeches.  He gives the Prime Minister a set of DVDs that do not work in European machines.

The Heathcare Debate!  This has gone on for the better part of the entire year with a final culmination in the House passing a bill and then the Senate passing a bill. The bills now need to merge in committee.  The House plan has a public option while the Senate version does not.  The debate over government healthcare has outraged citizens and created deep dividing lines between socialism and the free market.

The healthcare debate and outrageous spending lead to rallies across the nation dubbed as Tea Parties.  And a movement was sparked!  Concerned citizens have gathered throughout the year at rallies, counter-rallies, townhalls and tea parties to protest government intrusion, taxes, and loss of freedom.  The goal has been to get America back to her founding principles.  Large gatherings happened simultaneously nationwide on Tax Day, Independence Day and a large 9/12 March On Washington that was attended by over one million people.  The tea parties caused liberals to lose their heads, like Janeane Garofalo who called tea partiers “red neck racists” and MSNBC commentators to call tea partiers “teabaggers”, and the President to pretend to be unaware of the protests and then finally refer to the rallies as places where people were waving around tea bags.

The President promises to dismantle our nuclear stockpile while North Korea test fires missiles and Iran ramps up efforts to make nuclear bombs.  Iran has ignored all international requests to cease and desist and the President and other leaders have been left impotent.

Miracle on the Hudson!  One of the few feel good stories of the year.  Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was able to bring down a full airliner after a flock of birds took out both engines without anyone dying and only a few injuries, using the Hudson River as a landing strip.  People will recall images of the passengers waiting on the wings of the sinking plane as ferries raced out to rescue everyone.

The Swine Flu!  The name quickly was changed to H1N1 Virus and everyone fears that a pandemic is on the horizon.  America overreacts as only a few thousand die.  Far below the number that die from the regular seasonal flu.  Not enough vaccine is made available and rationing begins legitimizing fears that government run healthcare will lead to rationing.

The Iranian Protests!  A fraudulent vote puts Iamadinnerjacket back in power and outraged Iranians take to the streets in the summer.  The protests continue to this day as Iranians make their move toward full revolution to overthrow their corrupt government.  Obama gives no support and promises that we will “bear witness”.  Gee thanks, Barry!

Somali pirates!  Pirates have long been a problem, but until this year and remained largely ignored by America.  That was until the Maersk Alabama, an American ship, was hijacked.  Captain Richard Phillips offered up himself as a hostage as his crew locked themselves below deck.  For days we watched the pirates hold the captain hostage in a dingy.  Finally, the Navy SEALS took action and killed three of the four pirates and freed Capt. Phillips.  New reports from the crew disparage the Captain’s courage and claim he was captured because he was stupid, but it still was a great day for our military.

The Ft. Hood Massacre!  On November 5th, Jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan, a US Army Major, mowed down 13 people (14 if you count the unborn baby) and wounded 30 others at Ft. Hood in Texas.  A female police officer takes him down leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  The President takes a long time to address the nation and spends the first two minutes of his comments giving a shout out and thanking everyone at the gathering he is at for a great time and is quite jovial.  Americans are left baffled by the man boy pretending to be a leader.  Obama tells everyone not to jump to conclusions – unlike what he did with the Cambridge Police.

Bernie Madoff commits the largest Ponzi scheme in history leaving millions penniless.  He is sentenced to 150 years in prison.

Roman Polanski finally arrested for a 1970s sex charge for drugging and raping a thirteen year old girl.  He is put under house arrest.

ClimateGate!!  The global warming hoax is up.  The Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Eastern Europe is hacked and emails are released to the public that revealed an effort to cover up cooling temperatures, efforts to shut down scientists who were debunking manmade global warming and revealing an effort to coach certain members of the media in how to report on climate change.  They deliberately changed, manipulated and deleted data.  This came out before the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen and world leaders, including Obama, completely ignore it.

Ted Kennedy dies.  Boo hoo…

Susan Boyle blows us all away with the voice of an angel and the face of a troll.  She has become a sensation and sold more records internationally then anyone else.  The video of her break out goes viral with several million hits.

Governor Mark Sanford went “hiking on the Appalachian Trail” and came back from Argentina with tales of his lurid affair with a woman.  All prospects for this conservative to have a run at the presidency vanish and his wife leaves him.  Calls for his impeachment fail, but that won’t take away his title as “Scum”.

Governor Sarah Palin quits her job as governor of Alaska.  She claims to be stepping down because of numerous lawsuits that are wasting time and money for the state.  Supporters like myself think she has made a stupid move that has killed her chances at the presidency, but her ability to raise funds has soared.  Not to mention sales of her memoir which has broken records this year.

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize for doing…nothing.
Tiger Woods and his Mistresspalooza.  One of the most celebrated and inspiring athletes of all time proves to be a schmuck.  The list of women he has cheated with during his brief marriage grows and grows and came to light after his wife tried to attack him with a golf club.  For now, Woods has quit golf and his wife has moved out.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two entities behind the housing bubble crash are bailed out a few times and then given an unlimited line of credit…forever.

