Rachel Madcow Pushes Tea Bagger Comments To Lunatic Edge

Rachel Madcow pushed the limits for even herself on Friday’s show as she covered the National Tea Party Convention.  Not only do the libtards like Madcow need some history lessons, but her extreme comments reveal the fear that the Progressives have when it comes to We The People in the grassroots.  Here is the transcript from the part of her show that I am referencing (h/t Newsbusters):


3 responses to “Rachel Madcow Pushes Tea Bagger Comments To Lunatic Edge

  1. There is nothing in the constitution that requires a knowledge of anything specific that could could be revealed in a a literacy or civics test. It requires citizenship. To acquire citizenship one must pass language and civics tests. Which makes most legal immigrants more qualified to vote than many Americans who are citizens only because they were born in the U.S. So why can’t we just say that if you’re an American citizen, you’re entitled to vote? You don’t have to be exposed to English-language publications or media in order to have a knowledge of civic institutions sufficient to make a good voting decision. Civics and literacy tests really were used by county voter registrars to exclude potential voters who were likely to vote contrary to the will of the registrars and their demographic constituencies. In many cases such registrars gave easy tests to whites and very difficult tests to blacks and the tests were graded arbitrarily. Citizenship and identity should be the only tests for people to be eligible to vote. Why doesn’t Tancredo stick to this, if his concerns are really about illegal immigrants? Excluding voters because of their poor English-language skills would be as arbitrary as excluding people because of the color of their skin or their religion. And this is why I think it was right for Rachel Maddow to raise the concern that she did.

  2. Anything that we say is going to be twisted by the Progressive fringe to make it look like we are racists, bigots, homophobes, or by their own admissions “Nazis”. There is nothing we can do, short of getting on our knees and begging for them to forgive us, that will stop this from happening. MSNBC is COMMITTED to pushing this kind of agenda, an agenda that has them losing viewers by the day and more people taking shots at their network. They are, more or less, a microcosm of the Democratic Party. Neither change what they have been doing to drive people away, and in time they will be left with only family members, close friends, and a few far left ideologs that will support their message.

    I turn on MSNBC and it makes me want to throw something, that is how aggravating these people are. I have it on for more than a minute and I have to duct tape my head back together. The more they make themselves look like inept political commentators, the more people will move to another form of media.

  3. MSNBC? Oh…that channel. I don’t think we have to worry too much about what Olbermann and Maddow are saying. Probably the only people who watch them in the evening are their mothers and fathers and other close family members. Their uncles and aunts might flip over from Fox during commercial breaks.

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