Live Blogging Obama’s 1st State Of The Union

NOTE:  I am live blogging the President’s State of the Union Address, so please refresh for updates.  Add comments as you like and I will approve them as we go.

I know some bloggers like to play drinking games with the President’s speeches, but I am a teetotaler so forget the drinking, let’s just bet.  Besides, everybody would be drunk in the first five minutes.  Bets:  How many times the President will say, “unprecendented”, “let me be clear”, “I, me, myself” and how many times will he blame Bush?  Bonus bet:  I bet we do not hear the word “cuts” tonight.  Will Joe Wilson yell “You lie” again?

Michelle Obama enters the hall…and then here comes the cabinet – where are the czars?  The President is late to his own party.  Isn’t it bad enough that he is rumored to be talking for 75 minutes tonight?  And the Illustrious One enters – six minutes late.  Everybody rushes to be touched by his Excellence.  All the whistling reminds me of people whistling past the graveyard.  PlastiGirl pees her pants as she announces The One.

Oh my God, he just mentioned the Constitution!  Does he know what that is?  What’s with the history lesson – TOTUS is laying it on thick.  He is discussing the testing we are under.  You fail, Mr. President!  He’s reminding us that he acted immediately and aggressively and is claiming that we are past the worst.  He understands everyone’s anxiety.  He ran for President because of our struggles.  He talks about those letters from children again that he reads every night – what a liar!

The chance to get ahead is destroyed by government, but the President does not realize that.  I could care less about all this fluff.  Oh, the President just said he has never been more hopeful than he is tonight.  He is using “we” like crazy.  He must have gotten my memo.  Now he falls into his populist tone telling us he hated bailing out the banks.  He claims unemployment might have doubled if not for his actions.  Really?

He is reminding us again of all the actions he took like expanding unemployment insurance that is killing small business.  Now he claims that he cut taxes for everybody.  Memo:  Wait until you have to pay taxes on those cuts.  The President just said a whopper: They didn’t raise taxes one dime on anybody.  How about that cigarette tax?

OMG!!  He announces Porkulus 2 and as I suspected he is calling it a Jobs Bill.  Thirty billion of TARP is going towards this plan.  TARP is now officially a slush fund!  Oh goody, the President just reminded me he is coming here to Tampa tomorrow.  He is going to unveil the SunRail debacle – a high speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando.  No one will be riding and this will be such a waste.  Charlie Crist is planning to be somewhere else tomorrow.

The President says we shouldn’t wait or come to a standstill.  China is not waiting after all.  This is an indication that he is firing ahead on all cylinders for his Marxist Utopia.  He is talking about how uncomfortable this will be and that we need to get serious.  I’m sure these Americans out her looking for work are not serious at all.  He wants to protect us from recklessness.  He is the reckless one!  He points fingers at lobbyists as if they are his enemies.  He has 100 in his administration.

Cap and Trade (Crap and Tax) is not dead for the President.  He’s talking about off-shore drilling and clean coal technology.  When did he start thinking those were good ideas.  Yes, he just confirmed that there will be a climate bill.  He congratulated the House and puts pressure on Senate.  He just said the “overwhelming evidence” for climate change.  And then he said “even if you doubt…”  Crap & Tax is back from the dead and on life support!

Obama now highlights the competition they have started in education.  He urges the Senate to revitalize community colleges.  This bill will make college more affordable with a $10,000 credit to families.  So we are paying for other people’s college.  And he suggests that only 10% of income will have to go to repaying college loans and after 20 years whatever is not paid off will be forgiven.  And if you go into public service (aka join his Civilian Corp) your loans are forgiven after 10 years.

Obama highlights Michelle Obama and how she is going to tackle childhood obesity this year.  He says, “She gets embarrassed.”  Yeah, I’m sure she hates the limelight!  He claims over the next two decades, they will bring deficit down by one trillion dollars.  The President just claimed that We The people ask “What’s in it for me?”  Yeah, that is the American spirit.  He is so clueless!

