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Earmarks, Earmarks Everywhere You Look

The House has passed their version of a budget appropriations bill, also called an Omnibus Bill, and it is full of earmarks as usual.  As always happens with these types of bills, several days on the internet leads to the exposing of government waste via earmark after earmark for mindboggling projects.  Most of these projects are “pet projects” of lawmakers and completely unnecessary, particularly during a time when the national debt has risen above $12 trillion and the government is considering raising the debt ceiling another $1.8 trillion as Moody’s prepares to take away America’s AAA credit rating.  Our government is certifiable at this point.  And the weak Republicans only opt to vote “No”.  Where in the hell are you Republicans?  My God, storm the damn House floor and refuse to vote.

And any hopes that the Republican Senators will put up more fight has been dashed with the vote for cloture this morning in the Senate.  This spending bill rolls in at $447 billion and contains 5,000 earmarks worth $3.9 billion.  This atrosity contains federal funding for D.C., the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development bill; the Commerce-Justice-State bill; the Labor-HHS-Education bill; the military construction-Veterans Affairs bill; and the State-foreign operations bill.  Funding for the Pentagon was taken out so that these corrupt lawmakers can use it next week to attach on to Obama’s third stimulus for jobs and the lunatic idea to raise the national debt ceiling almost $2 trillion more.

Earmarks include $2.7 million for supporting surgical operations in outer space, $800,000 for jazz at New York’s Lincoln Center, $750,000 for exhibits at the World Food Prize Hall in Iowa and $3.4 million for a rural bus program in Hawaii.


Republican National Organizations and Committees Are On Notice

I am sick to death of receiving these idiotic surveys in the mail that are just “cloaked” attempts to beg for money.  I do not like receiving money requests from charities in the mail either.  If I am going to give money to a group, I will do so without having to be asked.  I have received surveys from all types of GOP organizations and conservative think tanks like Heritage Foundation.  They are idiotic in my perception because they know damn well what conservative values conservatives have without needing to ask.  They know what issues I want them to focus on.  Why else have I been standing in the streets and calling on the phones?  Are none of them listening either?

I answered the first survey I received diligently.  Subsequent surveys left me feeling disillusioned and so I turned to writing my own comments all over the surveys.  These surveys are always accompanied by a letter from some Republican leader.  The most recent one I received, blew my top because it was from Newt Gingrich.  Newt Gingrich?!  He thinks and the Republican Senate Committee thinks I will send money on his account?!  I scrawled across the back that we are refounding and restoring the GOP and if they expected me to answer their survey and, more importantly, send them money, then they should not send letters from a fraud like Newt Gingrich who believes in Party before principles.

And that is what is going on with the Tea Party Movement.  I have had one of my blogs linked to by both Politico and Alan Colmes, in which I claim that our movement is grassroots and non-partisan.  They are trying to claim that we are not since we have focused on the GOP.  I do not see how we are supporting the GOP and being partisan when we are trying to take the GOP over or at least take it back.  We live in a country that supports a two-party system; unfortunately, and we are trying to work within those parameters.  But we are not above backing third party candidates either, when we have to, as the nation observed in NY23.

The GOP and all affiliates are on notice.  You either get on board the Tea Party Train or we will leave you in our steam.

Huckabee Gave Cop Killer Clemency

Now dead and burning in Hell, cop killer Maurice Clemmons was granted clemency by Mike Huckabee when he was governor of Arkansas.  Not only will this prove to be problematic if Huckabee plans to run for the presidency in 2012, but it has shined a light on his clemency records.  Apparently, the good “conservative” Governor granted more clemencies than any of his three predecessors…combined.

I have always had issues with this ability for governors and presidents.  If someone was given a sentence by their peers, then they should serve out that sentence unless the appeals process works in their favor.  That is why we have an appeals process.  Our leadership are fallible people and the Clemmons case is not an isolated case.  This one just gained national prominence because of the heinous execution style shootings of four police officers.

