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Earmarks, Earmarks Everywhere You Look

The House has passed their version of a budget appropriations bill, also called an Omnibus Bill, and it is full of earmarks as usual.  As always happens with these types of bills, several days on the internet leads to the exposing of government waste via earmark after earmark for mindboggling projects.  Most of these projects are “pet projects” of lawmakers and completely unnecessary, particularly during a time when the national debt has risen above $12 trillion and the government is considering raising the debt ceiling another $1.8 trillion as Moody’s prepares to take away America’s AAA credit rating.  Our government is certifiable at this point.  And the weak Republicans only opt to vote “No”.  Where in the hell are you Republicans?  My God, storm the damn House floor and refuse to vote.

And any hopes that the Republican Senators will put up more fight has been dashed with the vote for cloture this morning in the Senate.  This spending bill rolls in at $447 billion and contains 5,000 earmarks worth $3.9 billion.  This atrosity contains federal funding for D.C., the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development bill; the Commerce-Justice-State bill; the Labor-HHS-Education bill; the military construction-Veterans Affairs bill; and the State-foreign operations bill.  Funding for the Pentagon was taken out so that these corrupt lawmakers can use it next week to attach on to Obama’s third stimulus for jobs and the lunatic idea to raise the national debt ceiling almost $2 trillion more.

Earmarks include $2.7 million for supporting surgical operations in outer space, $800,000 for jazz at New York’s Lincoln Center, $750,000 for exhibits at the World Food Prize Hall in Iowa and $3.4 million for a rural bus program in Hawaii.