Finally, he gets around to blaming Bush.  There was a surplus back in 2000 and then he does the regular run down of the “facts” that he found waiting for him like two unfunded wars, a huge deficit and an economic crisis that he just had to do something about.  Now he is talking about the government needing to tighten its belt.  So tonight he proposes specific steps to start in 2011 by freezing spending for three years.  We already knew this was coming and we know that this is to freeze in the funding he has set up – it cuts nothing!  He’s talking about going through the budget line by line and cutting.  Didn’t he promise to do this the first time he addressed the Congress?

Obama is ridiculing the idea of tax cuts for wealthy and getting rid of regulation.  He blames that for the crisis and says that that is what we did for eight years.  Obama just used the term “common sense” as if he knows what that is.  And now the President is going after the SCOTUS decision to back up the First Amendment and allow corporations to put funds towards campaigns.  So I guess we need to get this back to fair where only the unions get to open the flood gates.  Corporations have been documented as spending nearly 50/50 on Democrats and Republicans while unions spend 90% on Democrats.

The President claims that there should not be perpetual campaigns.  I guess he does not realize that he is conducting campaigning as he speaks.  Michelle Malkin wants our unspent Porkulus money back.  The President just lectured Republicans about being only about “No”.  he plans on meeting with them in the coming weeks.  My suggestion to Republicans is to greet him with the same closed door that the Democrats offered them.

PlastiGirl has blinked far more than I thought was capable for her facial muscles encased in plastic.  CSPAN has focused mainly on the Democrat side of the floor.  President O just said all troops out of Iraq by end of August.  “This war is ending,” he says and “All our troops are coming home.”  He wants to make sure our troops know they have all our respect.  Like he really means it – ha!  Oh great, Michelle and Biden are going to work together to support military families.  I guess those families will be left in the gutter.

He mentions the nuclear weapon crap again and mentions Reagan and JFK as well.  He attempts to sound tough on nations seeking to get nuclear weapons and claims that the international community is more united than ever.  I guess he thinks if he says something, then it is so.  Because last I heard, China is not on board with sanctions against Iran.

Obama pulls the Haiti card and reminds us that if people are pulled out of poverty and educated they won’t be driven by crimes of hate.  Like the Undie Bomber…no wait…the 9/11 terrorists…no wait…the Ft. Hood Murderer…no wait…oh well.

I do have to applaud the President on finally allowing gay people to serve openly in the military, but will it really happen.  I won’t hold my breathe.  OMG…he softens his voice and his mind floats back to his slogan of “Change We Can Believe In”.  He reminds us that he never said it would be easy.  He is right about that because the American people will not be put under the yoke of slavery to the government, which is exactly where he wants us to be.

He just reminded us that he won’t quit and that we will carry the dream forward.  Who’s dream – his?  And finally, the torture is over after an hour and fifteen minutes!  We know for sure that he is not changing course.  Now we know what we must do.


10 responses to “Live Blogging Obama’s 1st State Of The Union

  1. Obama: “Rather than fight the same tired battles that have dominated Washington for decades, it’s time for something new. Let’s try common sense.”

    We’ve had enough of “new” from this peacock of a man who knows nothing about capitalism, and everything about statism, socialism, and even marxism. The only new I’m interested in is a new President. Fast forward please!

    Birds of a Feather: The Myth of Icarus Parallels the Myth of Obama

  2. Joe said he’s going to be good, tonight. I say that he’ll say “unprecedented” 5 times, “let me be clear” 4 times, and “I, me, or myself 17 times. He’ll blame Bush at least 4 times with words or terms like “inherited” or “former administration” and he’ll attempt to use a little linguistic sleight-of-hand by trying to persuade us that “freeze” is somehow synonymous with “cuts” and wide-eyed Nancy “Jack-in-the Box” Pelosi will gleefully jump up and clap her hands enthusiastically at least 6 times.

  3. Oh God…I’m already becoming nauseous.

  4. …He’s in campaign mode again. Why am I not surprised.

  5. …Yup…there went the reset button…

  6. hmmm…Biden forgot to put on his clown nose tonight…

  7. …I’m sold on this hope and change now…yup…I’m changing the channel and hope I can find something else to watch so I can forget about this crap.

  8. Oh my god…he’s running for president again!

  9. …He’s delusional! Look at that list of things to do! Hell, he couldn’t even get comprehensive health care pushed through.

  10. What a bunch of bull crap we are seeing here tonight!!! He is a liar and should be thrown out of office!! GOD HELP US!!!!

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