Michael Steele Meets With Tea Partiers

On Tuesday, 50 Tea Partiers – I refuse to call them leaders since the movement has no leaders – met with RNC Chairman Michael Steele at the RNC headquarters.  The meeting was scheduled to last an hour, but ran for a full four hours.  I do not support this move because it appears that we are moving towards the Republicans instead of vice versa.  Why do we need a face to face with Michael Steele?  My greatest fear is that the GOP will arrogantly assume that we have nowhere else to go and will pretend to be on board with conservativism and then slap us in the face.  We must focus our energies on the primaries first and foremost.  And if we do not get quality candidates, we need to be united in supporting a third party candidate.  Otherwise, we just continue the same bullcrap that has been going on for decades.

Michael Steele released a statement after the meeting saying, “For over a year, I have made it a priority to have conversations with different grassroots activists who are concerned with the direction of our country and today’s meeting was an excellent opportunity to continue this conversation.  We share a common purpose in stopping President Obama’s agenda and standing up for principles such as smaller government, lower taxes, free enterprise, and the constitution.”  Then he added this curious thought that he looks forward to continuing to build on these meetings and work to elect people who “will fight to protect the principles which they and a majority of Americans support.”  Why didn’t Mr. Steele refer to the GOP in this comment?  Are Constitutional conservative principles held only by the Tea Party Movement and a majority of Americans?

The one issue that was not raised at this meeting that should have been brought up before anything else is when Michael Steele plans to step down.  This man has lacked leadership skills and has been completely incompetent.  The above statement just being the most recent example of that.  Attendees to the meeting were happy after the event and claimed their questions were answered and they believe they were heard.  Who cares?  They will hear us very clearly at the ballot box.  This was just a photo op for Steele and playing into their hands.


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