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9/11 Truther Takes Aim At Pentagon

And he misses.  John Patrick Bedell walked into the Pentagon yesterday wearing a business suit and surprised police when the cell phone they thought he was reaching for turned out to be a gun.  Bedell grazed two of the police officers before bring shot in the head.  He later died of his wounds.  The question is about motive and we may never know, but there are clues via the internet.

Bedell appears to be a 9/11 Truther.  While I believe that it is appropriate to still have questions about the events surrounding 9/11, Bedell was certifiably a Troofer.  The reason I say this is because he believed the preposterous theory that the World Trade Center and a nearby building (WTC 7) were demolished.  The idea that the government that cannot run the post office was able to pull off rigging the buildings and demolishing them successfully without anyone involved breathing a word about it, is just plain wacky.

His resentments over those events and anger at the military are supposedly the reasons why he decided to commence this attack.  The mainstream media will waste no time trying to link him to the Tea Party Movement just as the man who crashed his plane into the Texas IRS building was initially linked to the Movement. 

Alex Jones’ website Prison Planet, has released a posting this morning questioning whether this incident is another conspiracy due to its proximity with a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center that more attacks from extremists were expected.  Paul Joseph Watson writes, “Such incidents will dovetail perfectly with the rapid advancement of cybersecurity and Internet censorship laws that will force people to obtain licenses to exercise free speech on the web, while providing Homeland Security with the perfect pretext to increase surveillance of all Internet traffic and communications.”  I actually believe that argument holds no water because my common sense brain believes that the government loves for people to express these kinds of whacked out theories, like 9/11 was a demolition, because it furthers their argument that concerned citizens like myself are dangerous extremists.

The real truth here is that Bedell is a lunatic, plain and simple regardless of his conspiracy theory beliefs.  What we will see happen is people on the left paint him as a right wing extremist, while people on the right will paint him as a Moon Landing denier.  Both of these attitudes are wrong.  While some conspiracy theories are crazy, like denial of the moon landing, others are legitimate.  I do wonder why big international groups meet secretly.  I do wonder if the government is ruining our economy on purpose.  And yes, I do wonder if Lee Harvey Oswald acted of his own accord or if he was a hired hitman to take down a president who wanted our money backed by silver and hated Communism.  I have many questions about the Federal Reserve. 

Thankfully, Bedell is a horrible shot or too high on the marijuana he loved and so no one was murdered.

9/11 Lawyer Cannot Even Admit Murder Occurred In NY

Scott Fenstermaker, the lawyer representing one of the 9/11 terrorists who will stand trial in New York City, appeared on the O’Reilly Factor last night and played a bob and weave game with Bill O’Reilly.  O’Reilly pressed him on issue after issue and the lawyer side stepped answers and the answer of the evening that revealed this lawyer to be a hack came after O’Reilly asked Fenstermaker if he felt the 9/11 victims were murdered.  Fenstermaker would not answer the question and said it was up to the jury to decide.  I understand that when a lawyer represents individuals that he/she needs to be careful with what they say, but what American cannot admit that murder occured in NY?  O’Reilly did not ask if he thought his client had committed murder.  What a waste of human skin!

Fenstermaker represents Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali and met with the terrorist at GITMO.  He was to represent Ali in the military tribunal until Attorney General Eric Holder decided to make a spectacle of the trial and put the prior administration and CIA on trial and so decided to move the trials to civilian court in NY.  Now Fenstermaker is revealing that his client plans to plead not guilty and his defense will be that the attacks were justified.  They should put the President on the stand because I am sure he would make a good case for the 9/11 terrorists since he has spent the better part of this last year apologizing for America around the world.

The fact that Ali plans to plead not guilty opens up the possibility of acquittal – something we have all feared.  And since rumor has it that the terrorists plan to represent themselves with lawyers advising, this trial will be a circus with the terrorists given the ability to spew their rhetoric.  I hope these libtards are pleased with what they are about to do to the American people, especially the 9/11 families.  I do not know how anyone can believe that the Obama administration has any integrity or principles anymore and if this is not the final nail in Obama’s coffin, I do not know what it will take.  More than likely another 9/11 attack, which our President seems to be paving the way to allow to happen.

This Is Day of Remembrance, Not Day Of Service

In a tacky move and utter lack of understanding for the significance of September 11th, the Obama administration has attempted to change today from a Day of Remembrance to a Day of Service.  I laugh at such a thought since my understanding of the left’s ideas on “service” are forcing acts of “charity” upon people.   People who served in a way I can never imagine or match, gave their lives on September 11th, 2001.  I will not denigrate that service with some trumped up idea of “service”.  There are those who serve in our military in a completely self-sacrificing way as well that we think of today as they fight evil personified around the world that brought this terrible attack to our shores.  I do not expect Progressives to understand.  After all, they were the ones who rushed to blame America first for bringing this hatred upon us.  How can we help that terrorists hate our freedom? 

September 11th, 2001 changed me in a radical way.  I wrote last year:

“I saw evil that day personfied.  I saw my country attacked in a way it never had been attacked before.  At least with Pearl Harbor, a war was being conducted in the world so there was some kind of “reason” for the attack.  I became connected to my fellow man because we all experienced the same thing and were left in a funk and left fearful and most of all, left very angry.  And President Bush who didn’t excite me enough to get me to vote for him, won my support that day.  I certainly have not agreed with him on everything and this second term has left me wondering if voting for him was a good idea, but on September 11th, 2001, I was so glad and proud he was my President.  The actions and comments that came from the far left caused me to really look at what I believed in my life.  The weeks and months after the attacks and hearing the stories of the heroics of the people on Flight 93 and the first responders made me look at myself and ask what it was I believed in.  As people started breaking out their patriotism again, I found myself wondering what it meant to be an American.  What is America about and what were we founded on.  It was a journey of self-discovery.  At the end of it, I found myself a person of strong convictions with fierce loyalty to country.  I woke up and realized that liberals were driving America to destruction and the only reason I could figure out why was because they actually hated the country they lived in.  I realized that the Democrats had only used gay people to get their votes.  Why Clinton signing the Defense of Marriage Act and giving the military “Don’t ask, don’t tell” didn’t wake me up, I don’t know.  I realized that voting on just one issue doesn’t give one clear thinking.  There is not one politician or party that is going to be everything you want.  I registered as a Republican, although lately they have disappointed me enough that I just call myself conservative now.  I gained a new appreciation for our military.  I was raised in an Army family, but I always took that for granted too.  And most importantly, I stopped taking freedom for granted.  I realized what a precious gift it is and how hard you must fight to keep it.  It has become the most important thing in my life next to God.  He first gave it to us and our Founding Fathers reminded us what that entails.”

On that day, 2,974 lost their lives and 24 remain missing and presumed dead.  I will be paying tribute to those people today and joining in solidarity with my fellow Americans.  Today the Freedom’s Wings Show will air a special broadcast, “9/11 In Remembrance”, and I invite you to join me.  The show will air at 3pm ET, but you can listen to it anytime after that in archives: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomswings.  God bless those that died, their families left behind, the American people and God bless America!