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Karzai Angry Over Taliban No. 2 Arrest

This is getting ridiculous and I again call for our country to pull our men and women out of this fight unless we get serious about Afghanistan.  There are lists of appropriate terms of engagement that handcuff our troops and keep them from finishing this fight.  The Obama Administration does not recognize exactly who our enemies are either by changing the War On Terrorism to the War With Al Qaeda.  We are fighting Jihadists that represent many different groups.  One of those groups is the Taliban.

Recently, Pakistan captured the Taliban number two leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, with the help of United States Intelligence.  Instead of thanking Pakistan and the U.S., Afghan President Hamid Karzai is angry.  He had plans to hold a peace conference and Baradar was to attend.  Karzai has for months made his intentions of working with the Taliban known.  The moment I heard Karzai make such remarks, I was done with this false nation building.  Afghanistan cannot be restored to its former self with the Taliban leading, in any way.  And common sense tells us that the minute the Americans are gone, the Taliban will push Karzai out or bring him over to their side because Karzai is corrupt.

As long as the Afghan leader wants to make peace with the group responsible for harboring, training, funding and helping in ever way possible the 9/11 terrorists and the group responsible for stoning women in soccer fields and the streets, then we should have no troops aiding that country.  But that will not happen with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm of the military.  He held a phone conference with Karzai yesterday and reiterated his desire for reconciliation.  Perhaps he thought that he was discussing ObamaCare with Karzai?

It is time to stop wasting the efforts of our troops and they should not have to give their lives for this.

No “Victory” In Afghanistan Address

The President is going to fight the war in Afghanistan so I support him in his efforts there, but his address last night was lacking in many areas and the most prominent missing piece was any use of the word “victory”.  There was no talk of winning in Afghanistan.  Part of the problem for the President is that he is trying to please everyone.  This was evident in the amount of emphasis he gave to plans for withdrawal, which is marked in 18 months.

The other worrisome area for me is that I fear our President will focus more on training Afghans, rather than killing the enemy.  Killing the enemy was the purpose of this war from the beginning and that got lost somewhere in the idea of nation building.  And nation building for America is unconstitutional.

The President could not resist following his usual path during these addresses as well.  He was very defensive, which has always been unattractive in a leader.  He tried to explain why he dithered, but I remain unconvinced.  He seems to be following General McChrystal’s plan, so his excuses are empty.  He also pulled the usual, blame President Bush.  And he reminded everyone of what I believe will be one of his greatest mistakes: closing GITMO.  He wants to make sure that those on the left like Michael Moore who are steaming mad about his Afghan Plan are somewhat appeased by his promise to close GITMO.

Charles Krauthammer is one of my favorite “common sense” commentators and I think he summed up the speech well by referring to it as “defensive”, “hedging”, “strange” and full of “uncertainty compounding uncertainty.”  I thought the backdrop os West Point really added to his belief that there is nothing better than a photo op.  Especially when those present for the photo op have to respect you completely because you are their Commander-in-Chief.

Obama Puts Afghanistan On Back Burner

Mr. President, if you do not plan on listening to the commander you chose and do not plan on victory, then please bring our men and women home.

Obama has more important things to take care of, like socialising America, to take the time to coordinate a different plan then the one he already laid out in March for Afghanistan.  This President proved over the past week at the United Nations and G20 that he is an imbecile when it comes to foreign relations and America’s security and this move to table General McChrystal’s request for more troops leaves me wondering just exactly how much does Obama hate America?

Of course, my friends and non-friends on the left will accuse me of hyperbole, but there really is no other way to describe Obama’s feelings about America when analyzing his statements and actions from the start of his campaign all the way through to the present.  He believes the Constitution is “fundamentally flawed”, that America is to blame for much of the world’s woes and regularly apologizes for us, he continuously moves to make America less safe by doing away with serious interrogations of our enemies, placating our enemies, bowing to our enemies and trying everything possible to be liked personally by our enemies.  And now he has proven that he is not serious about winning in Afghanistan, which is the war he lead us to believe that he supports.

Bob Woodward in the Washington Post is reporting that Obama’s national security advisor, retired General Jim Jones said, “I don’t have a deadline in my mind. I think the most important thing is to do it right. But it is going to have a high priority in the administration to do this pretty relentlessly. We have a lot of other things on the table as well.”  What things?  More important than this?  The General also maintained that Obama has set no deadline for a decision despite the urgent request.  The President does realize that war waits for no one and his act of indecision emboldens the enemy, right?  The Britains are calling our President a “panty-waist” for heaven’s sake.

It is true that this war has become more complicated than Iraq and that the recent elections make for uncertainty about the leadership of Afghanistan, but I do not trust our President to make the right decisions or give this the effort it deserves.  He wants to hold several meetings over the coming months and stretch this out, which would appear to make him look like he is trying to be thoughtful, but in reality is the tactic of procrastination that he regularly uses.  We are watching it with the pullout in Iraq and with Gitmo.  He pushes the hard decisions off like a teenager pushing off their homework, hoping beyond hope that he will never have to get to the work.

My main point is this, and I felt this with the way Bush went about fighting both these wars, if you are not going to give this everything we have and let the military actually fight this thing, then bring our troops home and secure our nation heavily to keep the terrorists from getting us here at home.  Bush did not do that and I do not expect Obama to do that either.