To his credit, Gov. Huckabee has taken responsibility for the situation and apologized telling Bill O’Reilly last night, “If I could have known nine years ago that this guy was capable of something of this magnitude, obviously I would have never granted a commutation. It’s sickening.”  This probably will be the nail in Huckabee’s bid for the presidency and I am glad for that because I would not have supported him.  He is not a true conservative.  Candidates seem to think that no one will look at their records and will just take them at their word.  I really do not care who you claim to be now.  I look to your actions.

The silver lining in this story is that Maurice Clemmons is dead and we will not have to waste money trying him for the crime and  feeding and caring for his sorry a$$.

Taxpayers Fund Lavish State Dinner For Leftists

Despite the fact that America is crawling out of the worst recession ever according to our President, he still managed to pull off a lavish state dinner on our dime.  A typical state dinner hosts 150 guests, but not a state dinner hosted by the Obamas.  Oh no, not our American royalty.  They hosted 320 guests and had to set up a tent outside of the White House to hold everyone.  And the guest list was enough to make this conservative reach for her duct tape.  Can we say, “Pay off?”

There was PlastiGirl with hubby in tow (does he really kiss that face?), Steven Spielberg, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Deepak Chopra, Gen. Colin Powell (who votes based on race), Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and of course, India’s prime minister, Manmohan Singh who was the guest of honor.  Rahm Emanuel was also there and he brought his brother Ari, famous for wanting to set up death panels to rid  us of the handicapped and dementia stricken elderly (a group to which my grandmother belongs).  Chicago’s Breaking News Center claimed that the first lady was “the picture of elegance.”  Hmmm…the tape I watched of her and Obama entering the event made me think they had just had a fight (neither smiled) and she in particular appeared to have just eaten a lemon.  Oh wait, that is the expression typically on her face all the time.

The most interesting detail of the evening to me was that Oprah’s wife, Gayle King, showed up for the event, but there was no Oprah.  Was Oprah not invited?!  Her interview with Sarah Palin did not have anything to do with that, did it?  After all, Oprah did not excoriate Palin as the Obamas would have wished.

Arugula was on the menu.  This was an elitist crowd after all.  I watched a state senator who was of Indian descent on Fox & Friends this morning regaling the evening and all I could think was, oh yeah we have the Indian leader here, better invite all the Indian people in America who hold office or happen to be famous.  After all, a state senator was invited to this party?!  And he was not from Chicago.  Many rich Chicagoans were invited as well.  That is where Obama cut his Thugocracy teeth after all.

Prime Minister Singh toasted Obama and declared that his visit to the White House had captured the imaginations of millions of Indians and claimed that Obama was an inspiration because of his value of democracy, diversity and equal opportunity.  Here…you can borrow my duct tape.

Ronald Reagan Comic Book Coming Soon!

I know that I am a girl and should not be a fan of comic books, but I have loved them since I was kid.  I loved having such great visuals to go with such great stories.  I loved them all from Archie, horror genre and, of course, the superhero comics.  I am a DC person, but do enjoy the occassional Marvel and independent.  I know comics are not for everyone, but soon there will be a comic that every conservative will want to have a copy of not only for themselves, but for their kids as well.  There is no better way to introduce indoctrinated kids to one of the best American presidents – Ronald Reagan – than a comic book.

Bluewater Productions will be releasing Political Power Ronald Reagan, written by Don Smith who has made a name for himself interviewing creators and performers in the world of science fiction, comic books and entertainment with, ToyFare magazine and Wizard Entertainment. He now has jumped to the “other side of the table” as a writer for a bio-comic about Ronald Reagan as part of Bluewater Productions Political Power series. The issue, penned by Smith, was illustrated by Scott Woodward. The cover art was provided by award-winning artist Azim Akberal.

Don Smith joins me on the Freedom’s Wings Show on Thursday at 6pm ET.  We’ll discuss the comic book and the story of Ronald Reagan. The website asks, “Was the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire?” Was President Ronald Reagan at the right place and right time when it collapsed? Or was he one of the shrewdest occupants of the White House? Find out how this Mid-Western-turned-actor-turned-President went from B-movies to orchestrating the total collapse of the Soviet Union.”  You do not want to miss this!  Find out more about the comic here.  And listen to the show here.