Debt ceiling raised to: $12.4 trillion

Jihadist attempts to blow up himself and a Detroit bound jet on Christmas Day.  He gets through security with a device hidden in his underwear.  He gets through also despite the fact he is on a watch list, has no baggage, pays cash and gets a one way ticket.  Not to mention he is Muslim and his father has reported his extremist ways to the US embassy.  American security has egg on its face and, thanks only to a bad detonator and a brave Dutchman, no blood on its hands.  The President waits three days to address the country about the attack and is weak.  Janet Napalitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, claims everything went well and then backtracks.  We are still waiting for her resignation.

And finally the people who died this year: Natasha Richardson, David Carradine, DJ AM, Walter Conkrite, Farrah Fawcett, Paul Harvey, Billy Mays, Les Paul, Karl Malden, Patrick Swayze, Ricardo Montalban, Ron Silver, Dom DeLuise, Director John Hughes, William Safire, Soupy Sales, Jack Kemp, Roy Disney, Bea Arthur, Dominick Dunne, Ed McMahon, Brittany Murphy and Michael Jackson.

Good riddance 2009!!!


Song And Video Inspired By The Tea Party Movement

Come on Tea Party Patriots – let’s get this thing viral.  Ava Aston has a stunning voice and holds all the conservative values I hold so dear.  She is grassroots and the video proves that she is willing to fight for this country as well.  She is fast becoming an internet sensation, which is the best place to start in our present age.  You can check out more about Ava here.

Ronald Reagan Comic Book Coming Soon!

I know that I am a girl and should not be a fan of comic books, but I have loved them since I was kid.  I loved having such great visuals to go with such great stories.  I loved them all from Archie, horror genre and, of course, the superhero comics.  I am a DC person, but do enjoy the occassional Marvel and independent.  I know comics are not for everyone, but soon there will be a comic that every conservative will want to have a copy of not only for themselves, but for their kids as well.  There is no better way to introduce indoctrinated kids to one of the best American presidents – Ronald Reagan – than a comic book.

Bluewater Productions will be releasing Political Power Ronald Reagan, written by Don Smith who has made a name for himself interviewing creators and performers in the world of science fiction, comic books and entertainment with CosmicBookNews.com, ToyFare magazine and Wizard Entertainment. He now has jumped to the “other side of the table” as a writer for a bio-comic about Ronald Reagan as part of Bluewater Productions Political Power series. The issue, penned by Smith, was illustrated by Scott Woodward. The cover art was provided by award-winning artist Azim Akberal.

Don Smith joins me on the Freedom’s Wings Show on Thursday at 6pm ET.  We’ll discuss the comic book and the story of Ronald Reagan. The website asks, “Was the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire?” Was President Ronald Reagan at the right place and right time when it collapsed? Or was he one of the shrewdest occupants of the White House? Find out how this Mid-Western-turned-actor-turned-President went from B-movies to orchestrating the total collapse of the Soviet Union.”  You do not want to miss this!  Find out more about the comic here.  And listen to the show here.


CMA Awards Not PC, And I Loved It!

The Country Music Awards was on the television last night.  Usually I do not partake in awards shows, but last night I found myself swiftstalling on the CMAs as I flipped channels.  And I am glad I did because there were two moments during the evening that were not politically correct and I enjoyed them.

The hosts for the evening were Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.  The performed a little duet at the beginning of the show sung to the tune of “Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” and it went something like this:

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys,

Let them be cowboys who have manners and such.

The other PC moment of the evening was also a dig at Kanye West.  Taylor Swift won the final award of the evening and her closing statement was, “And thank you to everybody in here who didn’t rush up onto the stage.”

Country music could teach Hip Hop and rap a thing or two.  Not the country musicians are perfect, but the truth is that their videos do not objective women as just simple sexual creatures to be manhandled and taken.  They do not flash gang symbols and wear gangster clothing.  They do not beat their women like Chris Brown.  They do not rush the stage and interrupt a young eighteen-year-olds acceptance speech to drunkenly tell the crowd who they think should have won – like anyone cares.  Country singers honor our troops with more than the obligatory thanks.  They fly overseas to entertain the troops.  They honor our country and the flag.  They write songs about honor and glory and country and freedom, instead of songs about cop killing, drugs and bitches.

Yep, country music is not real PC and so neither were their awards and I loved it!

Happy Veterans Day 2009!

A filmmaker friend of mine forwarded this to me and I thought I would share.  That filmmaker is Jack Marino, director and writer of the forgottenmovie Forgotten Heroes.  Check it out here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

America’s forgotten heroes
Exclusive: Andrea Shea King remembers the brave who served in Vietnam
Posted: November 10, 2009
6:42 pm Eastern

On Jan. 10, 1970, U.S. Army Capt. Herbert C. Crosby disappeared without a trace.

“Herby” Crosby was piloting “Firebird 91,” a UH1C Iroquois Huey helicopter combat gunship in Vietnam. He was leading three Hueys returning from Tien Phuoc to the unit’s home base at Chu Lai, South Vietnam. On board were Warrant Officer George A. Howes, co-pilot; Spc. 5th Class Wayne C. Allen, crew chief; and Spc. 4th Class Francis G. Graziosi, door gunner.

