President Listens To Press, But Not The People

The press has come out in recent weeks complaining that the President has not held a press conference since July.  Obama has opted for controlled one-on-one interviews instead to keep the tough questions from being asked.  The President finally listened to the press corps (or is it corpse?) and conducted an impromptu press conference on Tuesday during the regularly scheduled White House briefing.

So the question becomes, why does the President cave to pressure from the press corps and not to pressure from the American people?  A large majority of people on both the left and right are calling for the President to scrap the House and Senate health insurance reform bills and start from scratch in a bi-partisan matter.  The President has indicated indirectly that he will not agree to a “start over”.  The GOP has agreed to attend a healthcare summit with the President.  I maintain that if the President does not start that summit by trashing both bills, the GOP must get up out of their seats and walk out and hold a press conference speaking directly to the American people about why they have abadoned the negotiations.  Otherwise, this will become a photo op for the President and a way for the Progressives to ridicule free market ideas.

One also has to question what the definition of “bi-partisan” truly is because I think it means something quite different to most of America than it does to the government.  The government tries to convince the population that getting just one member from the opposition party to agree with them makes any bill bi-partisan.  Or taking one idea from the other party and incorporating it within a bill is bi-partisan.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  We are tired of the Washington games and I would pray for snow to keep the government shut down except that apparently everyone is still getting paid because not having the government in session is costing us $100 million a day.  That seems to defy common sense, but with government one needs to suspend reality.


2 responses to “President Listens To Press, But Not The People

  1. New Definitions of Bi-Partisanship:

    1) a handful of moderate democrats considering siding with progressives to pass legislation

    2) siding with the progressives after Rahm Emmanual shows up at your congressional office with a baseball bat

    3) the administration brings video cameras to Q&A sessions with the GOP caucus

  2. If the Democrats and the White House want to make this a TV meeting about how the American people are wrong, the Republicans are wrong, and the only right ones are those in favor of drastic health care reform that will bankrupt, then the Democrats will make themselves look more like fools than they already do. Basically, a very long infomercial on how we need socialized medicine without using those terms.

    The people have already made up their minds. The Republicans need to go into the meeting, tell them what the people WANT in the bill, and if the President says that cannot be done, walk right out and hold a Press conference to tell the people they tried but the Democrats and the White House will not work for the people. Tell the people that they will do their best to get reform done with their own bill, lay it out for ALL of America to understand, and put it in front of Congress when all eyes are on them. Bring these scums to light and let the people in each state know which members are for the people and which ones are not.

    It is time to root out the bad weeds. If you want something to look good and work well, you need to clean it up first. Time for discussion is over. Tell the Dems this is how it is, or you can do it on your own and lose big in November, then we will repeal.

    Health care should be dead, but instead of taking time to work on issues that are really in dire need of attention, we are still talking about this. It amazes me…it really does!

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