Glenn Beck Interview With Eric Massa A Waste Of Time

UPDATE:  An ethics investigation and subsequent charges have been dropped against Massa.  Hmmm…you don’t suppose that is why he backed off and backtracked do you?  Or was it just that he did not have the goods?

Yesterday, Glenn Beck spoke on his radio show about an interview planned for his television show yesterday evening with Rep. Eric Massa.  He explained that it would be an hour long interview and that he had no idea what Massa would reveal on the show about corruption in Washington and his recent resignation over sexual harrassment charges from a male staffer.  All I could think was why would anyone spend an hour airtime on this Washington scum.  We are the better for this guy stepping down.  Much has been made of Massa being a no vote on ObamaCare, but it was not because he has principles.  The bill is not Marxist enough for him because the public option was not included.

Michelle Malkin agreed with my accessment as well and she spoke on Glenn’s show yesterday defending the idea that this was a waste of time and that Glenn should not give him an hour on television.  Glenn and Michelle debated back and forth and then after a pause Glenn said, “I don’t understand you people.”  Michelle was clearly not happy about that and neither was I.  Glenn eventually apologized to her.  Ed Morrissey has video and comments on this here.  I continue to wonder what is going on with Glenn.  Is his fame and power going to his head?  He regularly attacks those on the same side as himself and made inferrances yesterday about attacks he has received after his CPAC speech.  So basically Glenn is going after those of us who realize that our only option in 2010 is to take back the Republican Party.  He seems to think that this is an endorsement od the GOP, which it is not.  Most of us conservatives go after Republicans more harshly than people on the left.  The problem with Glenn is that he attacks us for this plan while offering none of his own.  He merely thinks educating the masses will make a difference, but if there is no action, we simply have an American population living under tyranny and realizing what that means.

After watching the interview on Glenn’s show, it would seem that Michelle and I were right with our criticism.  Glenn actually apologized at the end of the show for wasting America’s time, which I know is legitimate because Glenn prides himself on giving us quality programming.  Massa was evasive and backtracking.  After three days of claiming that he was forced out of office, he told Glenn that he was not forced out and that he takes responsiblity for his bad behavior.  The revelations of corruption and backroom dealings were not revealed.  Massa appeared to only be interested in saving his political career as Michelle indicated in her comments to Glenn on his show.  Apparently, Glenn got the big ratings he expected from this interview, but not much else.  I hope he did not give Massa an hour simply for ratings.


4 responses to “Glenn Beck Interview With Eric Massa A Waste Of Time

  1. Beck gave Massa a his moment to tell the story of corruption in DC and Massa did not deliver. I’m thinking someone got to Massa the night before and Beck ended up with egg on his face. Beck took a risk and it failed. I would love to know the verbal exchange after the cameras were turned off.

  2. I would have to agree with Spongedocks on this one. Rep. Massa went on the radio days before talking about what happened between him and the White House, without the White House being any of the wiser. This time, it was a foregone conclusion that he would end up on beck the next day, and after all the days of revelations he seems to back up in his rhetoric? Something is not right.

    I would like to say, because of Glenn Beck’s words about how the interview was a waste of time, the story has switched from Rahm being a nut and the White House overstepping their bounds to Rep. Massa is a far left wing nut who only did not vote for the health care bill because it was not far left enough. The White House wins again. We no longer are questioning the tactics of this Administration, we are questioning the ethics of a man who brought out what all of us have been looking for.

    Beck went over the top, in my opinion. If he thought there was something going to come out no one heard, then he was mistaken. But one has to wonder, after all these days of Massa calling out the White House, why backtrack now? But of course Massa is a left wing nut so the questions of the White House are not important.

    • I have to admit Shawn that the thought that Obama’s administration got to this guy did cross my mind, but I really think he didn’t have the goods. I think we are going to have bigger revelations come out about this guy and his sexual escapades and that is why he did this interview. Now if this was Evan Byah it would be a different story. Bayh said many of the same things and I believe he is a good person, so I would rather have revelations come from him.

  3. I am not saying this man is not dirty, if you are in Washington for any amount of time you have some dirt on your hands. If he would have stayed in and these other revelations about his staffers came out and was investigated, we may have heard all kinds of dirt that we will not hear now.

    However, I am just looking at this from the point of view of someone who has heard about MANY instances where the White House has used their power to force others to do their bidding. I was just looking at this revelation as just another example of that.

    As you said, dsgawrsh, if it was someone more clean to the process, like an Even Bayh, this would have been taken more seriously. What I am hoping, though, is there are more members in the House and Senate that will open up about the corruption in Washington. The first way to battle the corruption is to put it out in the open to let the people see who is corrupt.

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