Phil Jones Just Happened To Lose Data In ClimateGate

Oh brother!  Now the suicidal scientist at the center of ClimateGate is claiming he has really bad organizational skills and that is why he cannot provide raw data.  Some believe that he has resisted Freedom of Information Act requests because he has lost the data.  Or perhaps he purposefully lost that data that would back up the “hockey stick theory” promoted by global warming advocates.  Unfortunately for these liars, light has a way of revealing truth.

Snow on the ground in 49 of America’s 50 states has lead many of us “flatearthers”, who know that climate change does not rely on man to decide on fluctuations, to claim that global warming is not occuring.  And now Phil Jones is admitting that there has been no significant warming for the past fifteen years and that the earth was actually warmer in medieval times when man-made global warming would be impossible.

My questions are, what kind of scientist does not keep track of his research data and what kind of scientist thinks he will never have to account for his numbers?  My answer would be, a scientist who is creating one of the largest frauds in history.  We have been living for over a decade under the facistic hand of global warming and the control mechanisms spurned from a desire to force mankind to bend to rules implemented by global governance.  Crap & Tax has been stalled in the Senate and revelations that continue to protrude from ClimateGate should finish off the business killing and taxing bill forever. 

I cannot wait to watch Keith Olberdork and Rachel Madcow try to explain this away, but I know MSNBC and their parent company of General Electric will just ignore it and continue to push their claims that man is all powerful and controls the climate.


3 responses to “Phil Jones Just Happened To Lose Data In ClimateGate

  1. I don’t know about you or anyone else here on the blog, but I am sick and tired of hearing about global warming, climate change, whatever they want to call it today. There is too much evidence to refute everything these environmental wackos put on the table, and now they do not even have the data that they claimed would show the world how much we have destroyed it by our evil, industrial ways.

    I say we just leave them alone, allow them to say whatever they want to say, and sooner or later they will just have themselves to talk to because every other normal human being will have known that the scam they tried to pull was just that, a scam! It will get to the point where the people are outcast from not only the science community but from their own communities as well. That day cannot come soon enough.

  2. The tree-ring data that Michael Mann used in his 2008 version of the hockey stick has a worse correlation to temperature than to atmospheric CO2. You can see the details here.

    best regards,

  3. The thing about getting off the topic Shawn, is that there are still many people who are falling for this ridiculous “climate change”. Even in my more Conservative school, films and articles are being held as mandatory that are dealing with Global Warming and “saving” this country from an environmental meltdown. I think this is a very important issue for us to hit until we kill it, and people like Phil Jones are making it that much easier for us!

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