The 22-year old Crosby’s tour of duty was scheduled to end a few weeks later, and the young serviceman looked forward to returning home to Donalsonville, Ga.

But on that day, Capt. Crosby and his three-man crew got lost in bad weather over Quang Nam Province. Their helicopter disappeared.

For 36 years, Crosby’s family awaited word on the fate of their son and brother. On Dec. 8, 2006, they learned the truth. Herby’s remains had been recovered, and all that was left to do was bury him with a full military funeral. The following Memorial Day, Capt. Herbert C. Crosby was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

Today, we remember Capt. Crosby and all who have served our country, defenders of our liberty and that of oppressed countries the world over.

On this Veterans Day, I watched The “Forgotten Heroes,” a film conceived in 1985 and produced by filmmaker Jack Marino, who wanted to tell the real story of those who fought in Vietnam.

“Forgotten Heroes” isn’t a documentary. Rather, it’s the story of brothers in arms who were drafted, fought, overcame incredible hardships and came home to the jeers of fellow Americans who hated this war.

As one Blue Star Mom described it, “‘Forgotten Heroes’ is the polar opposite of so many Hollywood movies of the Vietnam War. You know, the ones that show the soldiers and Marines as bloodthirsty murderers and depraved and crazed killers of women and babies.”

The “Forgotten Heroes” website explains:

In 1986 after watching the film “Platoon,” Jack Marino realized that since John Wayne’s “Green Berets,” Hollywood was increasingly reluctant to say anything positive or portray in a heroic sense anyone that fought in the Vietnam war. He felt he had to do something to counter all the negativism that seemed so pervasive within the city limits of Tinsel Town towards America’s war vets. He had been kicking around this idea of a World War II style film in a Vietnam setting for some time.
Marino explains, “I wanted to portray on film that generation who answered JFK’s call to defend freedom anywhere and anytime.”

He continues, “Every Sunday possible during my childhood, my dad and I would spend a few hours watching all the great black-and-white World War II movies together. Still, decades later, when I came home for a visit, we would fight the war together again in front of the TV. John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Van Johnson, Audie Murphy and so many more are a major part of my childhood memories.”

The Blue Star Mom adds, “My husband and I have pretty much stopped watching movies coming out of Hollywood. We’re just plain sick and tired of sitting down to let go of our daily stuff and be entertained to find we’re being lectured on the liberal’s agenda of hating America and/or our military. There are so many wonderful and inspiring stories about our military out there, just waiting to be told. But the media can’t even bring itself to report on our finest unless its report after report about torture (mostly bogus), civilian deaths (so many found to be untrue) and how ‘demoralized’ and ‘broken’ our troops are.

“So, to think Hollywood (the bastion of liberalism and ‘blame America first’) would even consider making a movie that showed the truth of all the great things and personal sacrifice our troops are willing to stand up and carry out?” she asks. “Well, I’m not holding my breath on that!”

We remember our veterans today, Nov. 11, with hearts filled with gratitude for all they’ve given to make our nation and the world a safer place. And we say a prayer for our fighting men and women and their loved ones. May God bless every one of them.

Go to the WND site: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=115664

“Dear Jack,
You have helped enhance the lives of our Nation’s military and veterans and I appreciate your efforts to honor these heroes. Your support of these selfless warriors reflects the best of the American Spirit and I am grateful for your compassionate work …”

– President George W. Bush – White House Letter dated, July 21, 2008

Happy Halloween!

HalloweenRadioHappy Halloween!  Join me today for a special broadcast of the Freedom’s Wings Show.  We will have a Halloween Spooktacular.  I will be joined by a friend who is a paranormal investigator in Northern Utah to talk about some of his work including investigations of the Sego Cheese Factory, which was transformed into a working haunted house attraction.  We will discuss ghosts and what we think they are and our experiences with them – I have had three.  I also would like to hear from callers about their thoughts and experiences and Halloween plans and memories.

Join us today from 2pm-4pm ET!


Mark Olsen, Author Of “Animal Colony” On Show Today



Mark Olsen joins me in the first hour to discuss his book “Animal Colony”. Conservatives like Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal are reading it! We will discuss why he remade a classic like ANIMAL FARM in the first place, whether or not the U.S. is actually on the brink of socialism, how the government, doctors, and drug companies are failing to fulfill their duties, how current federal exercise recommendations are ineffective, how sick care entitlements are driving us to bankruptcy and how the diet industry is scamming consumers.

Mark Olsen is a screenwriter, author of four solo novels and writer of four collaborative novels including the bestselling biblical thriller Hadassah, which was adapted into the Twentieth-Century Fox motion picture One Night with the King. His credits also include co-writing the MGM film Music Within, and the Bethany House novels Hadassah Covenant, Rescued, The Assignment, The Watchers, The Warriors, The Long Road Home and Ulterior Motives. Mark is the son of Baptist pastors and missionaries to France and a graduate of Baylor University in Professional Writing.  He co-authored this book with Dr. Thomas A. Rexroth.

Join us for a fascinating discussion.  Check out the book at their website.