The New “Populist” Tone

Tonight during the State of the Union Address, the President is expected to continue his populist tone that he has adopted since Scott Brown was elected to fill the Senate seat held by Teddy Kennedy for 47 years.  (Join me back here while I live blog the event.)  My question is whether the President has really adopted such a tone.  The pundits are telling us this, but I certainly do not hear that tone.  Last Friday, the President paid a visit to Ohio and gave a speech in which he repeatedly said “I” and used the word “fight” over twenty times.  A dictator (narcisstic elitist) uses the term “I” almost exclusively.  A leader uses the word “we”.  And since the Scott Brown result obviously revealed that Obama’s policies are not the direction the country wishes take, what exactly is he fighting?  Sounds like he is going to continue to push his agenda to me.

And who does Obama think he is fooling by claiming that he is with us against the banks and the corporations dishing out big bonuses?  I believe it was the government who bailed out the banks and companies so that they could pass around big bonuses and freeze lending.  Obama voted for these bailouts and happily took over companies, even though he tried to tell us he did not want to run banks and car companies.  At every turn, Obama has been working against the policies that would truly help the economy and rebuild business.  His actions have lead people to believe that he is either stupid or ruining the economy on purpose.

Tonight the President may attempt to sound like he is part of We The People and that he is with us, but I will be listening to the undertone and key words and phrases for what the truth really is because this President often reveals his hand.  Sometimes it is in what the President does not say that we hear the truth.  Any suggestion of more stimulus and spending will debunk his promise to freeze federal spending.  Any suggestion that he has kept his campaign promises will prove that he is lying because no one can deny that the President has kept only one promise: to fundamentally change America.  Every other promise has been left on the waste pile.

All this talk of a populist tone is ridiculous to me anyway.  I want to hear the real deal with integrity from a politician.  I know, I am laughing my butt off too at that suggestion.  I am tired of a politician telling me what I want to hear, rather than telling me who they really are and what they truly value.  And as I always say, I do not listen to words, I watch actions because that is where reality lies.  The President’s actions tell me that he has an agenda to create a Marxist utopia and We The People are not going to stop him.


One response to “The New “Populist” Tone

  1. Not sure if I really want to listen to his Mistake of The Union Address tonight. I think I’d rather do some dental work on myself with a pocketknife and a screwdriver. I let you fill me in on the gory details later, Diane, or maybe I’ll catch some YouTube reruns.

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