The Health Care Summit: The Joke It Promised To Be

I have maintained for the past two weeks that the Republicans should not even show up for the Health Care Summit being held today.  The GOP leadership decided to go ahead and show up.  I also maintained that if they did show up and the President presented anything except a blank piece of paper, that the Republicans should get up and walk out.  They are still sitting in this Summit currently, which has just taken a break for lunch.  The day has been an utter joke and waste of time.

President Obama has harped repeatedly on time limits, especially after Republican members make statements.  John Boehner finally asked what the limits were since they had not been specified and McConnell points out that Dems have gotten 52 minutes compared to Repubs 24 minutes.  There was no real answer from the President, but I can gather what the President’s goal is because he stated it today.  The meeting is set to last six hours and the President has promised that they’ll get this settled before the day is done.  Of course, we know what an Obama promise is worth – zip!  Plus, my common sense brain reminds me that they have been at this healthcare insurance reform effort for a year and gotten nothing accomplished.  The President gave a clue on his way to the Summit of what the plan is if this does not work.  A reporter asked if Obama had a plan B and the President responded, “I’ve always got plans.”

Republican Alexander Lamar started the Summit by calling out the Democrats on their threats of reconciliation, which I believe would be the President’s real Plan B.  The Wall Street Journal has actually detailed a Plan B which is a scaled back plan covering only 15 million of the uninsured and expanding on MediCaid.  It also does even less reform and barely cuts costs.  Senator Alexander also called on the Democrats to do this piece by piece instead of as a large package.

PlastiGirl then declares that health care is a right and not a priviledge and brings up Teddy Kennedy.  Where is the theatre dramatics?  Come on Plasti, throw yourself across the table as you emote about Teddy and declare, “Let’s do this for Teddy!”  One thing that becomes obvious and apparent is that the President’s thin skin is showing and this sideshow is going nowhere.  Once again, our tax dollars at work…being wasted.


2 responses to “The Health Care Summit: The Joke It Promised To Be

  1. I agree Di.
    Photo Opt!!!
    Dems PERSONALIZED individual situations and RIDUCULED to tthe MAX!!
    Love you and most everything you have to say. We are in process of…EYES WIDE OPEN

  2. Ohh we cannot have a health care summit unless we talk about Teddy, now can we? The man is dead, let him rest in peace, and stop using his name as a platform for some pseudo-socialist health care scheme derived from bureaucrats that want to scratch someones back for scratching theirs.

    The whole summit was a waste of time, with the Democrats headlining the dog and pony show with their same old rhetoric we have heard for so many months now.

    Great post Diane!

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