Reid Cares More About ObamaCare Then Wife

Some might consider that observation that I have made as harsh, but let us look at reality.  Last night during my radio show, one of my listeners informed the chatroom that Harry Reid’s wife and daughter had been involved in a serious accident.  We sent our well wishes that way because nobody wishes these types of things on anybody regardless of your political differences.  One person mentioned that God might be sending the Mouse of the Senate a wake-up call.

A bit later, another listener let the chatroom know that the injuries were not life threatening and that Reid had visited the hospital and then rushed back to D.C. for a meeting with Rahm Emanuel.  We all commented what a jerk he was for leaving his wife.  At the time, I had no idea exactly why Reid’s family was in the hospital.  After my show I read that the Mouse’s wife had a broken back and neck and was in ICU.  Now I really think this guy is a first class jerk!  This is his wife of over fifty years, I believe.  Nothing could tear me away from that bedside at a time like that, not even a political career.  In case the Mouse had not noticed, his polls are tanking and re-election will only be possible if his Tea Party candidate scheme works.

Who exactly do we have representing us in Washington?  Are these people so sold out to power and control that they not only are not listening to We The People anymore, but they are willing to sacrifice everything for their Progressive Utopia?  This incident is an example of just exactly what we are dealing with here: Soulless creatures.


3 responses to “Reid Cares More About ObamaCare Then Wife

  1. I read this story late last night before I did my show and I could not believe it! I could not talk about it because BTR went crazy and was not able to finish my show, but this just goes to show where the priorities of the people who represent us are. he leaves his wifes bedside to go back and talk healthcare? maybe I am just a nice person, but I would have told the president, the House leader, and everyone to deal with it on their own if something like this happened to my family.

    These people on the left have ONE thought on their mind and that is transforming America overnight by passing a bill that no one wants. They do not care if they lose their jobs, they do not care if people hate them, and they do not care if you and I or anyone else like the bill or not. All they care about is themselves. This is the biggest pat-on-the-back session I have ever seen in my days.

    • Who is BTR? Are you on radio or TV in Nevada?
      Personally, I think the lady opposition may be a FINE person, but could not the TEA Party or GOP put up a charasmatic, cool, sensible GUY against Harry Reid?
      Wasn’t that a Nevadan in the comercial with the horse and Winchester rifle?
      Why not get him to shut down Reid the Lamster Hamster?
      PS I also feel MCain was a give up. self-foot-shooting candidate who wanted to lose soooo badly he sung praises of UGGG Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the most notorious Judge of All Time!

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