Political Correctness Is Destroying Us

For years we have been living under a political correctness filter that is now endangering our lives.  I am either more sensitive to it since 9/11 or the country has fallen down further into this rabbit hole.  The events at Ft. Hood shine a light on this painful truth in America: Our political correctness is destroying us.  And this is not just the case when it comes to Islam and Jihadists, although that is the most glaring example.  Our political correctness has led us to elect a panty-waist leader who has become an apologist to the world.  We’re sorry for being prosperous and Capitalistic.  We’re sorry for being free.  This apologist attitude has left us whimpering at the door of Iran.  Iran will have the nuclear weapon in time and we will be left living under a fear that the Cold War never instilled.  At least the Soviet Union cared a bit for its people.  Jihadists and Muslim extremists – who are the norm, no PC here – do not even care about their own lives.

Political correctness has given way to a zero tolerance zoning in schools that leaves six-year-olds expelled for having Boy Scout equipment with them and teenagers with survival gear losing college prospects.  Political correctness has led us to push God out of the center square because we do not want to offend anyone.  How dare we Christians wish someone “Merry Christmas”.  Now we have winter festivals and Xmas decorations.  We take down the ten commandments and yank prayer out of school, unless you’re a Muslim.  Little old ladies are given the full pat down at airports, while dark-skinned men wearing turbans are ignored.

Political correctness keeps people from speaking their minds, which erodes our free speech.  Sometimes that free speech may hurt, but it is a fundamental right that this country is erasing.  The Fairness Doctrine seeks to make talk radio more “fair” and keep conservativism from sweeping the internet.  Political correctness keeps people from telling the truth and then sometimes it is too late.

Political correctness is a fundamental problem in this country and the Ft, Hood Massacre only shines light on that fact.  Freedom’s Wings is a no PC zone, so I say what I want and welcome others to do the same.  I have never erased a comment or edited it except for profanity or being spam.

Grassroots/Tea Party Movement Wins In NY23

Upon reading the heading of this blog, most people would be scratching their heads wondering what I was referring to since Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman lost the race in NY23 in the special election for a House seat.  It is disappointing to not have garnered a win with obtaining the seat, but we did win in a major way.  Conservatives let the GOP know in no uncertain terms that they need us if they want to win.  They can no longer ignore us and choose whoever they assume will win.  Conservatives no longer vote the party line for Republicans.  We will not vote for the lesser of two evils any longer.

Doug Hoffman was beat by Democrat Bill Owens, but he trounced Dede Scozzafavva and ran her out of the race before voting even had begun.  Hoffman was able to shine a light on the frauds within our movement as well.  Newt Gingrich has proven to be the biggest fraud of them all.  he has attended and spoken at tea parties.  He started American Solutions to formulate solutions with every day people to the country’s problems.  I became suspicious of Gingrich when he made that “green” ad with Plastigirl Pelosi.  His endorsement of Dede Scozzafavva proved my suspicions to be right.

The Republican Party has no option but to rebuild with conservatives at the helm.  We will now be choosing our candidates.  The primaries in 2010 will prove that out.  Michael Steele needs to sit back and start taking notes.  Erick Erickson of Red State made some great points along these lines as well:

Secondly, and just as importantly, there has all of a sudden been a huge movement among some activists to go the third party route. We see in NY-23 that this is not possible as third parties are not viable.

Third parties lack funding and ability for a host of reasons. Conservatives are going to have to work from within the GOP. The GOP had better pay attention.

For all intents and purposes, NY-23 is a trial run for Florida. And in Florida, the conservative candidate is operating inside the GOP. If John Cornyn and the NRSC do not want to see Florida go the way of NY-23, they better stand down.

This is indeed a news flash for Charlie Crist who better be very worried.  And the GOP better stand down from full on support of Charlie Crist.  The people on the ground in Florida want Marco Rubio and if they turn against him it will be Charlie Crist’s loss they will be setting up.