Undie Bomber Not Interrogated By Intelligence

It would be hard for me to argue that even had the Undie Bomer been interrogated by Intelligence that it would have been “intelligent” when being conducted by the O administration.  The nation was informed on Wednesday, via Senate hearings, that the FBI conducted some criminal focused interrogations, but nothing that would have benefited this nation in the War on Terrorism.  I have a quick common sense question here.  We were informed by Obama that one reason he stopped enhanced interrogations is because the information gleaned is unreliable.  So how in the world are we expected to believe that this waste of skin who just torched himself and is in pain and probably medicated heavily gave reliable information in the brief window that the FBI had before his lawyer showed up?  Yeah, that lawyer we are paying for.

We also discovered through these hearings that the HIG (High Value Interrogation Group) that Obama planned to form and bring into the White House to conduct future interrogations after he stopped the “torturings” has not even been set up.  Are we really expected to believe that this incompetent paper tiger in the White House cares about our security and is serious about terrorism?  Yeah, he sure seems serious to me.

And rumor has it that none of the people in charge of this nations security were consulted on any decisions around the Undie Bomber and that Attorney General Eric Holder is responsible for all of these actions.  He should be fired…yesterday.


One response to “Undie Bomber Not Interrogated By Intelligence

  1. The number of threats the administration receives daily is probably a bit overwhelming. Responding to every threat can be extremely costly. It is clear in this particular instance, someone slipped.Luckily, some very brave passengers were able to take down the attempted ‘underwear bomber’. Several warnings about this ‘underwear bomber’ were made extremely visible to intelligence and the administration. So visible in fact, that the father of the would be bomber, went to The United States embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. Here, the father had voiced his concerns about his sons intentions towards The United States. So what happens next? The question millions of American’s want to know. What did The United States do about it?

    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is a 23 year old boy training with al-Qaeda to blow up American planes. Even with his fathers visit to The U.S. embassy in Abuja, Nigeria to inform intelligence about his son, nothing was accomplished.

    The father did not have enough sufficient evidence for his son to be put on the ‘don’t fly list’. So this attempted bomber steps onto an American plane, no problem. I don’t think so.

    In these situations customs and security can only go so far without violating peoples’ rights. So what can be done. Maybe from an intelligence perspective, hiring a undercover to be on-call when another situation like this arises? This undercover will be armed and specially trained in dealing with terrorist problems on a plane. Noticing potential red flags and dismantling problems immediately.

    Yemen is said to be a new home to al-Qaeda operatives. Afghanistan is clearly not our only concern anymore.

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