Rednecks And Science Collide On The Freedom’s Wings Show

The prevalent thought in the world is that environmentalism belongs to the left and that individuals who are anti-statist, conservative, libertarian and do not believe in the hype around man-made global warming, do not care about the earth and the inhabitants (including animals) of that planet.  That is simply not true.  I myself was a Wildlife Biology major when I started college, I have always recycled, I love nature and hiking and I support the idea that we need to conserve and use alternative energy.  I just do not think that the government is allowed to intrude into my life and force me to do that and tax me accordingly.

Tuesday, March 9th, I will be joined by two fellow Blog Talk Radio hosts, Mark and Guy who host the Green T Hour.  The description of their show is “where science and rednecks collide.”  Guy is the Science and Mark is the Redneck and the show is an eclectic blend of sustainable living and renewable energy in real life applications for the common person, economic insight, political impact, personal experiences and much more.  You can check out their show here and there website here.  We will discuss a variety of topics dealing with Cap & Trade, carbon credits, the green industry, Smart Grid, alternative energy and government intrusion in our lives including the renewal of the Patriot Act by President Obama.

Join us here for an entertaining and informative show at 6pm ET.


One response to “Rednecks And Science Collide On The Freedom’s Wings Show

  1. Looking forward to hearing this one Diane, hopefully I will be around to catch it live!!

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