Time To Call The White House’s Bluff, Republicans

The President is so proud of his idea for healthcare reform that he released the details quietly on the Whitehouse.gov website this morning.  Where is the primetime press conference?  Where is the national address?  The President has made those kinds of tactics a staple of his plans to implement ObamaCare.  But not this time and the reason is obvious.  ObamaCare is crap!  The President can twist and contort the plans from both the Senate and the House anyway he wants, but the plan is still garbage.  House Minority Leader John Boehner claimed after looking over the President’s plan that it doubles down on failure and puts Thursday’s Healthcare Summit in peril.

And now the White House is prepared to play chicken with the Republicans as The Plum Line points out.  White House advisors threatened on a conference call this morning that if the Republicans filibuster on this plan, then the Senate was going to use reconciliation – that requires only 51 votes – to pass ObamaCare.  I say the Republicans should call their bluff.  Do not show up for this summit on Thursday.  Filibuster this load of dung.  Let the Democrats and the President go down with this sinking ship.  If the Democrats think this ObamaCare legislation and reconciliation is going to get them more votes in November, then have at it because I know that the American people will not stand for this bill being crammed down our throats.  We have let the government know through Tea Parties, town halls, emails and phone calls that we do not want this kind of reform that is anything but reform.

Obama’s plan rolls in at $950 billion dollars, includes the word “tax” thirty-five times, increases fees on brand name drugs, increases the tax base and keeps the Cadillac tax, calls for a comprehensive data base for all of our medical information to be readily available and increases the fee assessed to people who decide to opt out of health insurance coverage.  And that is just for starters.  The public option is missing, but the insurance exchange is in this plan.  And for a little comic relief: the President claims that this will not add to the deficit.  Pretty laughable coming from a man who lied and accused the Republicans of claiming that their plan would cost nothing when in reality the Republicans claimed their plan would not raise taxes a penny.

The Heathcare Summit on Thursday should be very interesting.  I expect to witness a room full of Democrats looking at each other stupidly.


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